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Two and a Half Men

Season 7 Episode 10

That's Why They Call It Ball Room

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Charlie's broaching the subject of a pre-nup leaves him stunned to discover Chelsea has just as much need for one as he does.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • This episode was dumber than Jake.

    Why do people always have to have ridiculous hair during flashback scenes? It's not funny, it's just so played out, and it's not even realistic (nobody had long mullets by the 90's). The episode had some funny parts, but was a bit too cliched for my liking. The only real highlight was when Chelsea accidentally get on Alan in the couch. While that was still cliched in its own right, it was funny and enjoyable.

    Mediocre effort all around tonight. They didn't even really use Evelyn, Berta or Jake tonight, even though the first is the only one I enjoy, they could have at least incorporated them into something worthwhile.moreless
  • Charlies Mom suggests Charlie should talk about a prenuptial with Chelsea. Charlie is taken aback when he realizes Chelsea has her own money and maybe quite a lot. Also Chelsea is making him take ballroom dancing so they can dance at their wedding.moreless

    Another very funny episode with everybody's perpetual bachelor Charlie Harper. He's getting to learn all sorts of things about getting married and his soon to be wife.

    What a major surprise when he brings up the prenup and she readily agrees. Actually she says she was trying to figure out how to bring it up! Then says your lawyer or mine. Then when he inquires she says she has some "real estate". Yea, three apartment buildings. Two at the marina and one in Brentwood. Brentwood was were OJ among others lived if you remember things like that. Much to Charlies chagrin she's got more to lose than he does in this marriage.

    A very funny scene ensues while Charlie and Alan try to figure out why she wants to marry him if not for his money? Also, funny stuff when she reveals the property and says "well you didn't ask!" He replies, "Well I didn't ask if you born a man either." It is sort of funny that they have been dating and together almost two years and she never told him before. Charlie and Alan dancing was sort of a normal type of bit for the guys. What made it funny was Jake and Berta watching and Jake taking pictures. Then Jake e-mailing Chelsea the pictures.

    Finally we have the very funny ending with Chelsea, Alan, and Charlie. Chelsea to Charlie, "Do you want to argue some more or go upstairs and makeup?" Poor Alan, always the pervert! Alan says to himself, "But it was worth it!" Another very entertaining episode of Two and a Half Men. I have to say these guys have hit a new stride with these pre-marriage episodes. It will be fun to see this through to the end of the season and where it takes everyone. Great stuff! Thanks for reading...moreless

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