Two and a Half Men

Season 8 Episode 6

Twanging Your Magic Clanger

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2010 on CBS

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  • i though it was funny

    I really though this episode was funny. I don't know what people want.
  • 806

    One of the worst offerings of this show I have ever seen. The plot wore thin, and it just wasn't memorable at all. The writing was absolutely atrocious. Alan masturbating throughout the whole episode was definitely not humorous, it just got annoying after a while, something that was never funny in the first place.

    Charlie's plot is nothing we haven't seen before. Charlie overreacts to his date being 4 years older than him? Then he becomes attracted to the woman's daughter who is 20, and a porn star? Just a very unoriginal plot, that went to tolerable to absolutely ridiculous.

    Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen don't even look like they're trying anymore, this was obviously one of the worst of the series.

    So we have 2 plots again, but one is so thin I won't review it.

    So Charlie starts dating a girl called Michelle, swho is 47 (though the actress is thirty-sth). Charlie is a little freaked out by that fact but Alan convinces him to keep seeing her. He is gonna, but then vhe meets Shauna, Michelle's 20year old, bisexual hot daughter. He then tells Michelle he can0t go thourth withj this relationship as he isn't over CHelsea, but then listens to SHauna complain about sex with a 30 year old guy, so he goes back with Michelle.

    The subplot was Alan's viagra expiring so he decides to use it to masturbate through-out the house.

    Title Reference: Charlie about Alan's masturbating spree. Overall: Pretty average outing, but the Charlie plot was good. Also, 1st time Jake's missing! 8/10.
  • Untitled

    in this episode Charlie decides to go back to the dating world and mets a Doctor and Charlie is shocked to find out that she is like 4 years older than Him, I don't see why Charlie has to overreact and mean while Alan has the need to masturbate like Crazy thougt out the whole episode Alan trys to find a place to masturbate and Charlie has the title quote but it was kinda funny and meanwhile Charlie learns that his girlfriend has a daughter thats a porn star and Charlie tries to nail her and upseting of this episode is that Jake doesn't appear