Two and a Half Men

Season 8 Episode 5

The Immortal Mr. Billy Joel

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2010 on CBS

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  • funny

    in this episode after Alan has lost it all his life is screwed and he feels like the biggest loser on Earth poor guy and then Charlie leaves to Las Vagas but he is lying he goes to a place to get his eyes done not at a beauty place he gets Cosmic surgery and the Funniest thing in this episode Alan tooks Charlies money and pretants to be Charlie and Alan even wears Charlie's Clothes that was so Fu##ing funny and also was Charlies dream that after his Surgery he got Breast implants and it was so Fu##ing funny sh@t
  • 10/18

    Two and a Half Men is, the show really needs to end it this season. The ratings are strong and you still get a few chuckles out of it, but it is such an insult to a once quality program. Charlie Sheen continues to stumble around on the set drunk and get a 2 million dollar paycheck, and even Jon Cryer was dismal and underwhelming in this obscure storyline. I'm gladd Erinn Hayes is getting work, but the whole Nazi fantasy thing? Even Chuck Lorre should be embarrassed that he put that on TV. Offensive to me, not because of the concept but offensive to a comedy fan.
  • Finally a good one

    This season has begun rather weak and this is finally a good episode.
    Alan taking Charly's place, that's a great idea! There was nothing too outrageous this time like burning down a house or such.
    For me, the show works best when it has the old storylines like in the first couple of seasons, why change that? If you must bring in a new character, bring back Chelsea.
    Also I'd like to see mire of Judith, Herb and, above all, Rose! What else is there to say? Don't wanna talk too much about this particular episode as it would just spoil it.
  • I cant believe

    I cant believe that this episode is actually rated so high.It was one of the worst episodes ever.I didnt even smile once.This season is disappointing so far but the previews episodes had me at least smiling here and there like when Alan burned down Lyndseys house but this one was just plain bad.It was really missing creativity.I mean we barely see Jake anymore and his appearence is very brief.Charlie is getting very annoying with his constant complains about Alan living in his house,(we get it he doesnt want Alan but does he really need to repeat that all the time?) and Alan its just pathetic now.Pretending to be Charlie was completely pointless and unfunny.I dont know i just hope the upcoming episodes would be better.I want to see a plot about all 3 of them Alan,Charlie and Jake and not just focusing on one character.
  • Charlie with breasts = hilarious.

    So, 2 plots

    Charlie's: So he is leaving, seemingly to Las Vegas. So it's revealed that he is on a clinicn getting his eyes done. He meets Evelyn. Then he returns, and tries to tell Alan that he got in a fihgti n Vegas, but Evelyn had already told him.

    Alan's: With Charlie gone, he grabs his hooker money, his clothes and goes to a bar. There he meets a chick, and tells her he is Charlie. He birngs her home, plays "We Didn't Start The Fire", and goes to bed with her. Turns out she is neonazi who enjoys rough sex. She makes Alan get a Hitler moustache.

    Overall: There were some great quotes (like ALan's: One guy had to ruin it for everyone) and good gags (Jake walking in on Alan spanking himself). So a good 9/10.
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