Two and a Half Men

Season 3 Episode 10

Something Salted and Twisted

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Charlie helps Alan with his obsession of always having to get approval from the women in his life.

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  • Boring

    This one bored me to death. Hell it was better than last weeks episode with Alan dating the old woman, that was disgusting. As for this episode, it's like they've already used these storylines because there were no laugh out loud scenes or any comedy. The episode looked alright in a few aspects such as Alan's personal feelings but this was a *Thumbs down* episode. Down the drain if you call it.

    It bored me to death because there was no comedy, same old silly storylines, not enough entertainment and low suspense. All characters tonight excluding Jake were boring and had the worst lines in history. So overall, much better than the previous episode but only because that was bad... This one turned me away and almost put me to sleep. So, I blame the writers for the lack of action, suspense, entertainment, and especially the comedy. This marks the first consecutive poorly done bunch of episodes. I was very annoyed.moreless
  • Funny

    This show never fails to make me laugh. My favorite scene in this episode has to be when Alan is surveying the women in the bar and he picks the one who gives him the worst look. This episode had a pretty good teaser too. The whole spoon and who's paying for the check thing had me cracking up. I'm looking forward to a long run for this sitcom.
  • Alan and Charlie bond over their mother issues.

    Alan has great news to share with the family. He was mentioned in a newspaper article for being a great chiroprator, which he is extremely proud of, but his mother, don't see the big deal in his news.

    Everlyn wonders if he paid for the artilce which Alan takes offence to, then he starts drinking heavily which we learn was due to his mother's rejection.

    Charlie introduces Alan to his method of dealing with their mother....drinking, which of late, Alan has seen the need to do.

    Overall, the episode was not that good, and could've have been improved if Everlyn had appeared througout the episode and the boys conforted her on her parental skills.moreless
  • Not a very good episode.

    I like Alan because he is so uptight. I didn't like him trying to loosen up. Charlie was funny and Berta was great. I like Jake but they don't give him enough funny lines. I miss the mother. She should be in every episode. Where on earth is Rose? She's great.

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  • QUOTES (12)

    • Alan: When it comes to women, I make them sick!

    • Charlie: So what else did we learn tonight?
      Alan: Well, let-let's see. I learned that, that to overcome my fear of rejection ingrained in me by an emotionally distant mother, I need to completely disable my central nervous system with semi-lethal quantities of alcohol.

    • Alan: From now on I'm going to live my life with honor and dignity.
      Charlie: But first, I'll just fall asleep with my head on the crapper.

    • Evelyn: Attaboy!
      Charlie: Do you feel better?
      Alan: No, I don't feel better.
      Evelyn: Did I say it wrong?

    • Charlie: We all want the shining red apple, but sometimes we got to settle for what's on the lower branch, or in some cases we take what's lying on the ground.

    • Alan: Do I smell like vomit?
      Charlie: Don't worry, I'll stand next to you. She'll assume it's me.

    • Alan: Can we just stop talking for a while?
      Jake: Okay, but I do like a little conversation at breakfast.

    • Alan: The important thing for you to know is how much I love you.
      Jake: You told the waiter that you loved him, too.
      Alan: He was a very good waiter.

    • Alan: That's your solution? Alcohol?
      Charlie: Shhh. Don't tell anyone.
      Alan: But that's only temporary.
      Charlie: It's only temporary if you stop drinking.

    • Charlie: (to a hungover Alan) How's that for a turn of events? I'm getting up feeling chipper, while you look like a stool sample.

    • Alan: I thought we came here to talk.
      Charlie: Not to each other!

    • Alan: I cannot believe we had to carry our mother to her car because she had a tiny blister on her foot.
      Charlie: Hopefully the next time we have to carry her, she'll be in an urn.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The German episode title is "Etwas Salziges mit Biss", meaning "Something Salty with Bite". The French title is "La révélation". The Italian title is "Qualcosa di saporito e vivace", meaning "Something Tasty and Lively". The Spanish title is "Algo Salado y Redondo", meaning "Something Salted and Round".