Two and a Half Men

Season 6 Episode 1

Taterhead Is Our Love Child

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on CBS

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  • Charlie meets an old ex-girlfriend in the Cafe for the first time in over 8 years, and he notices her Kid looks awefully like him. With the possibility of having an accidental Son in the World, Charlie feels guilty for not being there to ra

    This episode was a good storyline, because being the bachelor he is, Charlie was bound to split at least one Condom.

    The whole episode is really surrounded around the possibility of Charlie having a child. The episode constantly teases the idea of the kid being Charlie's son, although the audience can't help but have doubts throughout.

    The Kid is hardly shown throughout the episode, so there is a small chance that he'll become a recurring character.

    Charlie eventually succumbs his issue by promising to give money to help raise his child.

    In a privaleged point of view scene, the audience then discovers that the kid didn't even belong to "Chrissy(?)".

    In other regions of the episode, it's now becoming more apparent that Jake isn't the little tubby kid anymore. Obvious growth in height, deepening of his voice and his character development shows his ageing. The script writers have managed to hold on to the "idiot" humour that has been fulfilled in Jake, but Jake cannot be oblivious to sexual phrases and discussions anymore, so the script writers have begun to keep him out of the conversations, which kills half the humour the audience once got from Jake.

    Evelyn makes an appearance in this episode. Her character has made no development. She still hates Charlie, and arrives at the most difficult times.

    The same with Berta's character, which hasn't changed. Berta is constantly walking around with her laundry, adding in her humerous one-liners, and voicing her sickening previous experiences.

    Overall, this is a good returning episode, after a disappointing 19-episode-Season previously. All humour is still well scripted, and character development is only obvious in Jake. It's a well scripted episode where Charlie once again tackles a previous relationship, rather than embracing any form of a new or current one.