Two and a Half Men

Season 5 Episode 13

The Soil is Moist

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 31, 2008 on CBS

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  • The writers strike isn't over I'm afraid

    Now, the reason I'm saying that is because it isn't. Alan was made out to be a stupid dork nose tonight simply because of this thing the writers have to screw with Alan's character. Ever since Season 3, the writers have made him into some stupid fellow with bad morals.
    Even though laughing at this episode was unavoidable, it was nearly plain silly. The same storylines are always used, nothing new comes, and Alan is just being turned into the looser brother IMO.

    I just can't stand why the writers have turned a good character into someone stupid who always get's his feelings hurt.
    Judith and Herb was basically Alan's worries and then right before the end, the girl Alan's dating, also a friend of Judith's kicks him out; Because of a silly remark said by Alan. I agree, it was. The writers really need to do some work with the Alan character while it feels as if the show has already covered this. For example, Sherri from episode 19 - Season 2. It was a little funny, but storylines lack the great that the show used to have.
  • A great episode.

    This is probably the best episode since the writers came back from the strike. Alan runs into his ex-neighbor Cynthia, who happens to be good friends with his ex-wife Judith. They go on a date and they end up having sex. Well all is fine, except she mentions to Alan that Judith always talks about how great her current husband, Melnick (play fabulously by Ryan Stiles.) is great in bed and how he is her best ever. This bothers Alan to the point where he hallucinates Judith and Melnick having sex everywhere he goes. It even gets to the point that it ruins whatever chances he has with Cynthia. So Alan, with "help" from Charlie, tries to figure out Melnick's secret. There were some great scenes in this episode. Alan's hallucinations were funny, but Charlie's conversation with Melnick in the garden scene was laugh-out-loud. I also liked the scene in the beginning when Jake was eating a bear claw that someone left on the table. And the "secret" to Melnick's great sex was hilarious, yet not over-the-top. The tag scene with Charlie and Alan on the balcony was also funny too. The only weakness as the previous reviewer stated was not enough Berta. But this didn't really bring this episode down.
  • She's always there.

    Alan meets a friend of his and his ex's. She is single, they sleep together, but Charlie has planted in his brain that Judith will find out every nuance of the sexual performance through this woman.

    Not only does he envision her in the room at every moment, but this woman, Christina, blurts out that Melnick, (played very well by Ryan Stiles) is Judith's best lover. Alan's quest to find out why Melnick's so good dooms the repeat encounter. We do find out at the end why he is the best.

    A typical laugh out loud episode. I'm disappointed because Berta only had a couple of lines and I think she is the best on this show overall. This episode is what we expect from Two and a Half Men.