Two and a Half Men

Season 2 Episode 13

Zejdz z Moich Wlosów [a.k.a. Get Off My Hair]

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 17, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Alan invites Judith to stay at Charlie's place after an earthquake, but soon feels jealous when she has a date and begs Charlie to find him one, too.

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  • C´MON!!!!!!

    Well gues i´ll just have to agree to disagree with the other comments because i love two and a half men, but this was the worst episode yet. Only laughed in the final and the mexico part. But i know this series has got big potential so i´m sure the best episode will be better! I mean it isn´t that hard! For me the solution is Jake, whenever jake appears big laughs come, for me jake berta aren´t major characters but they sure are great. So a little more work people , please!! i want THE GOOD two and a half men!

  • Another fine example of the Harper family, lol, it was well done and I enjoyed it

    Another fine example of the Harper family, lol, it was well done and I enjoyed it.

    This episode was just nigh on hilarious. I loved the way the writers brought the earthquake to Malibu so that Judith would be invited to stay with Alan and Charlie at the Harper's home. I loved the way Charlie was involved with some bimbo who spoke no English whatsoever. the final scene would have just been the ideal part. Charlie's so called lesson of the Polish language told him to say something he thought mean't "Please go faster". In reality, it mean't, "Get off my hair!".

    Also, Jake and Charlie suffering because of Judith and Alan living together again caused a disturbance. Next day, Charlie nearly started to hit on Judith but Berta walks in, signals Charlie to go inside, which he did. The conversation between him and Berta was hilarious. Berta is not understandable, sick but damn hilarious. Charlie's scheme to get Alan to look like he was dating someone else to stop his jelousy over Judith caused some laughs with Charlie and his Piano.

    Overall, well written. The episode sets a great example of family issues and something to enjoy after a long hard working day. This is my favorite season out of the five from this show.moreless
  • funny

    How funny was this episode. I couldn't stop laughing. The best part of this episode was definitely the ending when the foreign woman who didn't speak a word of english had brought all her family to America to live with Charlie. The whole fued with Alan and Judith, cos she was living with them, was hilarious. Alan got jealsous when Judith went out on a date and judith got very jealous when Alan went on a date with a young hot woman. It was very funny when you found out she was an escort and that she charged $1000 a night.moreless

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    • Charlie: Well, what if you were dating?
      Alan: But I'm not.
      Charlie: But what if it looked like you were dating?
      Alan: Oh, oh, you mean... no, no way. I'm not gonna let you fix me up with one of your bimbo girlfriends.
      Charlie: OK, forget it.
      Alan: She'd have to be really pretty, like a... like a ten. And young, like a twenty.
      Charlie: Anything else?
      Alan: Uh, and smart. Uh, and a sense of humor's important. Uh, well-read, uh, good with kids, uh, non-smoking, of course... ooh, and, uh, easy on the piercings. Nothing south of the Equator.
      Charlie: You're mighty picky for a guy with an adult newsstand in his sock drawer.

    • Judith: I'm surprised to see you home on a Saturday night, what with your fun, bachelor lifestyle.
      Charlie: Well, I got laid this morning, so I thought I'd kick back tonight.

    • Berta: (regarding Judith) What are you, a farm animal?
      Charlie: What?
      Berta: That is your brother's ex-wife out there.
      Charlie: I know who she is. Oh, no, no. She's just staying here because of the earthquake. I'm not. I would never. I couldn't. (Charlie takes a peep at Judith on his deck in her bikini) Okay, maybe I could, but I'm not.
      Berta: Yeah, that's what I used to say about my stepbrother, Cousin Dewey.

    • Charlie: (regarding the tongs) Ah, you better use the wooden ones.
      Judith: What's wrong with these?
      Charlie: I use those whenever I drop my watch in the toilet.
      Judith: This is a regular occurrence?
      Charlie: You'd think I'd learn.
      Judith: And you keep them in the kitchen?
      Charlie: I used to hang them on a little hook in the bathroom, but it freaked some chicks out.

    • Alan: Apparently, the earthquake hit Sherman Oaks a lot harder than Malibu.
      Charlie: What earthquake?
      Alan: What earthquake? About an hour ago. You didn't feel the house shaking?
      Charlie: Oh...
      Alan: Unbelievable, you actually though that was you?
      Charlie: No, I thought it was her, you know, because of me. The good news is, unless they report it on Polish TV I still get the credit.

    • (Charlie rings the doorbell, Alan opens the door)
      Charlie: I told you so!
      Alan: Great, you just come here to make fun of me.
      Charlie: I told you so!
      (Alan tries to close the door)
      Charlie: Wait, wait! Wait, Wait! Did I already mention, "I told you so?!"

    • Alan: I told [Judith] she could stay here for a couple of days.
      Charlie: Oh, oh, oh, oh! When you said that, did you have like a sarcastic chuckle in your voice like, "Yeah right, Judith, you can stay here?"

    • Alan: (after Charlie tells him he shouldn't let Judith stay in his house) I can't do that to her.
      Charlie: Have you even tried?

    • Alan: And what are you afraid of?
      Charlie: Let's see: large birds, small bugs, unplanned pregnancy, and your ex-wife living in my house.

    • Alan: What am I supposed to do, put her in a hotel?
      Charlie: Yeah: put her in a hotel, put her in a space capsule, put her in a catapult and see how far she flies.

    • Charlie: There are no such things as small frightened women. That's a myth, perpetrated by the large angry women who secretly run the world!

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode has a Chuck Lorre's vanity card no. 128.

    • German episode title: "Geh' von meinen Haaren runter", meaning "Get out from Under my Hair". The French title is "La fiancée venue du froid", meaning "The Fiancée from the Cold". The Italian title is "Siamo ancora amici", meaning "We're Still Friends". The Spanish title is "Zejdz z moich Wlosów", the original English title of the episode.

    • Holland Taylor (Evelyn) didn't appear in the original airing of this episode.