Two and a Half Men

Season 3 Episode 5

We Called It Mr. Pinky

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Charlie learns he can't be in a long-lasting relationship because of unresolved issues he has with his mother. Jake asks Charlie for advice about a girl at school.

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  • Me and my mate's cheeks were sore, because we couldn't stop laughing!

    I don't care what people thought! i liked it, I love the "Cupcake" Conversation between Jake and Charlie that was just hilarious, the bell/chicken thing was funny, Charlie's facial expressions were fantastic.
  • Charlie starts having performance issues and thinks his problems might be due to his toxic relationship with his mother.

    Charlie has a new woman in his life and things are going really well. So well that she opens up and says that she loves him. He thanks her, but can't return the gesture. This angers her, and she storms off. Witnessing the scene, Alan accuses him of being a misogynist, and after running to the dictionary, Charlie denies it.

    Rose, his crazy stalker, who actually has a degree in psychology and is very insightful, agrees. She also tells him that his problems and issues stem from his bad relationship with his mother. This starts him thinking, but when the woman forgives him and wants to see him again, his thoughts of his mother disturb him and he can't perform.

    Afraid that he has become impotent he decides to confront his mother and settle things once and for all. He finds her practicing yoga in provacitive positions that further disturb him.

    Charlie: Are you aware that I'm a misogynist?

    Evelyn: Really? I raised you Episcopalian.

    After this awkward encounter he is more messed up than ever. He agrees to let Rose try hypnotherapy on him. He returns to his girlfriend and reclaims his title. Everything is going great, except Rose may have planted another post hypnotic suggestion...

    This was a solid episode, but it wasn't one of the greatest. I rate it almost a seven.moreless
  • Okay, so it wasn't the catchy week but all the same, it happens

    It was good, but it was predictable but funny parts were very little...

    Charlie dates another woman, like old times. Jake has his issues with whatever, like old times. Alan went on about his usual buisiness, like we've already seen.

    Those above tell you that I was not too happy with this episode. There was just no laughter, that is exactly why any poor episodes of this show are rated low, because it was too predictable or the comedy was very little.

    So, the storylines here wern't up to good scratch, Jake was not funny, nor Berta and Charlie's relationship with the lady on this episode was just another average one of Charlie's bimbo's.

    So overall, the rating has gone down the drain a lot, but we can see about next week...moreless
  • Boring and dull!

    This episode was so boring....I had to imagine I was watching something else.

    Okay, Charlie has mother issues, we all knew that, and what person on Earth doesn't.

    He can't get up, yippee. A woman tells him that she loves him, his thankful, but she gets angry at him. He is able to charm his way back into her life, but his private issues get in the way.

    Jake has a play girlfriend at school and he gets his first on-hand experience in love and all the good and bad it brings.

    The only good thing about this episode i enjoyed was Evelyn's appearance, which I always enjoy.

    Overall, bad episode, we the writers sick when they wrote this?

  • not bad.

    This is the first time I have watched this show. It took me a few minutes to get into it. Some of the jokes were actually funny. I have given up on most of the comedies out today but this one I am gonna watch again. the kid was really cute with the cupcake/girlfriend thing was great and extremely funny. Im gonna watch this show again after this episode.

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    • Alan: I think being a misogynist is, like, part of your life.
      Charlie: So I'm a misogynist?
      Alan: Uh-huh.
      Charlie: That's what you think of your brother? I'm a misogynist? (stands up and goes to the living room) How could you think I'm a misogynist?
      (comes back with a dictionary) How do you spell "misogynist"?

    • Charlie: Of all the women I know, you're the only one I truly trust, Rose.
      Rose: Personally, I find that very flattering, but professionally, I find it very disturbing.

    • Charlie: (to Rose) I just want to get my mother out of my head. I don't want to quit drinking or gambling or none of that good stuff.

    • Evelyn: For the first time I look at you and see myself.
      Charlie: That's just insane.

    • Charlie: Are you aware that I'm a misogynist?
      Evelyn: Really? I raised you Episcopalian.

    • Charlie: I need to talk to you.
      Evelyn: About what?
      Charlie: About how I'll never be able to have a meaningful relationship with a woman, because you screwed me up.

    • Colleen: All men have performance issues, every now and then.
      Charlie: It's not a problem until we give up. Right now, it's just really long foreplay.

    • Charlie: (to Rose) Conflate? What is it, fancy word day?

    • Berta: (to Charlie) Hey, stud, I don't know what kind of twisted sex party you had in your room the last couple of days, but I'm not cleaning it up.

    • Alan: Cupcake? I thought you were talking about sex?
      Charlie: He was using cupcake as a metaphor. Geez! Even the kid got it.

    • Jake: It was a really good cupcake. I can't stop thinking about it.
      Charlie: Yeah, I've had cupcakes like those before.

    • Jake: Uncle Charlie, I have to tell you about what happened at school today.
      Charlie: You made the honor roll?
      Jake: What's that?
      Charlie: Forget it.

    • Rose: Isn't your mental and emotional well-being more important than a couple of fleeting orgasms?
      Charlie: It's not even more important than one.

    • Charlie: Rose, do you think I'm a misogynist?
      Rose: (chuckles) Oh, wow. Yeah!

    • Charlie: I will tell you something that will serve you well your entire life.
      Jake: Like, "when you're peeing outside, make sure you're standing downwind?"

  • NOTES (1)

    • The German episode title: "Mr. Pinky und Mr. Pipi". The French title is "Quand la mère monte", meaning "When Mother Rises". The Italian title is "Dolcetti e amore!", meaning "Candy and Love!" The Spanish title is "Le llamábamos Sr. Pinky", an exact translation.