Two and a Half Men

Season 3 Episode 12

That Special Tug

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 09, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Charlie sees a therapist to learn how to deal with Alan's emotional insecurities.

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  • Funny, well written episode

    Alan suffers a nervious collapse in the middle of a library. Then he suffers it again in the movie theater, what leads him and Charlie to visit Jake who is on a sleep over. They are left there to watch the children while the mother is away. They then both meet a couple of women that Charlie plans to have sex with them, but Alan puts the curtains on fire. After loosing the women to the firefighters, Charlie goes to therapy.

    This is a a rlly good episode. So funny, well written and just so great! This is one of the reasons of why Season 3 is one of the best. JYou just gotta love this episode. So damn funny!moreless
  • Alan breaks down in a bookstore, a movie theater, at Jakes friends house and in Charlies car. Leading Charlie to go to a therapist. While Charlie is visiting the therapist he retells he story to use on Alan incredible breakdownmoreless

    Very funny episode. I thought it was very good and i liked how they went back and forth between Charlie at his therapist (don't know the therapist name)and his story on Alans huge emotional breckdown at a bookstore, the movie theater (while watching the movie trivia before the actual film began to play and screaming out the answer to the question,) at Jakes friends house after his friends mom left and Charlie and Alan needed to watch after the kids when she went to buy more icecream and she came back three hours later without icecream and finally in Charlies carmoreless
  • As fun as it was, It could/should have been a lot better. Still, a good one

    I liked the whole layout. The story impacted on both Charlie and Alan, but.. Especially Alan's life in a negative way. Though, I was disappointed. I hardly laughed a tick. The comedy in it was very poor, and there was no Judith (like always), no Berta, Rose or Everlyn. It was like the Season 2 final but worse, a flashback episode with little comedy and many other related issues that see to this episode's downfall. This is my second time watching it. After seeing this for the first time, I was quite impressed because it was new but I've come to realise that there is very little comedy and many of the old actors are constantly not appearing on these episodes. I like Dr. Freeman because of her role but when I compare this to either a Season 1 or 2 episode, it doesn't add up. Alan's self esteem issues and his metal breakdown was not funny but an emotional thing that got my absolute interest. Overall, simply, it was "Good". I've seen much better, but I've also seen much worse... A decent week all up. But surely better than the previous episode which I could not understand.moreless
  • couldn't stop laughing!

    This was probably the best episode of Two and a Half Men that I have ever watched. It was hilarious watching Charlie and thinking about what he would do next with Alan. And then Alan having to yell at Charlie for the stupid things. Also watching the funny therapist scenes. Hilarious watching her react to Charlie's idiocy.
  • Laughed til I cried

    This had to be one of the best episodes of the season. I laughed so hard at Charlie. Alan throwing fits and trying to get help from Charlie was classic. The end where Charlie said he is laying the ground work for an insanity defense was great. The therapist was wonderful.
Andrea Bendewald

Andrea Bendewald

Terry Sholander

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Kelley West

Kelley West


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Valerie Azlynn

Valerie Azlynn


Guest Star

Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch

Dr. Linda Freeman

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  • QUOTES (20)

    • Charlie: Alan, if you want to crack something open, I'd recommend that kid's mom.

    • Dr. Freeman: Let's take the time to talk about your feelings towards women.
      Charlie: Nope.
      Dr. Freeman: Would you rather we talk about your childhood?
      Charlie: Nope.
      Dr. Freeman: Father?
      Charlie: Dead.
      Dr. Freeman: Mother?
      Charlie: Killed him.
      Dr. Freeman: Would you like to discuss that?
      Charlie: We just did.

    • Dr. Freeman: your brother had a panic attack in the middle of a'd that make you feel?
      Charlie: What the hell do my feelings have to do with anything?

    • Alan: Let's face it, good manners are just the latest casualty in the ongoing collapse of Western Civilization.

    • Charlie: Anyway, last night I am out with my stupid, lame ass brother.
      Dr. Freeman: Sounds like you you've got some anger towards him...
      Charlie: Oohh, you're good.

    • Charlie: I don't have a lot of faith in psychiatry as a science. I think some of the drugs you're pushing are interesting...and I am all for messing around with brain chemistry...I mean, that is how I got through High School. But in my experience popping pills doesn't relieve social anxiety quite as well as... bourbon and Marvin Gaye.
      Dr. Freeman: Now I get it, you're desperate and I am full of whooie.

    • Charlie: Just because I took him in doesn't mean I have to listen to him.

    • Dr. Freeman: You still went to the movie?
      Charlie: I bought those tickets online. They don't refund those.

    • Alan: Did you see how happy Jake was to be spending the night away from me?
      Charlie: Why'd you say that, because he jumped out of the car while it was still moving?

    • Dr. Freeman: You're thinking of killing your brother?
      Charlie: Shh... doctor-patient confidentiality.

    • Dr. Freeman: I'm still not clear on what it is you would like me to help you with? Ah, your anger issues? Your sexual issues? Drinking?
      Charlie: No, no, no, that's all cool.

    • Dr. Freeman: Ah yes, the Malibu Fire Department. I have several patients who compulsively masturbate to their calendar.
      Charlie: No kidding.
      Dr. Freeman: Both sexes.

    • Alan: Do you smell something?
      Charlie: Yeah, what is that? (Both stare at the drapes on fire) I think you do these things just to piss me off!

    • Charlie: Which one's Amy?
      Alan: Amy is the one who overcame the eating disorder.
      Charlie: Starving herself or throwing up?
      Alan: Does it make a difference?
      Charlie: It does if you're paying for dinner.
      Alan: Amy is the brunette.
      Charlie: Got it. So I have Jennifer.
      Alan: You mean Beth.
      Charlie: Oh right, right, B for blonde.
      Alan: B can also be for brunette.
      Charlie: But Amy is the brunette, you could do A for anorexic.
      Alan: Unless its B for bulimic.
      Charlie: Good point, we're gonna need a new system.

    • (Charlie hits Alan on the head)
      Charlie: Did you know I was gonna do that?
      Alan: No!
      Charlie: Then I wouldn't trust your psychic powers.

    • Dr. Freeman: Is your brother seeing a therapist?
      Charlie: How would I know?
      Dr. Freeman: He's your brother. He lives with you?
      Charlie: So.

    • Charlie: Everything I say is confidential, right?
      Dr. Freeman: Whatever you say, stays in this room.
      Charlie: Kind of like Vegas?
      Dr. Freeman: Well, except there is no way you're leaving here with more money than when you came in.
      Charlie: Yeah, like Vegas.

    • Dr. Freeman: (to Charlie) So in the words of Marvin Gaye, what's going on?

    • Dr. Freeman: Have you ever been in therapy before?
      Charlie: Does massage therapy count?

    • Alan: Why do I bother trying to share my feelings with you?
      Charlie: I don't know. It's not like I encourage it.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The German episode title is "Ein gewisses Ziehen", meaning "A Certain Pulling". The French title is "Trop blonde pour toi", meaning "Too Blonde for You". The Italian title is "Quel particolare richiamo", meaning "That Special Connection". The Spanish title is "Ese tirón especial", an exact translation.

    • Joe Bella won an Emmy in the Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Series category for his work on this episode.


    • The actress who plays the role of Beth also played Joey Tribbiani's girlfriend Candace on Joey. Beth tells the Harpers in this episode, "How you doin'?", that was Joey's trademark line.