Two and a Half Men

Season 10 Episode 5

That's Not What They Call It in Amsterdam

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2012 on CBS

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  • Alan forgets his wallet or so it seems

    In this episode, Alan always seems to forget his wallet or so he claims. We all know that he DELIBERATELY leaves it at home and when it's time to pay for something, he claims that he forgot his wallet so he doesn't have to pay, forcing Lydnsey to pay for everything. It's really getting on her nerves. Alan did that before with Charlie, until Charlie discovered that Alan had been stashing away money to save for when his an old man because he believed Jake will be incapable of taking care of him.

    Alan is really being a CHEAP moocher. Alan may say that he's not cheap, he's just broke. Lydnsey should say to Alan,"Listen to me, Alan Harper! If you can't afford to pay for even your half of dinner, then you can't afford to have a girlfriend, either!" and she'd storm away.

    Alan always seems to chuckle when it's time for him to pay and he doesn't have his wallet. He always goes,"Uh-oh. (Chuckles) Can you believe it? I forgot my wallet."

    If Alan always leaves his wallet behind, then that probably means that he leaves his driver's license behind as well, since you usually keep your driver's license in your wallet. Which means, Alan drives around without his driver's license.

    This should happen. Alan is driving Lydnsey somewhere and a policeman pulls him over because he's noticed one of the MANY problems with Alan's car and asks to see Alan's license and registration. Alan would reach into his back pocket and give his usual I forgot my wallet act and Lydnsey would sigh. The officer wouldn't buy it because he believes Alan left his wallet behind on purpose. Alan would ask the officer why he would think that. The officer would tell Alan that when someone forgets their wallet, they usually act surprised and panic but Alan is acting very calm as if this whole thing was rehearsed. Lydnsey would say,"Or maybe it's because that he seems to forget it so often that he's so used to it by now." Alan would say,"Lydnsey!" The officer would ask Lydnsey,"You mean he's done this before?" The officer would then know that Alan has been deliberately driving without a license many times before and arrests him. Walden would bail Alan out. Then later at the end, they should show Alan driving Lydnsey out to dinner and an officer pulls him over to see his license and Alan sighs and takes out his wallet to show he has his license and the officer tells Alan he can carry on. Alan is so miserable because officers are now always pulling him over just to make sure he has his license. Lyndsey smiles and says,"Well at least now, I know you'll never forget your wallet again." Alan says,"Of course not, I have it with me as you can see." Lyndsey should then say,"Good. Oh and when it's time pay for dinner I hope you don't say that you forgot to put money in your wallet." Alan looking miserable would then say,"Oh crap."