Two and a Half Men

Season 9 Episode 15

The Duchess of Dull-in-Sack

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 2012 on CBS

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  • omg...

    really the worst episode i ve seen so far. dont get me wrong : i accepted the change and even had a few good laughs in season 7, but this simply isnt two and a half men anymore. one guy getting drilled to fit the needs of his new girlfriend ? this is softened real life crap and not funny at all. btw : maybe it was a mistake to get walden into a relationship with the mother of a young child. its too much family business for two and a half.
  • 3 Idiotic Guys & couple of Dumb writers

    Two And A Half Men [9x15] The Duchess of Dull-in-Sack

    TV com Rating-8

    RJG Rating-3

    Walden senses something is missing in his relationship with Zoey..

    Another absolutely dull episode...The story is just too dumb..This is definitely not 2and a half men material...The writers have just ruined the characters...
  • Man, where the hell is Lorre going with this?... Seriously.

    Another annoying Zoey related episode. The "dutchess" has issues about sex and, in an attempt to make her chill out so they can have best quality humping, Walden gives her some of Berta's pot brownies. She gets crazy, runs out of the house yelling like a freaking ambulance, Walden offers Jake and Eldridge $100,00 as a reward if they could find her, and the running gag of this episode is that they, also suffering the effects of the brownies, keep bringing several different women named Zoey to the house. The next day it happens something Zoey was not willing to face, but that would have to happen sooner or later: his ex-husband and her daughter meet Walden. As Zoey and her ex start an argument, Walden gets to bond with Zoey's lovely cute little daughter, and apparently that solves their sexual problem. End. And so I ask, what the hell is Lorre doing to this show?? Seriously, I've always defended that it could go on without Sheen. I still believe that, but I guess that to prevent it of going downhill it has to focuse more on Allan, Jake and other characters like Berta and Herb (lol, how I miss good old Herb!!! Bring him back, dammit!!!). Kutcher is a great actor, and he is doing the best he can, but the writers are just not helping. Walden is nice, but his love life situations are plain boring - definetly not Two and a Half Men material -, and this sucking balls relationship with Zoey just makes everything worse. Just kill her out and keep the little girl! She was a doll, and the bonding scene with Walden was so cute and entertaining. It was the only thing that made me smile in this entire episode. Kinda made me think of the good old times when Jake was a little child and Two and a Half Men was a show about two completly different kind of adult guys and a cute charismatic kid. Now Two Needy Men and One Stupid Teenager would be a more fitting title.