Two and a Half Men

Season 8 Episode 13

Skunk, Dog Crap and Ketchup

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 03, 2011 on CBS
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Alan lets his paranoid suspicions get the better of him when Charlie and Lyndsey start being more friendly to each other.

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  • Lyndsey: What's that smell? Alan: Skunk, Dog Crap & Ketchup!

    So one day late at nihgt Lyndsey & Charlie get to talk, and he fins out she once dedicated to sport betting, and she learned he knows about her porn flick. So the next day, ALan gets suspicious and think Charlie wants to or has already slept with her. Charlie dneis it, saying she is just his friend, and Alan, as usual doens't belive him. At Lyndsey's new house, ALan gets angry after she wants to inivte Charlie to her housearming party and refuses to go. Then he sneaks in the garden to spy on them, but he is skunked by a skunk. He then goes to Justh's to wash himself, and hern tells him to get the smell of with tomato sauce, but they only have ketchup. He then storms in Lyndsey's party, and realizes thatCharlie & Lyndsey are ust friends after she tells him he left with 2 chucks. The episdoe ends with Charlie trying to make Lyndsey return to Alan, but Alan sees them and thinks they¿'re dating.

    title Reference: Alan's answer to Lyndsey's "wht's that smell" question.

    Overall: Great episode. Some great one-liners, a good story, a scene were Charlie cares for Alan, and the best: Lyndsey's housewarming gift: a firse extinguisher. 8.5/10.moreless
  • 1/3

    The first new Two and a Half Men of 2011 and it is really just more of the same: a little bit of immature comedy thrown in with a few genuinely funny lines and some ridiculously over the top gags to close out the show. Alan getting skunked just is not what I expect from this show. Drake and Josh? Maybe, but not Two and a Half Men.

    I am usually a fan of these Alan-centric episodes, but this one was just not that great. Not bad, but nothing I'll watch again. And the scotchguard gimmick, I'd drop that, it wasn't funny any of the three times they said it.moreless
  • 813

    A great episode of Two and a Half Men, and it's definitely constellation considering how unpredictable weak this season has been. 2 1/2 Men hasn't been producing good episodes as of late, and I think the premiere is the only thing that was actually great this season, but now we have this episode too.

    The interactions between Lindsay & Charlie were great. It was also entertaining seeing Alan flip out like that. A lot of one liners just worked, and the funniest scene from the episode was when Jake walked out with a fire extinguisher as a housewarming present for Lindsey. That was absolutely hysterical.

    We've got one of 2 1/2 Men's best recurring guest starts tonight: Ryan Stiles as Herb. He was hilarious here, and every time he's in an episode, he makes it twice as good. I could have done without the skunk skunking Alan twice, it got kind of annoying there, but regardless, the episode was still great. Congrats Two & A Half Men, you actually made me laugh tonight.moreless

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    • Alan: (miserable) Amy Driskell. (imitating Amy)'No, Alan, I'm saving myself for Jesus.'

    • Herb: Amy Driskell? I lost my virginity to Amy Driskell.
      Alan: You're kidding.
      Herb: Never even had to ask.
      Alan: (groans)
      Herb: Was our first date.
      Alan: (groans)
      Herb: Never got out of the driveway.
      Alan: (groans)
      Herb: We weren't even in a car.
      Alan: (groans)

    • Alan: (to Charlie) Amy Driskell, sophomore year. First girl who let me get to second base.
      Charlie: All right, her I nailed.
      Alan: Wait, wait. Wait. You nailed her?
      Charlie: Everybody nailed her. That was her thing.
      Alan: It took me six months just to touch her right boob.
      Charlie: (chuckling) Wow. You really missed the signals, didn't you?
      Alan: What signals?
      Charlie: Well, in my case, it was her taking off her sweater and saying, "Quick, do me before Alan gets back from his trumpet lesson."

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