Two and a Half Men

Season 6 Episode 16

She'll Still Be Dead At Halftime

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

When Chelsea tells Charlie she's going out of town to attend her ex-mother-in-law's funeral - and staying with her ex-husband while she's away, jealosy rears its ugly head. Charlie warns Chelsea that her ex will put the moves on her, but she dismisses his concerns and leaves town as planned.

Under the circumstances, the timing couldn't be more perfect when Charlie's ex, Wanda, shows up at his door drunk and horny. With Chelsea away, Charlie takes up Wanda's offer to play and takes her up to his bedroom. But at the last minute he decides he can't go through with it; he cares about Chelsea too much. As he escapes from Wanda's clutches, Chelsea calls. Apparently, Charlie was right; her ex did put the moves on her and she's decided to cut her trip short. She tells him she's already on her way and will be right over.

By this point, Wanda's drunk stupor has evolved into complete unconsciousness. Charlie needs to get the naked woman out of his house ASAP to avoid getting caught by Chelsea, and enlists Alan and Jake for assistance; the father and son are more than happy to help.

Chelsea arrives before Wanda is safely out of the house, so Charlie distracts her while Alan and Jake handle her body on their own. The duo manages to get her down the stairs to Jake's room, and leave her there by herself, thinking there's no chance she'll come to, while they pull the car around. Once they leave, however, Wanda wakes up and wanders back up to Charlie's room - where Charlie is now with Chelsea! - to get her shoes.