Two and a Half Men

Season 5 Episode 19

Waiting for the Right Snapper

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 19, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

When Charlie meets the fiancée of Angie's grown-up son, he realizes it's not for the first time. Alan tries to get Jake to study for his algebra final.

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  • Really funny

    Alan starts having feelings for Charlie's new girlfriend, Angie. Charlie meets Angie's son's fiancé, who happens to be a very hot attractive woman. Charlie tries to resist temption near her, but things get worse when she reveals that she and Charlie already slept together.

    Two and a Half Men Season 5 Episode 19 "Waiting for the Right Snaper" is the final episode of the season. This episode was rlly funny and rlly cool. This season was very good, but not enough to say great, but I think it was mostly for the writers strike, but this episode brought it up just in the end!moreless
  • Season 5, Episode 19.

    Ah, the season finale. The scene in the beginning of the episode was so good. It's good to see the Writers Strike only affected the quantity and not the quality of the show. Haha I loved the scene with Charlie and Tricia. If Jake passes the algebra final, or gets at least a 67%, he will be an 8th grader! =]

    "Whatevs? Are you too lazy to even finish words now?!"

    "What's your prob?!"

    LMAO! Haha, Jake scenes are cool. I love EVELYN!

    "What a coincidence! We're at the same theater!"

    "Yeah, like Booth and Lincoln."

    "What movie do you wanna see?"

    "Oh, IDK, you pick, darling. You're going to be the one facing the screen." LMAO! Great episode!moreless

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    • Charlie: So what do I owe you?
      Dr. Freeman: Well, I get $200 an hour, you were here for 5 minutes, so why don't we just round it off and say $200?
      Charlie: Man, even hookers prorate.

    • Dr. Freeman: So you're competing with your brother for the affection of an older, nurturing woman.
      Charlie: (Frustrated) Boy, you're just a one-string banjo, aren't you?

    • Dr. Freeman: This woman you're seeing is a mother figure.
      Charlie: "A mother figure?" I said she's warm, nurturing and supportive. The words, "toxic she-devil," did not pass my lips.

    • Angie: How do you like being a father, Alan?
      Alan: Ah...well, ya know, I'd have to say it's wonderfully rewarding and more than a little challenging. Jake's kind of a diamond-in-the-rough.
      Charlie: Jake's kind of a turd in the punch bowl.
      Angie: Charlie! That is no way to talk about a child!
      Charlie: He's not a child; he's a post-pubescent tapeworm with a bad haircut.

    • Evelyn: We're at the same theater. What a happy coincidence.
      Charlie: Yeah, just like Booth and Lincoln.

    • Alan: You know what you call someone who just skates through life doing only the bare minimum?
      Jake: Uncle Charlie?
      Alan: You call him a slacker.
      Jake: Whateve...
      Alan: Whateve? Are you now so lazy you can't even be bothered to finish words?
      Jake: What's your prob? Don't you get happy if I just get in eighth grade? I mean isn't that the whole point of seventh?
      Alan: No, that is not the whole point of seventh. And yes I'll be thrilled if you're not left back.
      Jake: So relax, it's all good.
      Alan: Don't you mean it's all 'goo'?

  • NOTES (3)

    • The German episode title is "Die Mutterfigur", meaning "The Mother Figure". The French title is "Double coup de foudre", meaning "Double Love at First Sight". The Italian title is "Una donna… matura!", meaning "A Woman… Grown-Up!". The Spanish title is "Esperar al atrapador adecuado", an exact translation.

    • International Airdates: Slovakia: January 29, 2010 on Markiza

    • This episode's end titles has Chuck Lorre's Vanity Card #213.