Two and a Half Men

Season 2 Episode 14

Those Big Pink Things With Coconuts

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2005 on CBS
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The brothers throw out their mother after she insults the way Alan is raising Jake, and when she lands in the hospital they're not sure if it's genuine or a ploy to get back their affection.

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  • In a thrilling episode, the brothers kick their mother out so she plays a fake call while being in the hospital

    I just watched this episode and boy was it hilarious! The brothers have got real character I'll tell you that much. When Jake passes his test, mummy comes over and insults the way that Alan is raising Jake so he and Charlie kick her out of the house. Later on, she ends up in hospital which ends up as a fake call. Overall, great, thrilling episode like the rest of them, but this one sure is in my book of long life memories for 'Two and a half Men'! Great stuff. .

    I saw this episode in a repeat but any episode from this show is fantastic!moreless

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    • Alan: The War of 1812 was...
      (Charlie buzzes)
      Charlie: 1812!
      Alan: Wrong.
      (Jake buzzes)
      Jake: 1813!

    • Charlie: (looking at Jake's test) Wow, Texas used to be a separate country. Why'd we change that?

    • Charlie: (about Evelyn) You can't show weakness, Alan, she'll sense it. Like the hooded cobra senses the rapid heartbeat of a panic-stricken kangaroo rat.
      Alan: But don't you feel, even a little bit sorry for her?
      Charlie: Does the mongoose feel sorry for the wounded garden snake? Does the dingo feel sorry for the slow-crawling Australian baby?

    • Evelyn: I see! So you're both turning against me!
      Charlie: No, I turned a long time ago, Alan's just catching up.

    • Judith: (to Alan, who was trying to pretend he wasn't home) Why were you hiding?
      Charlie: Why does the wounded gazelle hide from the stealthy jaguar? Why does the helpless piglet hide from the ravenous wolverine?

    • Alan: Okay, Lewis and Clark explored what?
      Charlie: (imitates buzzer) Louisiana Purchase.
      Alan: Right.
      Jake: I knew that!
      Alan: Yeah, but Uncle Charlie buzzed first.
      Charlie: And I'm still buzzed.

    • Charlie: (drunk) You know what I like? Those big pink things with coconut.
      Jake: Sno Balls?
      Charlie: Yeah. Can you still get those?
      Jake: Yeah, but not at the supermarket. You have to go to 7-Eleven.
      Charlie: Thank you. (pauses) Alan, will you drive me to 7-Eleven?
      Alan: No, we're trying to study.
      Charlie: Okay. I'll pretend like I'm not even here.

    • Evelyn: (when Jake gets an A on a test) How many kids in your class got an A?
      Jake: Almost everybody. Why?
      Evelyn: I'm just curious as to how hard the test actually was.
      Alan: Doesn't matter, Mom. It's still an A.
      Evelyn: And an A is very nice. I just don't see why we should make such a big fuss over it if they're handing them out like rubella vaccinations!

    • Alan: You earned that A.
      Jake: Wendy Chow got an A+.
      Evelyn: There, you hear that? Wendy Chow got an A plus.
      Alan: Wendy Chow is a freak of nature! She cloned a goldfish for the science fair! We can't compare Jake to her.
      Evelyn: Well, who should we compare him to, then: the paste eaters and the unibrows?

    • Charlie: (when Judith drops Jake off for the weekend) Hey, buddy!
      Jake: Hey, Uncle Charlie.
      Charlie: Ready for a fun weekend?
      Judith: He's not going to have a fun weekend, Charlie. He's going to study for a history test on Monday.
      Charlie: Hmm. Well, if believing that gets you back into your car, then I'll play along.

    • Judith: Where's Alan?
      Charlie: He's not here.
      Judith: Really? I told him I was coming.
      Charlie: That's probably why he's not here.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The German episode title is "Kein Truthahnhals für Oma", meaning "No Turkey Neck for Grandma". The French title is "Grand-mère indigne", meaning "Indignant Grandmother". The Italian title is "Il pianeta degli animali", meaning "Planet of Animals". The Spanish title is "Esas Cosas con Coco", meaning "Those Things with Coconut".