Two and a Half Men

Season 3 Episode 4

Your Dismissive Attitude Toward Boobs

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2005 on CBS
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Berta causes tension between Charlie and Alan when she temporarily moves in with them.

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  • This episode has to be one of the funniest ones I have seen... This review contains scenes from the episode

    The episode starts with Alan at his job getting a call to pick Jake up from school. When alan finds out why Jack was picked up he is furious. He had drew a picture of Babra Smith but named it Boobra Smith and her Bre@#s were larger than her whole body. I busted out laughing. Then when Jake gets left alone in the room with Berda and she looks down at him and says " so you like making fun of girls with big boobs huh?" Then Jakes eyes slowly move down Berdas body and he says with fright "Not anymore" that was really funny. Then Alan has to go to the school to convince the principal to not expel Jake, so Charlie has to fill in for Alan and he turns his cyropracting ( Spelt it wrong) office into a lady club. When Alan gets to the school he meets Barbra's mom and she is also developed. They start to talk for a while and Alan starts to say stupid things untill the principal comes out and luck would have it she is also develped. Alan then says "Oh no my son's going to get the chair" In the end evrything turns out good and JaKe is not expelled. This was a very good episode and I hope the laughs keep coming.moreless
  • Alan's not getting any respect & threatens to leave. Charlie feels like Alan is taking him for granted. It IS his house. They both want Alan and Jake to stay, but want to teach each other a lesson. Berta just wants to be a live-in housekeeper.moreless

    This episode has its moments with Berta manipulating the two brothers, turning them against each other, for her own hidden agenda: getting to stay in Charlie's posh Malibu Beach House. It reveals that Charlie actually does like his nephew a lot, in spite of his constant ribbing. They share a mutual appreciation of Selma Hayek, and a certain part of her anatomy referenced in the episode's title.

    What makes it interesting for me as a Real Estate Agent is Evelyn Harper showing her son houses and translating the marketing remarks into the harsh reality of Alan's limited options on his budget once he pays his alimony and child support to Judith. Her caustic comments about the houses in Alan's price range are priceless. Finally, she tells him bluntly his best option:

    Evelyn: I have a final alternative.

    Alan: And what would that be?

    Evelyn: Run straight to your brother's ass, and kiss it repeatedly.

    After the plot reaches its inevitable conclusion, there is a great epilogue that shows what lead up to Alan's decision to take his Real Estate Agent/mother's advice. It is really hilarious and reminded me of showing REO properties that range from 'deferred maintenance' to 'tore up from the floor up.' I wonder if any of the writers ever sold Real Estate? They would have to, or at least had a close family member who did. Evelyn Harper may be exaggerated as a 'toxic mom' but as a Real Estate Agent she is uncannily accurate.

    For the epilogue and scenes with Evelyn Harper alone I am giving this episode a rating of 9.moreless
  • I was disappointed... But there were a few good sides to it

    In this decent episode, Berta temporarily moved in with Charlie and Alan while Charlie and Alan had their own unresolved issues toward each other.

    Because of Charlie's lack of respect for Alan, Alan and Jake moved out where this episode ended in a strange way.

    I laughed a few times, but the end really put me off... The writers obviously rushed this one, or did not bother to work on a successful ending. So overall, the ending was an EPIC FAIL!!!

    The plot based around this episode was funny, and greatly written, it was just the end that didn't match up. It was a huge con, but I'll get over it. So, how the hell does Charlie let Alan back into his home? Who knows...

    Berta and Jake were the laugh out loud characters tonight.

    Overall, it was a good episode with the worst ending I have ever encountered for this show. Still, a fine example of the returning comedy.moreless
  • A classic episode with both Charlie and Alan getting over their heads

    The episode begins with Alan getting squashed by a 300-pound man. He calls Charlie because Jake is in trouble at school, but Charlie is up to his usual tricks and won't help. So Alan confronts Charlie about his "selfish" behavior. Charlie asks Alan if he can make it up to him, and Alan asks him to be his receptionist while he goes to Jake's school to talk to the principal. Jake has drawn a picture of a female classmate with huge boobs. This could be considered sexual harassment, and Jake could get expelled from school. When Charlie is at Alan's office, a lady comes in asking for a "masseuse" position. But she does more than massage. Soon, all kinds of guys are in Alan's office while Charlie is knocking on doors shouting "Time!".

    Alan is at Jakes school, talking to Jake's classmate's mother. She has big boobs too, and Alan gets himself deeper and deeper in trouble talking about them. Finally, he talks to the principal, a lady who is also amply endowed.

    Later, Alan tells Charlie that he was banned from the premises.

    This was a very funny episode with lots of great one-liners, as well as funny situations. Two and a Half Men is hilarious!moreless
  • Not a bad episode:

    Berta wants to move in, but she doesn't want a kid of a pesky brother around to bother what's her plan: cause friction between Charlie and Alan, and worse the latter to move out.

    Great plan, only she did not bargain on Alan being a wimp, and crawling back to Charlie.

    I love the way Berta was playing Charlie and Alan of each other, that's classic right there.

    The best reveal was when ww found out that Berta has no brother...or to stretch it further, probably no siblings.

    Overall, it was a good episode, not classic great, (except for Berta scenes), but good enough.


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