Two and a Half Men

Season 8 Episode 8

Springtime on a Stick

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2010 on CBS

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  • 808

    I really don't understand why anyone liked this episode. Charlie has officially become a caricature of himself now that he's just known as the "drunk uncle." The cold opening was very uninteresting, and throughout this whole episode, I did not laugh once. The show has successfully pulled off a plot focused on Charlie & Allan's mother before, but this was definitely not the case.

    Her hooking up with the girl at the end was completely ridiculous and it might as well have been a really bad carbon copy of "With a New Wicker." Just a bad episode all around and I don't see how anyone would like it.

    By the end, when I saw Chuck Lorre's name on my screen, I found myself wondering if that was actually it. There really was no climax to the episode, and it just left me utterly disappointed.
  • an Avarage episode

    this episode looks like one episode that they could of done years or episodes ago and it's about Evelyn's birthday and people would know that Charlie or jake does not want to go to the birthday party and well Charlie mock Jake and the adduices can predict that Jake will find a way to get back at him thats so predictable even my baby sister will know that will happen but what i did not know that will happen is that Evelyn and so other chick were in the shower together well Evelyn did kiss a man/lady seasons ago well who knows what would happen next time
  • Evelyn & Russell, sittin' in a tree...

    ...oh wait, Russell borught a date.

    So Charlie ruins Jake's date, and then on Evelyn's birthday, Jake suggests to bring her over to CHarlie's...ehehehehe. As Jake said, payback's a b*tch. So they go to the pharmacy and Charlie gets the idea to hook her up with RUssell (who works well in small bits but cannot handle his own episode). But he brings a date. Err, agreement. He pays her rent and can sleep with her twice a month. So Evelyn is depressed asbout that, and noone wants to talk to her. Agreement deicdes to talk to her, and after anohter while, it turn out the 2 girls were lesbianizing in the shower.

    Title Reference: Russell's codeine stick.

    Overall: AS I said Russell can0t carry his own episode. The supporting cast wasn't that funny either. 7.5/10.
  • springtime on a stick

    Evelyn in a sex scene, now that is something I do not want to see again. This episode was not terrible, but this was just too over the top. Russell, I am a huge fan of Martin Mull and his character on the show, but this was a gross misusage of him. Was the episode funny at times? Sure, but when you have a terrible storyline like this what can you expect from me? Definitely not a score higher than 7.

    Two and a Half Men is starting to get better than it was last season, but Charlie Sheen, please stop phoning it in!