Two Girls Named Smith

ABC (ended 1951)


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Two Girls Named Smith

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Co-starring in this show were two girls named Peggy - Peggy French and Peggy Ann Garner (pictured). Produced by Richard Lewis and directed by Charles S. Dubin, this was a thirty-minute situation comedy that delighted its audience every Saturday at noon. Peggy Ann played Babs, an aspiring model who had moved to Manhattan from Omaha. Her roommate, Fran Smith, was her cousin, an aspiring artist/fashion designer. Each week would present another daffy adventure in the big city.

As the show progressed, they decided Babs should have a boyfriend. Enter Richard Hayes, who, in reality, was Peggy Ann Garner's husband. Normally a singer, Richard gave acting a shot and played the part well. Joseph Buloff played Mr. Basmany, their elderly neighbor, a Bohemian poet who referred to himself as the girls' "friend, companion and philosopher".

"Two Girls Named Smith" was rated in the top five for weekend shows. After eight months, however, Peggy Ann Garner quit the show and was replaced by Marcia Henderson. The following month, to everyone's amazement, the show was cancelled. In its closing episode, Babs get the break she's been yearning for when she replaces the lead in a Broadway play.


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  • Terrific possibilities!

    With a cast like that, it had to have been a fine show. Who would've thought that little Peggy Ann Garner, who won an Oscar at age 13 for her brilliant portrayal of Francie in "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn," would be cast in a cute comedy like this as an adult? After reading Peggy Ann's biography, I realize the show went downhill quickly once she left to travel with her then-husband as he fulfilled singing engagements throughout the country. Her priorities were in the right place, but what a shame for the show! It had such terrific potential.moreless