Two and a Half Men

Season 9 Episode 22

Why We Gave Up Women

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2012 on CBS

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  • Exorbitantly stupid and not funny at any point

    How the hell did Kathy Bates win an Emmy for this? The episode is written badly and not funny at any point. Angus T. Jones makes the best out of the amazingly stupid plot and delivers some nice gags, but as I said, it never made me to laugh.
  • A bitter disappointment

    At first when I saw Charlie's ghost, I thought Alan was in the future and that was Berta as an old lady. Speaking of which, Berta wasn't in this episode. I would've liked to have heard what she'd say behind that curtain. I guess Charlie's still not welcome back on the show. They certainly had to go and get people's hopes up, didn't they?!

    You know I think the producers did this to make the viewers realize that Charlie Sheen is NEVER returning to the show.

    How can Alan be so unwell off? I mean is he still a chiropractor or is he now unemployed? I thought Walden gave him a job at his company. He no longer has to pay alamony to Judith, I know he may have to pay it to Kandi, though she makes more than he does. Honestly, they're making Alan look like he's got no job. They are right, Alan is being like a parasite. He does whatever he can to stay at that house. If he's still employed, by now he should have enough money to afford his own place. I'm sure he could even afford to stay at the YMCA. Every time he moved out it was always to live with a woman and he ALWAYS messed things up. First Kandi kicks him out after the money runs out and he didn't want more kids, then Melissa kicks him out because he gets into bed with her mother and then Lydnsy kicks him out because he burned down her house.

    What I did like is that Zooey and her daughter love Walden and Walden is starting to think that maybe spending all that time with Zooey's daughter isn't so bad and he's going to give living with them a chance.
  • Why We Gave Up On This Show

    I men really, what is wrong with this program. It's just not going anywhere. If anything it took characters you might have liked and remove them or change them to the point of just being annoying at times. And then they decide to throw more annoying to compensate. This doesn't reflect this episode so much as this season. This episode itself was much worse then what I said before.
  • awful

    The one positive point about this show, it cant possibly get any worse.

    For the writers, no, you dont really have to find a decent excuse to get rid of zoey and ava, just forget they existed at all and move on.

    We promise well not complain about it
  • Oho, Charlie's ghost stops by...

    I hate to say this, but this episode represented all of the things I can't stand about the reboot...

    After Alan's horror weekend with Lyndsey, he went back to Walden only to suffer from a mild heart attack, putting Walden in a difficult situation. On the one side needy Alan, on the other nagging Zoey. By the way, I found it funny that Walden's Zoey problem was her adorable daughter and not her constant bickering. I mean she becomes more and more unbearable. Who would want to spend time with her, let alone live with her?

    So the Zoey character is probably the worst thing about season 9. And though Charlie did have his share of crazy and annoying women, at least they didn't stay.

    Then there is Alan's transformation to some kind of Gollum-like creature (can't un-see it since him whispering "my previous"). His character has become ridiculous to a point I can't stand anymore. And then Jake and the other former regulars are underused.

    Oh, this episode was the one where Kathy Bates made a special appearance as Charlie's ghost. There's nothing wrong with Kathy Bates or the ghost of Charlie, however, the whole ordeal was nothing else than Chuck Lorre still bearing a grudge about the whole Charlie Sheen incident. Well, that was not funny. At least Walden chose Alan (so I guess/hope Walden and Zoey are history?)...
  • Bad Bad Bad

    Not in my mouth episode was the worse and this is the second worse.
  • Terrible

    Terrible. Still trying to get laugh ofa charlie and making themselves look like complete asses in the process.