Two and a Half Men

Season 6 Episode 11

The Devil's Lube

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 2008 on CBS

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  • great

    What I liked: James Earl Jones, Emilio Estevez as a guest star, the realization that Andy didn't go to heaven when he died, Charlie's look at his funeral, Jake's "I wonder if they got him to the morgue in 30 minutes or less", and every time someone making a 'joke', Jake looks to his dad, and wondering "If he got them", "I WANT THE SPIT!" amongst other things.

    I liked the plot of mortality, having to deal with your own life after a close friend dies. Even though Jake made me laugh, he seemed rather annoying in parts of this. Still a pretty good episode with two really good guest stars. B+ or so as my final grade seems fair.
  • using iphone upside side down! is Charlie that desperate that he will die soon. LOL give me a break dude its so fake when an iphone is used upside down on a call. Even for a scene playing a fake phone call

    I can understand and digest the reason why Charlie put his iphone upside down in two scenes. Check the scene inside the car he was talking over the phone and first it was okay but the same scene his iphone went upside down. He was using iphone first generation and at the back side bottom of the iphone there is a black stripe which we all know is the bottom. But when Charlie was talking on the phone i have no idea how this black stripe went up? It was totally fake! LOL cmon who is so nut to see an iphone using upside down!
  • Charlie worries when an old dies instantly.

    James Earl Jones and Emilio Estevez, Two and a Half Men really brought out the guest stars for this episode, which in my opinion was the second best of this season.

    Just so many great moments from Alan's incredible eulogy speech, to the Charlie and Evelyn conversation about his "pee-pee" to just about everything else. Even Jake is starting to be funny on a regular basis, something that hasn't been the case since Season 1.

    Network TV is in trouble, we're all well aware of that, and there are very few good comedies on TV on any station but Two and a Half Men still produces a barrel of laughs every week. They've bring in the occasional big guest star like Michael Clarke Duncan, but they do not overdo it like some shows, because frankly they don't have to. This was just a really enjoyable episode of one of the best comedies on TV right now.
  • Season 6, Episode 11.

    Charlie finds himself re-examining his wild ways when an old friend dies. I love Evelyn. I didn't really see much of this episode, but I believe I saw her in this episode. Holland is excellent at playing Evelyn. She's a pro. I like that Charlie and Emilio are appearing together, even though it's been 6 seasons already. I think this episode had a pretty good plot. LMAO I loved when Charlie was going to propose to Rose and the phone rang. LMAO! The writing on this show is witty, clever, creative, and hilarious. LMAO and Charlie Sheen is great, as well as Jon Cryer. =]