Two and a Half Men

Season 4 Episode 2

Who's Vod Kanockers?

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Charlie finally tells Alan the truth about why he did not marry Mia. Charlie and Alan deal with a noisy neighbor.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Steven Tyler Rocks

    I couldn't tell if that really was Steven Tyler or someone trying to sound like him. It was great that Charlie got his beat up by Steven Tyler. Who wouldn't want to get their butt kicked by Steven Tyler?! Charlie finally telling Alan why he didn't marry Mia was was sad to watch. I actually thought Jake's joke was funny. Berta... great as always.
  • an average episode

    in this episod after alan moves back at Charlies house we learn that the whole reason Charlie is not with Mia is because he wanted Alan and jake to move out man mia is kind of a bit## for saying that and them the hat. The best thing about this episode is taht Jake did some funny s##t with a hat "the names Kanockers, Voda Kanockers" LMAO! and them some guy from a band gets in to a fight with Charlie and some other stuff happens. "who is this Vod Kanockers that you speak of?" that so funny adgsjsdgjksdgjio ajgdfjklmoreless
  • Not the best, or the funniest...

    I was actually quite disappointed. What were the writers thinking? The low comedy in it wasn't a great help and it felt like nothing really significant happened.

    The episode dealt with Alan and how Charlie finally found a way to release his feelings out in the open. Though I must say, Steven Tyler: What a guy. I just didn't understand all the clapping from the audience when he walked in Charlie's door. I now wish that I hadn't wasted 175MB to download what I thought was going to be a brilliant, fine example based episode. The plot was poorly done. The only guy who really lightened up the day was Jake, lol. Him in Charlie's hat was funny, Mr. Rock it up guy.

    Anyway, a dullish sort of episode and a waste of Broadband usage. Still, a little good with the homor.moreless
  • Dude looks like a Lady!

    I'm watching "Two and a half Men" until "Heroes" returns. This epsiode is special bacause it marks the appearnce of Steven Tyler. In one scene while Charlie was talking, you can hear Steven singing. It's one funny scene. Tyler presence is quite funny and I sure hope he get's Best Guest Actor in a Comedy at Next Year's Emmy Awards. He is very funny. Right now I'm watching the show just to get my mind off "heroes" until it returns on January 22ed. I like what I saw so far and I hope it return next week, but next week is Chrsitmas, so i doubt it.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (9)

    • Charlie: Can you lay off the harmonica playing?
      Steven Tyler: Hey, a lot of people pay to see me play harmonica!
      Charlie: They pay to hear you sing; they tolerate the harmonica!

    • Rose: How cool is it that Steven Tyler moved in next door? I lost my virginity to him.
      Charlie: You mean his music.
      Rose: No.

    • Charlie: (to Alan) I don't have to face anything I don't want to face, and I don't have to feel anything I don't want to feel, and that includes Mom's vodka knockers.

    • Alan: (To Charlie) You misspelled Vicodin.
      Charlie: That's the great thing about Vicodin.. I don't care!

    • Jake: Who is this Vod Kanockers that you speak of?

    • Alan: Um, I just want to say, I'm a huge fan. I lost my virginity to you.
      Steven Tyler: Really? Well ya know, there's a lot of the seventies I don't remember.

    • Jake: Hey, Berta, do you wanna see my armpit hair?
      Berta: Only if you want to see mine.

    • Charlie: Let me tell you something about feelings. Feelings are like your mother's breasts. You know where they are, but they're best left unfelt.
      Rose: It's an interesting analogy, but may I point out that a mother's breasts are a source for nourishment and comfort?
      Charlie: Yeah, well, my mother's breasts were a source of silicone and Russian vodka.

    • Jake: Hey, if girls with big boobs work at Hooters, where do girls with only one leg work at?
      Charlie: ?
      Jake: IHOP.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The German episode title is "Wer ist Wod Katitten?", meaning "Who is Vod Katits?". The French title is "Sexe, alcool et jeux de hasard", meaning "Sex, Alcohol, and Gambling". The Italian title is "Non ricominciare Alan", meaning "Don't Start Again, Alan". The Spanish title is "¿Quién es Vod Kanockers?", an exact translation.


    • About Steven Tyler, Alan tells Charlie, "Well, the dude may look like a lady, but you fight like a little girl," playing on lyrics to the song "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)" by Aerosmith, Steven Tyler's band.

    • Jake immitates James Bond's classic introduction by saying, "It's Kanokers, Vod Kanockers."