Two and a Half Men

Season 9 Episode 8

Thanks for the Intercourse

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2011 on CBS

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  • Probably the best episode of the series. There were some very funny lines and being an Alan-centric episode with Waldon playing a bit part and more from Jake and Berta works well.


    The series has been so inconsistent but this one hits the mark. Berta with her very quick wit is very funny, Jake is as stupid as ever and comes up with some pearlers of comments, especially when he is talking about what Charlie taught him. I won't spoil it but listen for Chuck's revenge.
    Overall, one of the better episodes of the year, look forward to the trend continuing.

  • Charlie Harper returns, sort of...or at least it's the next best thing. And it's not Walden.


    This is my new favorite of the season. Looking past the lack of Walden's character development, there was really nothing else to pick on. There were timely jokes with both subtle and obvious humor, some emotional moments (a rarity for this show) with entertaining and reminiscent references; and maybe Jon Cryer's best performance since the premiere. It's also got some great scenes from Jake. All in all, it looks like the conclusion of this particular storyline will be promising, and (if done right), exciting.

    It was an enjoyable episode that finallyfelt like "Two and a Half Men" instead of the "Twilight Zone" feeling I got from earlier this season. They're starting to get on the right track with these last couple of episodes. Don't get me wrong, they're still a far cry from the glory days of the show's past and I can't stand Ashton's character, but I'm feeling more positive than before. I'm happy to finally see that when Charlie comes up, they're focusing more on Charlie Harper and his legacy rather than taking shots at Sheen at Harper's expense. In my opinion, and I can only speak for myself, but this episode seemed to have been aimed at long-time fans of the show who are still watching.

    (And, dare I say, it's got the best ending to a 2.5Men episode in quite some time, if not years...)

  • Alan acts like his brother Charlie Harper :D LOL what a creative idea


    After the two previous episodes being so awful and unwatchable, I was having doubts about this episode. Unfortunately, this episode is WAY better then two previous episodes. This episode still had a couple of problems but it didn't have tons of problems which is a good thing. My score was a little low because we see another woman hitting on Walden which was at the bar scene. I am really getting irritated with those scenes now. When women hit on Walden, they treat Alan and Jake badly. Good thing there was only one scene this time that had that. My other problem was how a couple of parts may have felt just a little bit boring. Other those couple of problems, this episode was great and totally worth watching. The other good thing about this episode is how Jake actually got a good amount of screen time. No cameo appearances. Jake (as usual, most of the time) was hilarious in this episode with many lines that made me laugh hard. Alan being emotional and starting to act like his brother Charlie Harper was so freakin' hilarious. I loved Alan's cheapness even though he is Charlie Harper such as when he only gave $1 to Jake and when he even dressed up as Charlie... I couldn't stop laughing. Alan also not wanting to let go of Charlie's piano when Walden donated to the kids was absolutely hilarious... I seriously couldn't stop laughing at that part especially when Alan told Walden "Screw the kids" and those two guys watching Alan going crazy and not wanting to let go of the piano. It does stink that it will be the end of seeing Charlie's piano. Charlie's piano did hold a lot of memories the past 8 seasons and now we won't any memory of Charlie anymore. Walden taking Alan to a mental hospital at the end of the episode was also funny. Overall, a great episode of "Two and Half Men" that I honestly think is worth watching... also, Alan is the star of this episode while Walden is a supporting character... same goes to Jake and Berta so if you're complaining that this is a Walden episode, it's not. 8.5/10

  • Good Episode - Watch Online


    It's interesting how back and forth this show is becoming. One week it's horrible, one week it's great. This week was one of the great weeks. Not only did we get Walden on the back burner (although we yet again get another woman throwing herself at him for no reason…) but we get Alan finally dealing with the loss of his brother. And Jake! And Charlie's jingles!

    But the best part of it all was the one liners…including the use of "Winning!" Yep, they went there!

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