Two and a Half Men

Season 9 Episode 13

Slowly and in a Circular Fashion

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 02, 2012 on CBS

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  • To all Ashton Haters, get over Charlie and yourselves, the show still rocks!

    I really loved Charlie, but it's time to move on dont you think?

    Ashton is funny and the stories are progressing without the mention of Charlie sheen. There is Alan, Jake aint those enough! Was it a one-man show? No! And it never will be!

    This episode is about Shmidt being the president of his company which loses 80 million dollars so this makes his wife Bridget furious since it's her money as well.

    Alan becomes a board member and they try to bribe him but it doesnt work.

    A funny episode especially when they all jump on Alan.
  • Can they drop Bridget already?

    Look, this episode was better than the last, but why is Bridget still around? There isn't a logical reason. Walden has moved on and there is nothing to suggest that Alan and Bridget would get paired up. Bridget doesn't advance the storyline in any way, she impedes it. I like the storyline with Zoey and although I'm not too fond of her being British (I have absolutely nothing against the Brits, I just figure there would be a lot of actresses to choose from), Zoey is a recurring character I have started to like. Similar to the many girlfriends of Charlie - the ones that stick around for a while make it work seamlessly (especially Chelsea). You can argue that Rose is essentially the same as Bridget, but at least Rose pulls off the interference with the lead character with more class and hilarity.
  • This show would be a mess without John Cryer

    John Cryer saves the day again. I hope that Alan now can play a more important role in the show. He is the only funny character in the show.
  • Could have been better... could have been worse

    Walden needs Alan and Sophie to help when Bridget and his mother look to wrest away control of his company. I thought that this was a poor episode of "Two and a Half Men". It wasn't a terrible episode but it also wasn't a very good episode either. As the introduction of my review clearly says "Could have been better... could have been worse". Some of the Walden storylines are decent while others are boring. This Walden storyline was pretty boring but not the worst though. I think the episodes that have storylines focusing on Alan or Jake are the most funniest and entertaining storylines. I did get some very good laughs such as Alan shaving his legs in the bathtub, Alan and Jake playing that dance video game, Walden renaming his company "Walden Loves Alan corporation", Bridget and Walden's mother attacking Alan after Walden and his new girlfriend left, the very ending of the episode with Alan getting his pants (on the spot where his "private part" is) on fire and running to the ocean to stop it, and a few more. So yeah, there are some very good laughs to give my score a boost. My issues was how the storyline became very boring and dragged on. I also HATED how Walden's mother is on Bridget's side. Like seriously? mothers should always stay by their son/daughter's side and I didn't like how Bridgit and Walden's mother was trying to get Alan to be on their side so Walden can lose. I also hated Alan betraying Walden in this episode but I was a little glad that he didn't betray him near the end of the episode. But yeah, those are my huge issues that really lowered my score. Overall, this episode could have been better but it also could have been worse so it really wasn't too bad of an episode BUT it still needs improvement. 4.5/10
  • not the same but still good

    ashton kutcher aint no charlie sheen but he still is doing a terrific job as actor its kinda hard to replace charlie sheen and can't be done but im still laughing my ass of when i watch 2 and a half men.

    so people should give ashton kutcher a chance instead of constant flaming him hes no charlie sheen, not 1 actor can replace charlie sheen you can only try it with a new spin and i think they succeeded it with 2 and a half man:p
  • not the same

    The new show lacks the old spark that made us laugh, only alan and the old cast are funny. Ashton performance is so lame that I would rather view the oldest episodes than the new ones. I miss Charlie Sheen....