Two and a Half Men

Season 9 Episode 7

Those Fancy Japanese Toilets

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2011 on CBS

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  • 10/31


    It's good to see Evelyn Harper come back and play a big role on a Men episode. She's important and helps make the show feel a little more like the show of old, instead of the hackfest of the past few weeks where Alan's been the only familiar face in a once great sitcom now drowning in its own flop-sweat.

    This one was better than last week, but the whole 'funny' thing remains a problem for Men. At least the 'outrageous' gags this time out actually sort of advance the overall story a little. That counts for something, right?

    Overall, a fairly boring episode that carried a few cheap giggles. Good by season 9 standards, anyway.

  • Even worse than last week's episode "The Squat and the Hover"


    Okay, at first I didn't believe everyone and I said to myself... "Two and a Half Men" with Ashton Kutcher is hilarious. Well... I'm a little right but mostly wrong. I am disappointed to say that "Two and a Half Men" is going down the toilet. I mean, there was only been two dreadful and one mediocre episode of Season 9 while the rest are very funny. I still think that this show has the potential to be funny but I think as they air these episodes... it will just be one of those times when it sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's just awful. This week and last week's installment was been really awful and full of crap except this episode was even worse than last week's episode. Also, this is Jake's first time having a huge role in Season 9. That's right, the past Season 9 episodes... Jake has only been making cameo appearance and has been absent in one episode this season so far. Now, Jake is finally having a huge role in this season. I mean, the kid is a main character... he doesn't deserve to be ignored. Sure, Jake isn't the most tolerable or greatest character for a comedy show ever but he doesn't suck. My score is only a little high because the only parts that made me laugh were the scenes with Alan reading Charlie's journal that he is obsessed with, Jake's line "What? I took a huge dump" when he was grabbing the plunger (although, that crude humor was a bit too much), and when Walden had sex with Evelyn and then she said "I'm telling everybody". Other than those funny parts, this episode was a huge disappointment and the worst episode of Season 9. My biggest problem was Jake's tutor hitting on Walden and Evelyn hitting on Walden as well. Sheesh, I can't believe those people and I got very angry because they way Evelyn ignored Alan and the way Jake's tutor ignored Jake was just missed up, I didn't find it funny at all. So don't watch this episode, I'll know which Season 9 episode MIGHT be funny for everyone and which episode people would hate. I really depends what kind of sense of humor you have. Overall, a terrible episode of "Two and Half Men"... next week's episode better be funny or AT LEAST okay. 2.5/10

  • Enough of the tired cliche' story lines.


    This episode embodied all the tired, played out story lines that have made me come to hate this show. The way every female fawns over Walden is getting boring and tedious to watch. And how many times are they going to have Evelyn hook up with one of Charlie/Alan's friends? Last season's episode when she hooked up with the pharmacist's date was absurd and this was just as ridiculous.

    While I love Holland Taylor (Evelyn) and think she is an integral part of the show, they are cheapening her character to the point where it is painful to watch her on the show.

    Please, writers - you looked like you might finally be finding your groove with this show a few weeks back, but after these last two episodes, I'm afraid this show is toast.

  • It keeps getting worse!!!


    7 episode and sorry to say none of them were funny. I thought I will give it a chance even knowing Charlie Sheen cant be replaced.Episode after episode it's really getting bad. Now its just painful to watch shame coz I did like the supporting cast.BRING CHARLIE BACK otherwise this show is over.