Two and a Half Men

Season 2 Episode 15

Smell the Umbrella Stand

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Alan starts to worry about a medical procedure that he is facing, and to get his mind off it Charlie suggests they go to Las Vegas.

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  • Really cool ep

    After Alan receives news from the doctor, he goes down because he needs a colonoscopy. So Charlie suggests to go in a trip to Las Vegas to take Alan's mind out of the colonoscopy.

    This episode is so cool and awesome. Really funny, including a worried Alan because of a colonoscopy, a sick Jake and a failed trip to Las Vegas. This episode is loade with comedy and great story. Jake's

    sickness is funny, but makes it even funnier that he wants to go to las Vegas, even throwing up in the way. Alan's colonoscopy is really funny too. One of the best episodes from the season!moreless
  • Probably my favorite episode on this show

    Yip, it was better than last week's and this time, the boys were planning on going to Las Vegas as Alan had to have some monitor camera shoved up his a***. Lol, the three, Alan, Charlie and Jake all decided to have this vacation right before Alan's operation. However, Charlie's hope and faith was taken away when Jake caught a Stamach Virus and just forgot all about it. I cannot get over how bossy and a crack-up that Charlie was being tonight! Man, I loved this episode along with this show. I personally think the older seasons (like this one) were better because it was funnier. I am now only 20 minutes away from viewing this next episode where Judith apparently goes on a vacation and now Charlie and Alan have to look after Jake for a whole week, that's right. I think I saw this episode about a year and a half ago in New Zealand. But man, was it hilarious!.moreless
  • The last 30 seconds are probably the funniest 30 seconds of any episode.

    All the allusions to pirates and service stations pay off in the last 30 seconds. It had me rolling-on-the-floor laughing for 5 minutes. This kind of humor is exactly why I watch this series. Well written and well acted. If other series need lessons on timing and plot development, this would be the one. I'm not one for overstating anything, but since they force you to write at least 100 words in this box, I find myself needing to unnecessarily fill in the last half with word after word after word blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.moreless

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    • Judith: (to Alan) I'm not buying it. I'll be back to get him Monday night, and if I find out you went ahead and took him to Vegas, you'll be getting a colonoscopy from my attorney!
      Charlie: (to Alan) I've seen your alimony checks. You already got one.

    • Charlie: (making a hotel reservation) Okay, we are gonna need two rooms; one for Alan Harper and son, and one for Charlie Harper and a cocktail waitress to be named later.

    • Berta: Oh, damn it.
      Charlie: What?
      Berta: The sink's stopped up again. That kid still doesn't know the difference between the garbage disposal and the drain.
      Charlie: What do you want? He's eleven.
      Berta: That's no excuse. If he can't tell which hole is which at his age, he's headed for big trouble down the line.

    • Jake: What am I supposed to do?
      Charlie: Watch TV.
      Jake: There's nothing on.
      Charlie: Play a video game.
      Jake: Played them all.
      Charlie: Read a book.
      Jake: Yeah, right, who's the moron now?

    • Jake: Well, this is gonna be a sucky weekend.
      Charlie: Try spending it with an eleven-year-old who does nothing but complain.
      Jake: You mean me?
      Charlie: Boy, no wonder they got to write your name in your underwear.

    • Jake: I'm fine. Let's go. We're men.
      Alan: Nope. You're too sick.
      Charlie: Some other time.
      Jake: I'm really sorry I ruined your trip, Uncle Charlie.
      Charlie: That's okay. It's not your fault; it's your dad who won't let you go.
      Alan: Thanks, Charlie.
      Charlie: Hey, why should he feel guilty?

    • Alan: [Jake]'s just going to sleep anyway, and I'll keep an eye on him, so you can go.
      Charlie: I don't know. It doesn't feel right just abandoning the kid when he's sick.
      Alan: Congratulations, now you know what it feels like to be a parent.
      Charlie: Yeah. How inconvenient.

    • Charlie: What would you do if you want to go pee, but you have $500 in the table?
      Jake: Go pee?
      Charlie: You pee on yourself. Come on, you have pants that cost $50 and $500 that you could win. Do the math.
      Jake: So I have to do the math and pee my pants?

  • NOTES (2)

    • The French episode title is "Charlie garde-malade", meaning "Charlie Home Nurse". The Italian title is "Non te ne accorgerai neanche", meaning "You Won't Even Notice". The Spanish title is "Huele el Puesto de Paraguas", an exact translation.

    • Both Holland Taylor (Evelyn) and Melanie Lynskey (Rose) didn't appear in the original airing of this episode.