Two and a Half Men

Season 5 Episode 7

The Leather Gear is in the Guest Room

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

After Alan and Charlie have a fight about Alan's role in the house, Alan packs Jake up and moves in with his mother.

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  • Great episode! This one was unpredictable, I was expecting it have a happy ending like most of them do, but shockingly no, and especially for Alan, who I feel sorry formoreless

    Hi ho silver, this episode was greater than all of the previous episodes from this new season, including episode 4 where Charlie flew to London to see Rose. Alan starts to move his role in the Harper house to a higher level, pretty much so that he is equal to Charlie. Charlie didn't want Alan to redecorate the house in any kind of way and wanted Alan out for good.

    The argument was so hilarious, and while this was happening, it reminded me of the more memorable episodes, specifically Seasons 1 and 2.

    After leaving, Alan and Jake temporarily moved in with Everlyn and Teddy and Teddy spoke to Charlie and Alan on their own. Seriously, I'll just forget going over the enitre episode because even though this was great, the ending was very sad. The boys did make up but Alan walks into his room to notice a casino. Alan is such a great brother, even better than Charlie. I felt sorry for the poor guy then. Likewise, just when I was expecting a pure and happy ending, Alan was humiliated in one of the worst possible forms by his brother.

    Deeply disturbing...

    Overall, like I said, the best episode of this season to date, but Charlie deserves a kick in the behind.moreless
  • Another great episode, but the argument had a LOT of momentum build into it! The resolution was VERY clever, too.

    SPOILERS. Man jake is looking big. You really got to seem him grow up in this series.

    Doesn't fit the décor. Nice. Random crapola. Haha.

    This confrontation has been "long-been-building". Every stain had a story behind it. Lol! Man charlie is so intense. Alan is Butterscotch suppositories. Haha. Hysterical. That's good. You should be able to say what stays and goes in your own house. Charlie's right. Charlie does an expert jot of completely disarming women's anti-sex defense. Man, this is really heated. Charlie just stands up with better postur ethan alan. Alan's body language looks like he doesn't have a place (which is true for his character). That was great. Only becaues he's too cheap for a --- "We need a place to sleep". Haha.

    Hey, it's number2 from Austin Powers! Alan is the ultimate placater. Charlie and evelyn are balanced. I wonder if there's a danger of looking at charlie harper as a role model….not a chacne. Haha. Crap-shopping. That was quick. Good one, jake. Alan is totally a mom-clone, he was placing the same bowl his mom had!. Man, charlie has SUCH a cool house. Hardwood, beach, awesome setup. Man evelyn and that dude are real wheeler-dealers. THIS is a funny resolution. The mom as a threat. Still. He's always placating.moreless

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    • Charlie: I don't pay you to mock me.
      Berta: Charlie, you'd have to pay me not to.

    • Charlie: You got your food in my refrigerator, your car in my garage, and your stupid, flowered towels in my guest bathroom!
      Alan: Hey, those towels are very pretty. They brighten up the whole room.
      Charlie: They're gay, and they scream 'civil union'!

    • (Alan and Jake are staying the night)
      Teddy: Oh, great, now we have to put on clothes for breakfast.
      Evelyn: That's the least of our problems. All our leather gear is in the guest room.

    • Alan: Obviously, we disagree about my role in this household.
      Charlie: We sure do. You think you have one, and I don't!

    • Alan: So I can't even have one stupid thing in this house?
      Charlie: Hey, leave Jake out of this!

    • Alan: What about this umbrella stand that has no umbrellas?
      Charlie: A girl gave me that, too.
      Alan: Another great weekend?
      Charlie: No, it was raining.

    • Alan: (describing Charlie's knick-knacks) The deep sea helmet, the fake jazz posters—add an old snow sled and a couple of baseball pennants, you could open a T.G.I. Friday's!

    • Alan: Decor? You call this decor?
      Charlie: What would you call it?
      Alan: Random crapola.

    • Charlie: What's that?
      Alan: A decorative bowl. I thought it would be perfect to keep our keys in.
      Charlie: Well, I don't like it. Take it back.
      Alan: But it was on sale.
      Charlie: I don't care if you got it free with a subscription to Ugly Bowl Illustrated.

    • Charlie: Hard to punish him for telling the truth.
      Alan: Wait till he tries on the underwear I bought for him.

    • Alan: Stop going through puberty and we'll talk about it.
      Jake: Stop being so cheap and we'll talk about it!

    • Jake: I heard something break.
      Charlie: And you're just coming out now?
      Jake: I was establishing my alibi.

    • Alan: Before we got here, this was just a big empty space where you just sat around, got drunk, and had casual sex with women you don't even care about. There was no love, no family, and no meaning.
      Charlie: There's a word for that, Alan: Utopia.

    • Charlie: (to Alan) And get rid of that welcome mat you put on my front porch. No one's welcome here!

    • Jake: Fruit? That's all you got, fruit?
      Evelyn: Don't you ever have fruit for breakfast?
      Jake: Well, yeah, Frankenberries.
      Evelyn: Oh, well, I'm sorry sweetheart. If I'd known you were coming I would have stocked up on crap.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The German episode title is "Die Schale des Anstoßes". The French title is "La coupe est pleine", meaning "The Cup Is Full". The Italian title is "Chi la dura la vince", meaning "He Who Persevere Wins at Last". The Spanish title is "Las esposas y el látigo están en el cuarto de invitados", meaning "The Handcuffs and Whip Are in the Guest Room".

    • International Airdates: Slovakia: January 21, 2010 on Markiza