Two and a Half Men

Season 8 Episode 7

The Crazy Bitch Gazette

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 01, 2010 on CBS

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  • Manny Quin, Pretty clever name for Rose's husband...who is an actual mannequin.

    Soooo, Michelle has met Alan, Jake, Berta & Evelyn. And she is fine with it. SHe is also fine with Charlie's gambling & drinking, but she has a line. Rose. She is back in town for more stalking, and Michelle can't sdtand it. She tells Charlie that he loves her, as much as he loves Berta being violent to him.

    After Charlie breaks up with her, Rose invites him & Alan to the wedding. She is getting married. Charlie doens't buy it, but Alan does. So the wedding day, Charlie goes to tell Alan there's no wedding, but htere is. Charlie then realizes he loves Rose. Turns out, the wedding was staged and the people (sans the priest) were all mannequins.

    Title Reference: Charlie saying where else would he see her marriage date.

    OVerall: Great outing. Rose was pretty much the best part. So a good 9/10.

    The show is 1000 times better with rose - cummon a fake wedding is genius! Shame jake only had 1 scene but if you've watched the show from the very beginning and followed charlie and rose you'll know charlie does love rose, it makes perfect sense. Honestly thought it would never happen but with rose's return the episode felt as good as the earlier seasons i.e. it was funny, it was getting quite repetitive with charlie drinking himself silly and losing woman after woman. Now the show can have a good ending.

    Lets hope more Alan gets more of a story too coz the crying is ridiculous.
  • 807

    Not a bad episode of Two & A Half Men, although I have no ideas how fans will response to Charlie's "out of nowhere" love for Rose. I haven't been watching this show for too long, so I don't know if this was a smart or dumb move from the writers, but overall this was a good episode. We got some funny one liners, and not every other word was masturbation like it was in the last episode. We actually got some respectable humor here, unlike the last episode where the humor was awful. The twist in the end was unexpected, and I liked the tie in. I'm just glad we won't be seeing Charlie's "older girlfriend" for much longer. For the life of me, I can't remember her name, which goes to show how unimportant she was to the show. Not too Alan focused which always bodes well for the show, something that this show wasn't doing in the beginning of the season. Good episode of Two & A Half Men tonight, yet I haven't watched the show for long so I don't know if Charlie being in love with Rose is the best thing.
  • 807

    Two and a Half Men is back! Well, sort of. We got our first really good episode of the season here, and you know why? Because it featured two stars, two characters who do not get a lot of recognition, returning in Evelyn Harper and Rose. Their interactions with Charlie and Alan are always memorable and hilarious and the show will be significantly better off if they stick around.

    We all knew that Rose was not actually going to get married, but the way that they had her pull off the fake wedding was pretty funny.

    Strong episode here. Maybe the show is not done after all.
  • Alright Rose returns

    In this episode after Charlie has got a new girlfriend every thing goes alright for charlie but the best part of this Episode is that Rose returns man she should be in the main cast again and to think Charlie's girlfriend is creep out by Rose's stalking and man that you think of it from Charlie's girlfriend's point of view Rose's stalking does seem creep. Then Rose talks about how she getting married and Charlie doesn't buy it and then Charlie goes to the Wedding and is shock that Rose is getting married and Charlie anipts that he's love with Rose. And the Fu##ing crazy thing is that Rose's wedding was fake everyone was a manniquin doll and Rose is f###ing crazy man that's what I love about her
  • great to see Rose return but her return was sorta odd, she has been away for 2 yrs, gave up her house on the beach. She came back as if she was never gone.

    We thought Rose should have been introduced back into the show slower, charlie could have said rose when did you come back, where R U living, things like that. no one was surprised she returned from the UK where she was suppose to be, Not Alan, Berta, Charlie, it was a bit odd. Happy & glad Rose is back & hope she & Charlie end up together.

    We can't tell U how much we love this show, we love TBBT too Jim Parsons is a hoot. Thank U writers, producers, everyone involved in helping with charlie so the show can continue.