Two and a Half Men

Season 3 Episode 8

That Voodoo That I Do Do

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Charlie tricks Jake into taking ballet lessons so he can get close to the gorgeous instructor.

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  • Jake takes ballet lessons just so Charlie can get close to the teacher

    Charlie tricks Jake into taking ballet lessons so he can get close to the gorgeous instructor. I thought that this was a superb episode of "Two and a Half Men". For the most part, it was hilarious and the storyline was just well thought out and very creative. My score is only a little low though because I thought that the first 8 minutes of the episode was a little boring and kinda dragged but after the part when Alan whispered Jake to demand for Charlie to pay Jake $1,000 is where the episode began to get super funny and very entertaining. Jake walking in the ballet class with his uniform was hilarious. Jake messing up on the ballet lesson (mostly on purpose) so the teacher can help him was very funny. What also cracked me up was how Jake decided to stay in ballet class after seeing how beautiful the ballet teacher was. Everything throughout the episode was funny and Charlie being jealous of Jake because he is getting the attention from the ballet teacher is hilarious as well. I also cracked up when Jake called Charlie "@$$ face". The very ending of the episode was very funny as well. Overall, despite about the first 8 minutes of the episode being slow and boring, this was a superbly hilarious episode of "Two and a Half Men". 9/10moreless
  • I like Mia, and this was a special episode for this show

    When it started I thought "Oh alright, probably not going to be anything special", but as the time passed, I started to really enjoy it, while Charlie hit on a girl who is the best that he could ever have, maybe she's a virgin.

    The formular was well written. I like Jake most in this third season because of his change in emotions, he's changed from that old cheeky, smart kid to a better mature behaved child. Still funny though.

    Charlie failed to attract Mia at a lunch bar so he got Jake and even paid him to perform Ballet so Charlie could get closer to Mia. The ballet was hilarious and painful to watch at first, but it became a very special formular to this season. Alan was funny as always, so was Berta. Mia is a very pretty girl and hopefully this wasn't just another one night stand for her and Charlie. She could be valuable to him in a way that there will be real love involved in such a relationship.

    Everyone would think Charlie is on drugs or something at first but he could make this work. Jake and Charlie sorted out Jake's jelousy of Charlie and Mia in the ending, and Jake was a classic hero tonight. This episode was worth the 175MB download. I was very satisifed and pleased with the outcome.

    Two words: Great episode!moreless
  • Ballet lessons for Jake.

    Great episode......I enjoyed it.

    If you want your nephew to something that he doesn't want to do....bribe him that always work. But, then he has a crush on your crush.....this means war.

    It was fun seeing Jake having his first grown up crush on a woman that Charlie wanted to sleep with, that's all he wanted a sex fling, Jake would've have been nice to her, but what do we women know...LOL

    Jake excels really well at ballet, but I'm not sure if he was practicing because he liked it, or he liked Mia, and wanted to impress her with his talent.

    Overall, lovely episode.....with great laughs.moreless
  • This episode was hilarious...

    This was one of those ballet episodes where one character that doesn't seem like that type of person turns into one. But as usual, ends up getting out of it. In this case, it was jake. Jake was hilarious through out this intire episode. Every little thing that he would at his classes just seemed to click. I was laughing through this intire episode. I loved the part where jake had to dress up as a bear in his recital, he looks down at himself, looks back up and says "no woman is worth this." This episode did have some bad parts where jake calls charlie an "ass face" which struck me as odd seeing as though jake as far as i know has never said that to charlie. Also, alan just didn't seem to be in character to much, especially since it seemed like he didn't have to much to say, and that dissapointed me a little bit. Overall, this episode was turrific, so a solid 8.5.moreless

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