Two and a Half Men

Season 8 Episode 7

The Crazy Bitch Gazette

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 01, 2010 on CBS

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  • Manny Quin, Pretty clever name for Rose's husband...who is an actual mannequin.

    Soooo, Michelle has met Alan, Jake, Berta & Evelyn. And she is fine with it. SHe is also fine with Charlie's gambling & drinking, but she has a line. Rose. She is back in town for more stalking, and Michelle can't sdtand it. She tells Charlie that he loves her, as much as he loves Berta being violent to him.

    After Charlie breaks up with her, Rose invites him & Alan to the wedding. She is getting married. Charlie doens't buy it, but Alan does. So the wedding day, Charlie goes to tell Alan there's no wedding, but htere is. Charlie then realizes he loves Rose. Turns out, the wedding was staged and the people (sans the priest) were all mannequins.

    Title Reference: Charlie saying where else would he see her marriage date.

    OVerall: Great outing. Rose was pretty much the best part. So a good 9/10.