Two and a Half Men

Season 1 Episode 16

That Was Saliva, Alan (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 2004 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Frankie tells Charlie and Alan why she and her daughter are on the run; Frankie's daughter has a crush on Jake.

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  • Part 2 of this 2-Part episode was even better than Part 1

    Frankie tells Charlie and Alan why she and her daughter are on the run; Frankie's daughter has a crush on Jake. I thought that Part 2 of this 2-Part episode was very funny for the most part. Just like Part 1, the storyline was lacking a little and there were some boring parts. The only difference is that Part 2 had less boring scenes and the storyline got a whole lot more interesting. It was also great that Alan found love with that woman and their chemistry was pretty good. The woman and the little girl's story on why they are on the run was a little bit emotional though but it was well developed on how it was portrayed which is why I liked Part 2 better. OMG, I laughed very hard when that little girl was a crush on Jake and then Jake keeps saying she annoys him. The little girl looking for Jake and then Jake ending up hiding in Charlie's room as funny. Charlie and Alan making those noises such as when Alan makes the snort noise and when Charlie makes a fart noise and then with that woman making the elephant noise cracked me up as well. It was too bad that the woman had to leave Alan because they didn't want their relationship to be at risk. The ending was pretty funny though. Overall, Part 2 was even better than Part 1... in my opinion at least. 9/10moreless
  • part 2

    Part 2 of the "hot crazy chick" story line doesn't disappoint. It remains as consistently good as the last episode. Did anyone else want Alan to end up with Frankie? I think that's the first time in the show's run where I actually imagined Alan with someone permanently. I definitely think they would have made it if she stayed in town.

    We got some surprising subtle emotion between Charlie & Alan, and Alan & Frankie. I liked the fact that there was one girl that Charlie couldn't get his hands on. Seeing Charlie as the third wheel was quite hilarious.

    Also loved Judith's interactions with Frankie. In all seriousness, Frankie's story was quite sad, I felt for the character and I'm astonished she has never returned. Her & Alan really could have been something. Hey, maybe there's still hope. Great two-parter, definitely my favorite 2 episodes of the series.moreless
  • I found it to be quite an emotional episode. Though, at the same time, It was hell hilarious. An instant classic...

    This was the second part/episode of a double-episode. As it continued on from last the weeks "Round one to the hot crazy chick", Alan, Frankie, Joanie and Jake became one big happy family, until Frankie told Alan she was on the run to Seattle.

    In my opinion, this is one show to never forget. Watching Charlie and Alan chatting in bed about Frankie was damn hilarious. I must admit I found myself rolling on the floor laughing man (ROTFL). "Alan, it's been so long since anybody's touched me!". Man, what charming behaviour. Apart from that, it was great to see that Frankie was going for Alan instead of Charlie in which most women would do. She's a nice lady and would have been the perfect girl for Alan. Unfortunetely, her run has put off a relationship.

    Another funny scene: "Oh man, I'm the extra guy" Said Charlie. Lol. OMG, overall, this episode was just an instant classic. Very enjoyable all around.

    The conclusion was honestly sad. Frankie kissed Charlir goodbye. "Oh man!", Charlie walks away. When Frankie said goodbye to Alan, oh what an unforgettable moment. The best part was Jake on the final scene: "I'm really gonna miss Joanie". Yeah, it was better than "Round one to the hot crazy chick". A great episode.moreless

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    • Charlie: Alan.
      Alan: Yeah?
      Charlie: It's been so long since anybody's touched me.
      Alan: How much did you see?
      Charlie: Just enough to make sleep impossible.

    • Alan: So what grade are you in, Joanie?
      Joanie: Second.
      Alan: Ah. Cool. I have a little boy who's in fourth.
      Joanie: So?
      Alan: Oh......well, I thought it would be relevant to the conversation.
      Charlie: No matter how old they are, you still strike out. You know, Joanie, you're just as pretty as your mom.
      Joanie: So?
      Alan: I bow to the master.

    • Jake: Hey. I'm gonna go play in my room.
      Joanie: Can I come with you?
      Jake: Whatever.
      Charlie: If he can just keep that attitude for another thirty years, he's gold.

    • (Alan starts crying)
      Frankie: What's the matter?
      Alan: I don't know. It's been so long since anybody's touched me.

    • Jake: (about Joanie) That girl's really annoying.
      Alan: I think maybe she has a crush on you.
      Jake: Well, yeah! Thats what's annoying.
      Alan: You don't really like girls yet huh?
      Jake: No, I like girls, I'm just not into eight-year-olds.

    • Judith: Dad's having a colonoscopy and if I'm not there I'm going to have to watch the video.

    • Alan: So...Frankie, why didn't you tell us you had a daughter?
      Frankie: Ok guys, here's the deal. I didn't want you to know.

    • Charlie: A great guy and a kiss on the cheek. Why doesn't she just kick me in the balls?

    • Alan: It was like our souls were merging.
      Charlie: That was saliva, Alan.

  • NOTES (5)

    • The German episode title is "Wer kriegt die Verrückte?" (Teil 2), meaning "Who Gets the Lunatic?" (Part 2). The French title is "Un échange de salive", meaning "An Exchange of Saliva". The Italian title is "Una pazza scatenata - 2ª parte", meaning "A Wild Madwoman (Part 2)". The Spanish title is "Eso Era Saliva Alan", an exact translation.

    • This episode's end titles has Chuck Lorre's Vanity Card #115.

    • Jenna Elfman uses the "wrapped tighter than an airport sandwich line" again here. She first used it on the "One Flew Over the Lawyer's Desk" episode of Dharma & Greg. However, there she was referring to Greg. Here she is referring to herself.

    • Frankie, the Jenna Elfman character, is a bit of a tribute to her character on Dharma & Greg, a previous Chuck Lorre show. She is a free spirit who married an uptight man with rich parents, and now we see a bittersweet fallout to that relationship.

    • Both Holland Taylor (Evelyn) and Melanie Lynskey (Rose) don't appear in this episode.