Two and a Half Men

Season 7 Episode 7

Untainted by Filth

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2009 on CBS
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Following setting a wedding date with Chelsea, Charlie and Alan go to a bar, only to awaken in the morning to find themselves in bed with a stranger.

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  • Charlie and Alan on the same bed witha stranger... Hilarous!

    Two and a Half Men

    Season 6

    Episode 7: Untained by Filth

    Chelsea sets a Wedding date, what makes Charlie nervous. Charlie goes to a bar with Alan and get drunk, just to wake up in the same bed with a total stranger. Charlie tries to hide this, but he keeps having flashes of what had happened.

    "Charlie and Alan on the same bed with a stranger?" sounds like a weird creepy episode. It was actually kind of weird, but it was a hilarous episode. So funny that I cant believe it. They already have a date for the wedding and how will Charlie escape from this one? We'll have to wait and see the rest of the season. Great ep!moreless
  • A funnier 20 odd minutes would be harder to find.

    For the second week in a row, TAAHM delivers the most laughs out of any Monday night show. As a comparison one minute of this was far funnier, better written and more believeable, than the whole of HIMYM. The whole situation of Alan and Charlie waking up in bed and in each other's underwear was very funny and the treatment with flashbacks reminded me of the CSI crossover episode which is a good thing. Evelyn had some good stuff especially the stuff about clowns, she always improves an episode, Berta was in there and then Jake as well with the whole chaffeur thing was funny too. All in all TAAHM may have it's detractors but the true test of a show is how funny it is, and Charlie & Co. consistently get that right week in week out.moreless
  • Clowns and wedding proposals and underwear oh my!

    Two and a Half Men returned tonight with an episode that was a bit unexpected. We all have wanted the care-free Charlie to return, but with the announcement that Chelsea was becoming a full-time castmember, that did not seem too likely. Then this episode came up and we saw Charlie accidentally cheat on his fiance.

    The installment certainly had its weird points (2.5 Men should not do cutaway scenes ever again, they just don't work) but I admit to laughing a lot. Charlie and Alan were their usual funny selves, even if the latter was a bit ridiculous tonight. Still, on a night where Gossip Girl had a three way with Hilary Duff and Jessica Szohr, I never want to see that same sexual position, except with Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer ever again.moreless
  • Forever....

    Again, Lore and Aronsohn have delivered the goods for the highest rated comedy on television. In fact, even Jake had a few funny lines in this episode.

    Everyone did their bit, Alan gave another Emmy worthy supporting and annoying (in a funny way) performance who thinks keeping Charlie's boxers is an honor. Evelyn did her bit of rattling things up forcing Charlie to set a marriage date, and exacting a confession from him, and making a shocking confession herself. Berta provided her share of nasty one-liners. And Charlie was amazing as always with his trademark sarcasm.

    It's sometimes hard to write a hundred words, oh wait, I just did...moreless
  • Evelyn shows up at dinner time when Chelsea is serving everyone including Berta. She drops a piece of information that the Bell Air hotel is available for a wedding on June 24th. Next thing we know Charlie and Chelsea have set the date!moreless

    Truly solid classic episode of Two and a Half Men. Charlie and Alan at their best with the supporting cast feeding them perfectly from beginning to end.

    First of all, the way Evelyn and Chelsea get Charlie to commit to the date at the hotel for the wedding. Brilliant and priceless! When Evelyn says that she'll pay for the wedding, Charlies one out is shot down in flames. Too funny for words. Just the looks on his face. Also Alan and Chelsea jumping up and down when she tells him the news. Very funny.

    So Charlie does what he does second best. Drinks! He takes Alan and off they go to their usual haunt. I guess Charlies demise has brought Alan's game up a little as he begins to talk up an attractive lady at the bar. What ensues is one of the funniest situations these two have ever got into. You'll have to see it to believe it.

    Charlie later on is feeling so guilty he talks to his mother who tells him a story. The ensuing bit with Chelsea and what happens again is very funny. Overall one funny bit after another. Very clever writing and Charlie and Jon are excellent. This is Two and a Half Men at its best. An instant classic. With the other three Monday night comedy block episodes this may be the best night of the 2009 season yet. Thanks for reading...moreless

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