Two and a Half Men

Season 8 Episode 8

Springtime on a Stick

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2010 on CBS

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    I really don't understand why anyone liked this episode. Charlie has officially become a caricature of himself now that he's just known as the "drunk uncle." The cold opening was very uninteresting, and throughout this whole episode, I did not laugh once. The show has successfully pulled off a plot focused on Charlie & Allan's mother before, but this was definitely not the case.

    Her hooking up with the girl at the end was completely ridiculous and it might as well have been a really bad carbon copy of "With a New Wicker." Just a bad episode all around and I don't see how anyone would like it.

    By the end, when I saw Chuck Lorre's name on my screen, I found myself wondering if that was actually it. There really was no climax to the episode, and it just left me utterly disappointed.