Two and a Half Men

Season 9 Episode 18

The War Against Gingivitis

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 27, 2012 on CBS

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  • Walden's friend is funny

    I thought this episode was really funny. Especially when Walden's business partner was acting all crazy in the video he made, eating a photo of Walden. I couldn't stop laughing! I also thought it was funny how Alan was so desperate for a friend that he goes to spend time with Berta and Berta says that since their friends, he can do her a favor and deliver an envelope of money to a guy named Shermy. She owes Shermy money and this is most of it. Alan happily does it but is later running to his car because Shermy's mad that it's not all the money and shoots at Alan, blowing out Alan's rear window! It's funny at the end that Walden and his partner develop a program that can turn off the power anywhere they want!

    One thing that I'd say was bad writing was when Billy and Walden discussed what they can do and Alan wanted to join them and they asked what Alan could do. I was expecting Alan to say,"Well, I can massage your backs while you work, I am a chiropractor. A massage might eliminate stress as you But instead, Alan says,"Well, I can make That sucked!
  • Spitting the next time

    Come on. Last time it was vomiting, this time it is urinating. What's next?

    Slowly but surely the show goes to hell. This never would have happened while Charlie was on. I hope they come to an end. These days it is senseless.
  • It's Not That Good

    This particular episode was a passerby. It was nice to see a new face in Walden's old friend however this episode is SILLY and I feel I waited a whole week for a little disappointment.

    The show has taken somewhat of a turn this episode, and I hope to see more exciting and stimulating episodes as in the last and previous episodes.

    While this is my favorite show, I am not necessarily doubtful of Ashton Kutcher. Yes, I do miss Charlie Sheen however Charlie caused the mishap and so how things go, I give Ashton fair shake and will continue to support his role as Walden Schmidt.
  • "I'm getting too old for this crap"

    Walden's former business partner shows up, looking to patch the rift between them. I thought that this was a superb episode of "Two and a Half Men". It was better than last week's episode and the storyline was well done for the most part and it has guest star Patton Oswalt. I really like Patton Oswalt so when I heard that he was going to guest star in this episode... I was really excited and I go curious on how the episode turned out. The episode is about a competition between Ashton Kutcher and Patton Oswalt. A Kutcher and Oswalt face-off was an interesting premise and I thought their competitive roots were hilarious. There were many funny moments such as Walden (Ashton Kutcher) and Billy (Patton Oswalt) peeing outside and then when they turned around, one of them would say "Watch it"... you know because they're still peeing. Another hilarious moment was when Walden and Billy were tackling each other in the couch and then Jake walks in and says "I'm getting too old for this crap" (that's the quote I used for the introduction of this review). That part also marked Jake's brief cameo appearance in this episode with his hilarious one line that I just mentioned. My score was just a little low because the scenes with Alan were just a little boring and kinda pointless plus the battle between Ashton Kutcher and Patton Oswalt was a bit annoying. But yeah, I really liked this episode. Alan doing Bertha a favor because he wanted to be a good friend was hilarious and then Alan yells "I'm sorry but that's all the money she gave me" and his car getting shot cracked me up. I also thought the very ending to the episode was funny as well. Overall, this was a superb episode of "Two and a Half Men". 9/10
  • Patton Oswalt...

    ..can do way better than that.

    This much we know for sure.

    So it obviously has to be the material.

    And that's even true for Ahston Kutcher. Yes, he's a weak crybaby and not funny. But it's not Kutcher's acting, it's the lines he gets. And now we see the same happening for Patton Oswalt.

    Did they, when firing Charlie Sheen, get rid of most of the writers as well?

    The entire tone seems to have changed.

    Would it be a new series, I'd give it 5 (out of 10) stars and would rate it "good enough".

    But compared to the former seasons I'm watching right now in iTunes, every single aspect has gotten 2 steps lower/weaker:

    - The character of Ahston Kutcher is boring. Way too similar to Alan, so there's barely any interaction.

    - They exchanged the female characters before. with Charlie Sheen, the female characters only have been mere add-ons back then. But now they seem to be casted by the "trial and error" principle. Kutcher's ex-wife was annoying, so they got rid of her. His british girlfriend is equally annoying and so on...

    - You see the (rare, if any) gags coming miles ahead, no originality or creativity.

    - They seem to aim for a target audience of 6 years and below: Throwing food, farting, puking, gorillas, ...

    I guess, they've maneuvered themselves in a corner they hardly can leave: It HAD to be different from the Charlie Sheen era, so bring in a whiny and feminine lead. But this only had enough substance for maybe 2 shows...