Two and a Half Men

Season 6 Episode 19

The Two Finger Rule

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2009 on CBS

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  • Chelsea finds nude pictures of Charlie's ex

    ~ Seriously, the new design of this website is driving me crazy. So.. This wasn't exactly a super fun episode of two and a half men. The first part began on a good note or rather the usual style characterized by Alan's lameness, Charlie's charm, and Berta's sharp sarcasm. I liked the idea that they continued on Alan's sleepover with his receptionists mother, but I don't understand why they didn't carry on with it. The story was going on fine until, Herb, Jerome, and the pizza guy joined the party. They just lost it - there wasn't a shred of comedy in the last 7-8 minutes.

    A new low for an amazing show.
  • One of the best of the season

    Two and a Half Men's episode "The Two Finger Rule" was one, in my personal opinion, of the best episodes of the 6th season. Charlie's girlfriend, Chelsea, discovers pictures of naked women in his cell and gets angry,; Alan's ex-grilfriend, Melissa, is still mad at him for sleeping with his mother; Jake goes out with NFL player Jerome Burnett's daughter; Herb, Jerome and Gordon all show up at Charlie's house to talk about sexual misadventures from the past. All of these makes this a great episode for this great series. The facts that Jake is the only one with a date between all of them, that Charlie screw ups his latest relationship because of naked girls pics in his cell, that Charlie and Alan and Herb and Gordon and Jerome happen to have a painful past with women make this a great episode to see!
  • Naked pics.

    At first glance this premise sounds boring, generic, cliched, but it was the side storyline it created with Herb, Alan, Charlie and Jerome which was simply fantastic.

    When you have a simple line like, "So, what are you guys talking about?" followed by, Masturbating in the Y." you know two things: this is Two and a Half Men and you're probably on the floor laughing.

    The scenes with the four guys dropping one liners (or zings, as they were called here) is why this show was great. Not smart, British humor like you might find from a Ricky Gervais show, but just good, bad-natured, pushing the limit of network TV and the FCC jokes.

    The singing at the end could have been done without, but I've grown accustomed to these stupid final scenes on the show. All in all though, an impressive episode.
  • Great episode!

    The episode starts with Alan apologizing to his secretary for the incident where he slept with her mother while being stoned (that was also hilarious by the way). And in the mean time, Charlie seems to be in a nice relationship with Chelsea but as we all expected he screws it up... and then we have an episode.

    I must say that I'm not a big fan of Charlie's new girlfriend, but that is only my opinion, there is a lot of fun in Charlie having a serious relationship (or trying to have one) but I don't think it is the best.

    That being said and coming back to the episode, Chelsea gets mad at Charlie, Herb is having some problems with Judith and her pregnancy hormones and Alan... well Alan is being Alan as usual LOL. After a while of talking the new neighbor Jerome (the huge football player) joins them into what can only be called a support group for dumped guys. All of them talking and sharing experiences is awesome with a lot of laughs, specially with Herb who seems to be a very uptight guy, but tries to be like everyone else, and when you thought it could not be better, Gordon the pizza delivery guy who had something with Rose a while ago shows up and joins the club.

    Since I'm not a big fan of Chelsea I thought Charlie going to apologize was not great for my evil plans of her dumping him LOL but it definitely made me laugh. It is great to see Charlie noticing how pathetic his life would be if he were as lonely as the other guys and trying to fix things only to realize he made them worse.

    I think this was a great episode, I hope we can see more of this kind.
  • Chelsea finds some nude pictures on Charlies phone and they aren't of her. Alan is trying to get back with his receptionist. It all ends with a guy thing at Charlies house with a lot of drinking.

    Not one of the best episodes, but certainly not the worst. I thought it was entertaining and moved right along.

    The Charlie, Alan, and Berta scene at the beginning was classic Two and a Half Men. Chelsea getting mad at Charlie for something was eventually to be expected. So Charlie and Alan are feeling sorry for themselves. By the time they are done. Ryan Stiles (Judith's new husband), Micheal Duncan Clarke (Charlies new next door neighbor), and the pizza guy are all sitting around drinking with them. From that point on Charlie left and it got kind of silly, but predictable.

    It's great when Charlie goes to apologize to Chelsea and he still as always manages to put his foot in his mouth. I am sure she'll get over it.

    I still have to say a decent episode of this show is better than a good episode of most other sitcoms today. It's hard not to enjoy the one liners and banter between the brothers and Berta. Generally very well written.

    Thanks for reading...