Two and a Half Men

Season 8 Episode 15

Three Hookers and a Philly Cheesesteak

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2011 on CBS
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Rose keeps 'cheating' with Charlie. Alan's plea to family for money to advertise his chiropractic office quickly devolves into a Ponzi scheme.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Alan Plot = Hilarious.

    So yeah, this episode is alan heavy, as the only thing Charlie does not is cheat on "Manny" & try to spend time with Rose. Alan honestly cam to HCarlie to ask him for money to buy advertising and make his business imporve. But when CHarlie actually gave him the 5 grand, he got all greedy, and asked Evelyn for 10 grand, Herb offered 15 grand, and Berta gave him all the money she ate (t protect form the cops). Then he paid them back with a 20% and they went back to investying more, and Alan statrtd to crack but "evil Alan" convinced him to keep it up.

    Title Reference: Charlie's way of callnig the 5 grand.

    Overall: IT was a hlarious episode. I loved how it onculded all the cast, and everyone Alan evilly grined.. excellent. 10/10.moreless
  • 815

    And Two and a Half Men has returned to form with this really good episode. We've got an ongoing arc this season involving Rose that has been for the most part successful, I can't wait to see what Charlie will do when he finds out that Rose's husband is a mannequin. My prediction is that he will stop "loving" Rose, and things will return the way they are.

    Alan's plot was absolutely hilarious and we got a great balance of all the supporting characters (Herb, Judith, Alan & Charlie's mother, and Jake). Ryan Stiles always manages to help the episode a lot and things really were no different here. Good comeback, Two and a Half Men.moreless
  • 2/7

    "Three Hookers and a Philly Cheesesteak" is another Alan-centric episode, so yet again, it ends up being one of the better so far this season. The idea of him scamming people is not something we have seen from the character, but I now I wish Alan Harper would develop into a full-blown con artist or something. Good storyline to go here, but I wish they would wrap up the Charlie, Rose and "Manny" debacle. I know Chuck Lorre is better than that.

    A lot of laughs here and good to see Two and A Half Men back to being the best comedy on Monday nights.moreless
  • Hmmm... I like where this is going

    For the first time in quite a while, I am able to safely say, I rather enjoyed this episode. Alan was the centric character here and this would have to be the best Alan episode in a very long time. The fact that he is finally taking a different path to get what he deserves is excellent, and based on the way people have treated him over the years, namely his ex-wife and Charlie, he may actually be on the rebound, but more importantly - a revenge plot. That, for what its worth, brought in a whole new level of interest to the show. Now onto Charlie and the the mannequin story, it's still pretty good, and the storyline improved from the last couple of episodes. It was awesome to see Herb and especially Gordon feature several appearances, and to have Rose and Gordon reunite since the third season. Smart ole' Gordon knows the truth, but decided not to reveal the truth to Charlie but to intend on making it a specific clue in his speech to Charlie before walking out the door. It's a shame that Charlie Sheen is now in rehab and that the show is now in a production hiatus. Hopefully it returns soon. I've heard rumors that this was the last episode Sheen played Charlie Harper before heading to the clinic. Oh well, very soon the show must go on. I'm looking forward to seeing what the outcome is of Alan's doormat story in particular, along with Rose's fiasco. All in all, a great episode and the first time in a while that I can really look forward to what lies ahead.moreless
  • A definite improvement in quality.

    Well compared to the previous episodes, there's definitely an improvement, whether in the quality of the plot, or the involvement of most hilarious, underused characters, like Evelyn or Berta, but I actually can't wait for next week, which has never been that way before with this show.

    Charlie's affair with Rose? Somewhat childish, but I can't complain when I laughed during most of the scenes. It did seem better than most Charlie storylines done this year, but, "Manny Quinn?" Charlie's a alcoholic lovestruck womanizer, but he's not that stupid. And with Charlie's recent debacle, they couldn't have picked a better title than that to get me thinking about what to laugh more at, fictional Charlie, or how real life Charlie is just as bad, (possibly worse,) than fictional Charlie.

    And Alan. Oh Alan. With Charlie simply cashing his checks in for hookers and cocaine, it's nice to watch someone put some effort into making me laugh. Now that's not saying Charlie dosen't as well, but of the two and a half men, Alan is the only one who still seems like he's enjoying what he's doing.

    The idea of Alan as a con artist is just so ALAN, over-the-edge mildly evil, and utterly hilarious. I just can't believe no one ever thought of it before. It's performances like these that proves how Jon Cryer deserved that unlikely Emmy last year.

    So I'm definitely hoping Alan's story lives up to this episode, and that this quality improvement isn't a one-time thing.moreless
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