Two and a Half Men

Season 9 Episode 16

Sips, Sonnets and Sodomy

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2012 on CBS

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  • hilarious! i laughed until it hurt!

    It was the best episode of this particular season. Period.
  • Desperate Kutcher/Winkleman fans must be the ones giving this show good ratings

    It's just pathetic how such a show as TAHM is now focusing on women issues instead of men during this non-Sheen era. I mean, what the HELL???!!?? The last three episodes were mostly all about Zoey and her bitching around about everything: first Allan, then Walden's hair and beard, then her sex issues, now Lyndsay... whats next???!!!?!!?? We don't need Sheen back, we just need Winkleman out. Things weren't this bad before her. She's been constantly forced down the audicence's throats. This time, even Angus T. Jones, a main character, was out of this episode to make room for her. I hope she gets out before the ending of this season.
  • Cat fight? PMS? I don't care, I liked it...

    Alan and Walden took a step back to give Zoey and Lyndsey a little room to befriend each other. And it was really funny to watch.

    Every one who has tried to socialize two cats might have seen a similar situation. They can't stand each other, it's pretty much hate at first sight. However, you just need a little time. In this case, Zoey had to point out her sophisticated education and Lyndsey to call her to be stuck up. To make matters worse, both parties had to abandon their Valentine's plans (and get out of each other's ways) because of bad weather. It ended in both making their men miserably by giving a good interpretation of sex noises without including their boyfriends though...

    However, the next day, Alan and Walden both left the scene to get Lyndsey some tampons. Funny enough, both bonded over a glass of wine, while their boyfriends fought with the bad weather. Alan even almost got flushed away, but we all know he leeches on to Walden too hard to get washed away ;)...

    All in all, it was a nice episode, I missed Jake though. I love to see Walden has grown up and is no longer the equivalent of an annoying 12-year-old. The fight between the girls was a bit annoying, but the outcome worth it. Please go on...
  • Why does this show get good ratings ?

    I used to laugh out loud watching this show, but now I barley chuckle. Glad to see Kutcher cleaned himself up.
  • Valentines. Catfight. Rainstorm. Period.

    In the night before Valentine's day, Lyndsay and Zoey have an argument, and it keeps going on and on and on and on through the night and the next day, until a rainstorm ruins their plans for the Valentine's, and they have to stay all together at the Malibu's beach house. Then Lyndsay has her period and makes Allan get out under the storm in order to buy her some tampons, with Walden coming along. Then after drinking cheap wine, the ladies make up. End. The worst episode in the whole season, maybe in the whole show history. It was not centered around the main characters - the MEN of the tittle - but around two supporting actresses that are being given too much importance all of a sudden. And so I keep asking myself where the hell are the producers going with this. There was no Jake, no Berta, no Evelyn and nothing actually funny in it - except for the few scenes with Allan and Walden out in the rain. As usual, Cryer is the only thing saving this show, but I wonder how long. This just shoudn't be called Two and a Half Men anymore, cause it's not about Two and a Half Men anymore. But the name should be kept, otherwise no one would watch such a pathetic episodes like this one, with two b***s with a period and their whipped boyfriends trapped into a house if they weren't part of the previously glorious TAHM franchise. People claim that we must accept this is now another totally different show, but is anyone here betting this 9th season would be any popular if it was indeed another totally different show, with a totally different name, since episode 01? Don't think so... u.u
  • Who keeps giving this show good ratings?

    If you keep giving this show good reviews just because you have a "commitment" with the show, the producers are going to keep doing this crap, don't you realize this is terrible?!?!?!?

    I just keep watching it with the hope that charly comes back from the death.

    I'll rather watch two and a zombie man than this THING with ashton
  • Valentine's Day Review #7

    Alan and Walden have to deal with Zoey and Lyndsey's antagonism towards each other when a storm traps them all at the beach house. I thought that this was a perfect Valentine's Day episode of "Two and a Half Men". I've noticed something about this show.... ever since Walden shaved his beard and cut his hair... the episodes have gotten less pathetic and more funnier just like the first 8 seasons of the show. This episode was hilarious all the way through. The cat fights between Zoey and Lindsey are the most hilarious parts of this episode and there are huge amounts of crude humor in each cat fight which makes it very entertaining and so funny. There was definitely nothing boring about this episode. Although, Zoey does need to keep her mouth shut because she is the one starting the fights with her rude comments. But yeah, the storyline was pretty good and the humor was excellent from start to finish. Alan and Walden going outside when the storm is super bad (and it happens on Valentine's Day) was just hilarious and I laughed hard when the flood is dragging Alan away. This episode is a must-see especially if you want a good laugh on Valentine's Day. Overall, a perfect Valentine's Day episode of "Two and a Half Men". 10/10
  • The battle of the girlfriends

    Sips, Sonnets and Sodomy was in my oppionion the best episode of the "non-Sheen-era"

    I don't remember a Two and a half men episode that made me laugh this much. I like the way they've slowly introduced both girls to the show and now they're basically regulars.

    One of the funniest moments of the episode came when Lyndsey came out with the statement 'Looks like we both traded up, huh?' And Zoey's reaction was one of the funniest things this season.

    And even though me and a couple of friends said that they'd probably end up being friends (the girlfriends that is) The road towards that end-goal was sometimes hillarious and you could almost forget that Charlie Sheen wasn't there.

    Another thing worth mentioning is that Ashton has improved immensly, and i'm not trying to take anything away from him as an actor, but from the beginning he just didn't fit in well and it all felt enforced, but it's like you've watched him grow into his role, and he's actually really funny in some scenes, even though you can't compare him to Sheen.

    All and all, it was a really funny episode and I feel that two and a half men are heading in the right direction..

    Mission Valentine's Day . . . . SUCCESS
  • Wow....Cant believe they pulled off a great episode..

    Alan & walden "celebrate" Valentines day with their respective girlfriends..

    Surprisingly an amazing episode from 2 and a half..After 15 episodes of boredom and lame jokes ,this one definitely was great...But it may have to do with the fact that it had less to do with the main characters (Alan & Walden) and more with the supporting cast (Zoey & Lyndsey)..The women were just great and the men seem to be more suitable as supporting cast rather than the lead...
  • Great and getting even better

    I think the show has become less pathetic than it use to be. Ashton is refreshing and the girlfriend is great. For all of the fans that want to se the show with charlie, plz do no see it anymore, this is a new show, much better, much much funier.
  • Not above average

    A little better than the rest of episodes but still pretty boring. It made me wonder what would Charlie do?
  • Funny Stuff

    Made me laugh out loud several times. You don't have to be deeply invested in the show to enjoy this humor. It just goes to show you, it's the writers that make it work.