Two and a Half Men

Season 10 Episode 18

The 9:04 From Pemberton

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 2013 on CBS
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When Alan and Walden have a falling out, Alan has no choice but to seek refuge with Herb.

  • The show could've become about Herb and Alan

    I can't believe Walden kicked Alan out and then wanted him back?! But then, he ended up regretting it. That's the thing about Alan, you think you want him around and then you realize you don't. Charlie, Judith, Kandi and Evelyn all realized that and now Walden realized that. That could be how Judith feels about Herb.

    Actually, my brother told me that it would've been a good show if Herb moved in with Alan instead of some total stranger like Walden after Charlie died. After watching this episode, I have to agree with my brother. Herb and Alan seem to get along well and Herb didn't get tired of Alan and didn't want him to leave. I can't believe Alan accepted Walden's offer to move back! Hey, if Judith really did leave him, maybe he and Alan could've had adventures raising Millie together. And it's still unknown if Millie's father is Alan or Herb. Two guys raising the girl that either one of them may have fathered. Of course, they would each believe that they're the father. Herb would believe he's the father because he doesn't know about the affair that Judith had with Alan around the time of Millie's conception. Alan would believe he's the father because there's a resemblance between him and Millie. Alan won't say anything because he's afraid of what Herb's reaction might be.

    Speaking of which, we still haven't seen or heard anything about Millie this season. The last time we saw her or heard about her was that episode where Alan had that dream where all that weird stuff kept happening to him after he had that nervous breakdown and thought he was Charlie. Right now, Alan, Judith and Lyndsey are the only ones that know that Alan might be Millie's father. Charlie also knew.moreless

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    • Berta: (to Walden about Alan) He's coming back; you know that, right?
      Walden: No, he's not.
      Berta: He is a human boomerang. He's going to circle around, break a window and land right on your couch. (doorbell rings, Berta opens it and it's Alan) Open a window in the kitchen, maybe he'll just go straight through.

    • Alan: (to Walden)Don't worry, I'm just here to pick up my things and then I'll be on my way.
      Berta: Where you heading, Zippy, back to Mommy's?
      Alan: Living with my mother--that's pretty pathetic, isn't it? No, for your information, I am living with my ex-wife's ex-husband at my ex-house.
      Walden: (sarcastically)Yeah, that's not pathetic.

    • Berta: (with a duffel bag) All right, I packed all Zippy's stuff. It's sad. His entire life fits into one duffel bag.
      Walden: What's even sadder is it's my duffel bag.

    • Herb: Hey, Alan.
      Alan: (outside Lyndsey's house, startled) Oh, God! Herb! What-what are you doing?
      Herb: Neighborhood watch.
      Alan: Oh, that's nice. I-I didn't even know there was one.
      Herb: There isn't.

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