Two and a Half Men

Season 9 Episode 23

The Straw in My Donut Hole

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 07, 2012 on CBS

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  • Cockroaches and Alan

    I want to like this show so badly. I love Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones, plus I loved Ashton Kutcher in That 70s Show, but episodes like this make me despise the show. Alan has always been a leech, but I don't remember he being such a manipulative, evil, terrible human being. It's not funny, Its just upsetting, and I know longer route for Alan. I just kind of want Walden to kick him out. I mean just let him beg from money outside a Walmart, cuz frankly I'm tired of him!
  • Two and a half turds

    This show blows now. Kill it with fire and call it a wrap.
  • Don't you dare!

    If you didn't see this episode yet, please don't! It's just not funny, it's pointless, and it'll make you feel sad because of the trainwreck this show has become.
  • what the hell has happened to this show

    Most of the episodes of TAAHM this season (that I've bothered to watch) have been pretty light on laughs. That's nothing new. But tonight was an especially joyless, awkward, miserable half hour of television that might well have set out to take a giant crap on every character's legacy. Alan's behavior was just disgusting, milking his heart condition to keep getting the royal treatment. Faking heart attacks. Not to mention the way he played Walden. Alan's always been the typical lovable loser, but season 9 has turned him into a disgraceful human being. A borderline villain. Jon Cryer deserves better.

    Speaking of Walden, I haven't written a review for this show since way early in the season, and I just have to say - the Walden/Alan dynamic just takes me out of every single episode. They've known each other for how long and Walden just puts up with Alan's leeching and lets him live in the house free and clear? And for what reason again? Could've sworn I remember Alan being on the board of Walden's company and having his deed on the house too. Ha. No, not buying it, Chuck Lorre. Back to tonight... several aspects of this episode just made me cringe. Berta genuinely caring for Alan. Judith being sweet and making amends. Character assassinations. Never imagined I'd be rooting for Zoey. Too bad there wasn't much of a payoff at the end of the episode, and I doubt there will be.

    The .5 is for Jason Alexander, who provided the lone smile of the evening. He reminded me of Dr Hartman from Family Guy. I'll watch the season finale just out of principle, but why the hell is this crap getting a season 10...

    EDIT: I should also mention that, despite my distaste for the new era, Ashton Kutcher is NOT the problem. He's doing a fine job, especially given what he has to work with. But there's the problem; Walden Schmidt has to be one of the most ill-conceived characters in scripted television history. I didn't understand it at the time, and I sure as hell don't understand now what they ever intended to accomplish with this character. Sure, making Kutcher a long-lost son of Charlie's would've been cliche and a little cheesy, but it would have kept the series going respectfully and not rendered half the cast obsolete. Would also provide a valid, somewhat realistic reason for Alan to be sponging off him.
  • This ain't Two and a Half Men

    This was by far the worst Tv show episode in history. It was so bad I wanted to puke
  • Cockroach Alan Harper...

    Oh well, why even bother to complain, this half hour just fitted perfectly in the shows 9th season run where it just gets worse. Did anybody enter the writers' room and said: let's try something new, less fun and more awkward, embarrassing moments? To be honest, it's getting painful to watch...

    So what happened? Of course Alan did what Alan does and leeched off of his friends and family using his heart crisis. And why did they all put up with him (except Zoey, I'll get there)? I get Berta's explanation that she didn't want Alan to haunt her, but the others? Well, Walden had some disturbing family stories to tell (a lot of family members seem to drop dead in his presence), but again: the others? All these years we've been told they don't like him or even hate him... Until the end I was dreading to have watched another dream sequence, fortunately, they didn't take this road this time...

    Of course, Zoey was less than happy. And in the end she called his bluff and ended his reign. Good for her, bad for us because she did so being the most annoying, stuck up, constantly nagging b... - I mean - person I can think of. Didn't Walden already choose Alan over Zoey? Given the same choice, I'd take Alan and his leeching over the most miserable person in a heartbeat. Wishlist for the finale: get rid off Zoey, and... no, that will do it.

    It was nice to see Jason Alexander as Alan's doctor. However, he didn't save the episode from being unfunny and free of laughs...
  • Just end it.Please

    This is seriously getting worse as each episode passes.Alan must be the most hated character of the show.The jokes are practically non existent.
  • Make next season the LAST

    The show has apparently gotten good enough ratings to continue for another season. They better make it the last season and just give it the series finale. Viewers are getting very nasty. I'd rather have them end it with a series finale than cancel it with a cliffhanger.