Two and a Half Men

Season 9 Episode 6

The Squat and the Hover

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2011 on CBS

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  • Holy crap!!!


    Okay, after the two previous episodes making me laugh... I was really hoping to laugh at this installment. I mean, I laugh a few times but most of the time... this episode was just (what's the word) crap. I was seriously disappointed in this episode. Now I have to agree with everyone that this episode was bad. Worst Season 9 episode I've ever seen so far. Also, the creators are still not showing that they care about Jake. What is it with Jake making cameo appearances lately and he was even absent in one Season 9 episode so far. The only parts that did make me laugh as Jane Lynch being Walden's therapist, Walden being naked in the beginning of the episode and Jake asking Alan if he stopped growing (that was the only time Jake appeared in this episode which was the very beginning), Alan being punched in the nose three times towards the end of the episode, and Alan pretending to be gay. Everything else in this episode made me say "Blah, this is such crap". I really hated Alan in this episode... he was bring so stingy to Walden. Walden kissing Alan just to date that lesbian girl was like so bad and unneccessary. Overall, this was such a bad episode of "Two and a Half Men"... I hope that next week's episode is better than this installment. 3.5/10

  • 10/24


    This was beyond horrible.

    Alan pretending to be gay, gushing over men, inappropriate levels of inappropriate genitalia talk; pretty much everything you hate about today's sitcom was in tonight's episode.

    Stop with the "I'm in!" that's not a catchphrase, and don't try to make it a catchphrase, because people don't even like catchphrases anymore outside of the dense part of the US population that watches Jersey Shore. If that is who the show is targeting now then "I'm not in."

    Not funny at all, just a really embarrassing episode for everyone involved.

  • Naked Walden returns...


    I thought progress was being made. Last week's episode showed improvement and was funny. Then this atrocity gets served. I was happy to see Ashton share some lead-role time for a change, and even Angus lasted longer than a minute in a scene, which is more than usual (having been absent the entire previous episode), but if all this show has left in the tank this early in the season is Ashton nudity, penis jokes, and Walden/Alan gay jokes, I won't make it.

    Sure, these kinds of jokes have been a big part of the series, and can work nicely, but when they seem forced, overdone, or poorly timed, it just doesn't work. The lesbian scene started out pretty good and had some promise, but I don't know if it was the actresses or the bad taste of the first 2/3 of the episode, but it quickly derailed by the time it reached the house.

    At the very least we got a bit more of Walden character development, and Jane Lynch's return was expected and somewhat successful, but let's just hope that the writers are throwing us slop now so that come sweeps, and the inevitable mini-'70s show cast cameo/reunion episode, we get some nicer work, and - even if it's not that good - it will probably be better than this...the worst episode of the season so far.

    My suggestion...let Bridget go. That well is just about dry.

  • This episode deserves a 10 and nothing less than a 10.


    This episode of Two and a Half Men was so funny it reminded me of how funny it was when it first started and that it can still be this funny even after the main character left i think most people hate the show now because there is no Charlie anymore but i say give the show a chance it deserves a chance because it kept us laughing for 8 year and now you cant even give it a 1 season chance just watch it you may be surprised of how good its getting now and how good Ashton is playing his character. I think that the people who watched this series for 8 years and now decided not to watch it are not true fans of the show but fans ofCharlie Sheen. Cant wait to watch more of this season and i hope it gets a season 10.

  • crap


    It's nice and all that they're giving Walden a backstory and advancing his storyline a little, but the show keeps forgetting to... you know, be funny. That's a minor problem in a comedy show.

    The Squat and the Hover was even more tedious than usual, and as the weeks go by I keep getting proven more right that the writers know that stupid stunts are the only hope they have of getting any laughter from just about anybody now. Tonight's gags were just terrible. Walden and Alan kissing? Seriously? Who cares about the spoiler, if my rating doesn't keep you away from this episode than you deserve to have the plot spoiled.

    I'll close this the way I've closed every other Men review for this season. Please, Charlie Sheen, if you're approached about a potential return to the show, please consider it.

  • And we're back to the bad...


    It's another bad episode. It was nice to see recurring guest star Jane Lynch back, she is always funny, and no exception here.
    Jake had another brief appearance this week (it's like they have no idea what to do with him or get rid of him), and Berta didn't appear at all.
    Joe Manganiello guest-starred in a completely thankless role as Bridget's new guy, don't know what that was about.
    Walden met a lesbian version of his soon-to-be ex-wife Danny and pretended to be gay and with Alan, he was also back to his more whining self in this episode, cause his divorce papers arrived.

    Personally, I have had enough of the over-the-top sex jokes, gay jokes and naked Walden jokes.
    They really need to make a big change, or it will get worse every new week.
    I also hope that Marin & Holland will soon appear again, as both have only appeared in two episodes this season.