Two and a Half Men

Season 3 Episode 1

Weekend in Bangkok with Two Olympic Gymnasts

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 19, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

After falling off the roof, Alan needs someone to watch Jake, and Charlie offers—until it interferes with his social life.

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  • Season 3 Premiere

    Per usual, Alan is the centerpiece of the jokes here tonight, struggling to get pills in his mouth, falling off a ladder, and walking around with one of those funny neck braces.

    The episode featured the great Charlie and Jake relationship, well, it's only great when Charlie is really angry with Jake, but that was the case tonight so we can compliment it. I did feel Jake's behavior was a bit absurd though, as we have not seen him act like this before, so why start now?

    Still, a strong start to season three and let us hope that the rest is as good.moreless
  • Sucha an awesome episode

    While trying to fix the satelite cable, Alan falls from the roof hurting himself, leaving Charlie in charge of Jake.

    Two and a Half Men Season 3 Episode 1, season 3 premiere, is such a great episode, which reminds of how good this show is. With Alan falling from the roof, breaking several bones including two fingers and trying to flip Charlie off but cant; with Jake driving Charlie nuts because he wants to go out for dinner and rent Final Fantasy videogame; with Jake ruinning Charlie's plan to get laid with a woman. All of this make this episode so freakin funny! "again with the freakin, just because I'm a kid doesnt mean I dont know what that means." LMAOmoreless
  • When Allen falls off the roof, Charlie insists that he'll have fun taking care of Jake... boy was he wrong. After lugging Jake around, the episode ends with Charlie claiming chest pains.moreless

    I thought this episode was amazing! It was absolutely hysterical. It was entertaining how Allen thought he could fix the t.v. dish by himself, but everyone knew to just call "the guy". And I almost cried watching Alan so injured. It was hysterical when he gave up and just peed on the floor.

    Charlie started out with a nice attitude towards Jake, but Jake just kept tricking uncle charlie into more. It was extremly funny to watch such an innocent looking boy tricking Charlie into the video game store and a restaurant. The best part though, had to be Charlie getting so fed up that he brought Jake back to his mothers house... when which Judith hid from the pair.moreless
  • The high detail was nice, but this would have to be the least favorite premiere to date

    Awesome rocker! The TV reception in the Harper house went into a blackout so Alan went up onto the roof, fixed the reception but fell off the ladder climbing back down.

    This whole incident turned this into a very hilarious laugh out loud episode. Alan the sick guy had to put up with being helpless while Charlie took naps and went out to avoid helping his brother take a leak.

    Jake and Charlie go out together in a few funny scenes and rent the new Final Fantasy game and Jake obviously doesn't give up being a pig until he gets what he wants.

    Overall, a nice premiere to the third season with a great storyline to it. Impressive...moreless
  • You want a "final fantasy"? Close your eyes and imagine yourself flying through a freakin' video store, cause that's about to happen!

    This episode is very funny, and is one of the most clever episodes of Two and a Half Men i've watched. There are many hilarious quotes in this episode that will make you laugh, even after watching it again.

    In this episode, Charlie finds out that the TV signal isn't very good and says he's gonna call the guy. But Alan decides not the call the guy and fix the signal himself, so he does but immediately falls off the ladder and breaks his neck and both his hands. Now Alan cannot do things normally, including open the door and "take a leak". So Charlie offers to look after Jake in the weekend. When Jake gets dropped off, he annoys Charlie about going out to eat dinner and rent the new Final Fantasy. So they first go to a Cluckies restaurant with a whole bunch of black people, and they're the only whites there. Then they argue on going to the video store. Jake eventually wins and finds out there are no Final Fantasy games there. But then suddenly, some girl who interests Charlie gave Jake the Final Fantasy game. Finding out the girl is a single mum, Charlie asks her if her kid and Jake wanted a playdate, then cheeky Jake replies "I don't want a playdate with some stupid kid, just so you can have sex with her!". This makes the girl walk away, and a ticked off Charlie. The rest is very good and this episode is definitely worth watching.moreless

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