Two and a Half Men

Season 6 Episode 12

Thank God for Scoliosis

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Alan finds himself attracted to his receptionist, while Charlie and Jake compete for a waitress.

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  • This episode is hilarious.

    I have not seen such a great episode in a long time. Maybe in years. I could not stop laughing while I was watching this episode. It has everything you look for in a sitcom. It is hilarious and the story is written excellently!! I love the part where Alan's atrraction to Melissa and vice versa is so strong that they jump on each other or where Jake fights with Charlie for the affection of a beautiful woman. The writers brought A-class material for this episode and I can only hope that the following episodes will be as great as this one.moreless
  • Alan sleeps with his receptionist.

    Sometimes Two and a Half Men can be a little heavy on the childish humor with consistent referencing to vaginas and masturbation but the majority of the jokes are well-timed, executed perfectly and better than anything else on television.

    This was another great episode though with Alan pulling a Charlie and sleeping with his receptionist. We also had Charlie duking it out with Jake over a girl. In the process we got the usual great awkward Alan whenever he is successful with a woman, and as always he ruins it. This storyline did seem a little bit out of character for him, but it was enjoyable nevertheless. Charlie and Jake both liking the girl was a little ridiculous, but I'd be lying if I said I did not laugh at Charlie's behavior along the way. And that is the point of a comedy, to get you to laugh.moreless
  • 6 Years watching and finally a episode doing everyone justice. The best episode of the series, couldn't stop laughing...

    With Alan getting some decent finally. Jack really giving it to Charlie and more past escapades of Berta being revealed, this has got to be the best episode of this awesome TV Show I have ever seen. I was laughing throughout, the live audience was cheering too at the right times, which would make perfect sense to those who like this show and watch it.

    The chemistry between Charlie and his nephew is further explored and leaves scope for is to come in the future and maybe even a spin-off, you never know.

    But, this is a series classic which keeps you hooked from the beginning to the end and leaves you asking for more. What more can one ask for from an episode of 2.5 men?

    Alan's run with his assistant could have been better, which obviously everyone hoped for. Looking forward to seeing that further in the series...moreless
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Carol Kane


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  • QUOTES (3)

    • Berta: Sure, it's all fun and games now, but before you know it you'll have a lollipop stuck to your keister. (leaves)
      Alan: You wanna explain that to me?
      Charlie : I'm trying to forget I ever heard it.

    • Charlie: Listen, Janine. Thanks for everything, but I should probably get this little guy home and come back. It's way past his bedtime.
      Jake: What are you talking about? It's not past my bedtime.
      Charlie: What do you wanna bet he falls asleep in the car and I have to carry him in?
      Jake: What do you wanna bet he has to go home and take a laxative because he's too old to poop normal?

    • (After Janine goes into the kitchen)
      Charlie: You don't know who you're messing with.
      Jake: (yelling loudly) Are you kidding? I think she's gorgeous! (then slaps his hands together to make her think Charlie's hitting him) OW!! OW!!! (smugly) You don't know who you're messing with.

  • NOTES (4)

    • The German episode title is "Sie können jederzeit rein", meaning "You Can Get in Anytime You Want". The French title is "Que Dieu bénisse la scoliose", an exact translation. The Italian title is "Meglio non saperlo", meaning "Better Not to Know".

    • International Airdates:
      Latin America: March 3, 2009 on Warner Channel
      Czech Republic: March 24, 2010 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: October 5, 2010 on Markiza

    • Carol Kane also worked with Angus T. Jones in the 2003 TV movie, Audrey's Rain.

    • This episode's end titles has Chuck Lorre's Vanity Card #236, a censored card viewable only at the Chuck Lorre Productions website.