Two and a Half Men

Season 6 Episode 9

The Mooch at the Boo

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 2008 on CBS

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  • What they could've said about Diane

    I think Diane was a car thief that targets men like Alan.

    Here's dialogue that I would've written;

    Alan: My car was stolen by a woman. We met at the car shop in Beverly Hills and we came here and well(looking at the dress)... the thing was while I was in the bathroom, she ran off with my Mercedes and my wallet.

    Policeman: Oh! It was her again! You know, we've been looking for that woman for months!

    Alan: For months? Wh--What do you mean?

    Policeman: She's wanted for 10 car thefts. Well, 11 now. You see, she goes to car shops, looks for single guys that she thinks are really stupid Oh. No offense, sir. She seduces them and while their backs are turned, she steals their keys, drives off in their cars and sells them to used car lots.

    Alan: You mean when she told me that her car was going to be in the shop all day and when she seemed interested in me, that was all just an act to get my car?

    Policeman: Yeah, more than likely.

    Alan: DAMN! Uh, does she get them to wear dresses?

    Policeman: No, you're the first.

    Alan feels really stupid, now.
  • one of the best

    this is one of my favorite episodes. michael clark duncan makes this funny as all get out.

  • a good episode

    in this episode alan trys to get a girl friend and he uses his mom's house and Jake wants to get closer to the new girl in the neigherhood and father is a NFL football player name Jerome play by none other than Michael Clarke Duncan and jake runs off with Celeste and jakes has a funny ring tone so i got it put on my iphone and then Charlie and Jerome find jake making out with Celeste and she wanted to kiss him and Jake didn't force her or nothing and jake was touching her butt and Jerome thinks that alan and charlie are gay in some way
  • Very enjoyable!

    Two and a half men has always been a favourite. Having read reviews on the 6th season i was surprised to see that fans thought the show was headed down hill. Let me say, that its episodes like this one that allow me to breath a sigh of relief. Ive watched this season a little bit in my free time and agree with those who say two and a half men isnt as good as it used to be. I enjoyed the early seasons a little more than the later ones but I can honestly say that it still makes me laugh. It is worth watching! This show is a sitcom that has always aimed to provide the viewers with as many laughs as possible and it is still doing that more than half the other comedies on televison. This episode was a fine example. Funny, well acted, original. Two different stories and neither were dull. The acting on this show is first rate and this was the most enjoyable 20 minutes of the sixth season for myself!
  • Jake goes off with the neighbor's daughter leading to her father getting upset with Charlie.

    "God, I thought there was an eclipse!"

    Extremely funny episode of Two and a Half Men. After six years they are still putting on original installments and attracting big name guest stars.

    Michael Clarke Duncan was hilarious in the role. I am a fan of guest spots and believe that they are underutilized in today's television world. This is just a fine example of what can be produced by such.

    Another one of the great things about Two and A Half Men is that they are able to remain funny and unique with just the three central characters and the occasional appearance by Evelyn Harper. Too many shows rely on enormous cast lists to be creative but Men doesn't have to. Too many laughs tonight and yet again Two and a Half Men trumps the other three CBS Monday comedies.
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