Two and a Half Men

Season 8 Episode 5

The Immortal Mr. Billy Joel

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2010 on CBS

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  • I cant believe

    I cant believe that this episode is actually rated so high.It was one of the worst episodes ever.I didnt even smile once.This season is disappointing so far but the previews episodes had me at least smiling here and there like when Alan burned down Lyndseys house but this one was just plain bad.It was really missing creativity.I mean we barely see Jake anymore and his appearence is very brief.Charlie is getting very annoying with his constant complains about Alan living in his house,(we get it he doesnt want Alan but does he really need to repeat that all the time?) and Alan its just pathetic now.Pretending to be Charlie was completely pointless and unfunny.I dont know i just hope the upcoming episodes would be better.I want to see a plot about all 3 of them Alan,Charlie and Jake and not just focusing on one character.
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