Two Guys and a Girl

ABC (ended 2001)


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Two Guys and a Girl

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Originally known as "Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place," this half hour comedy follows the friendship of Berg, Pete and Sharon, who met in college and live in the same building.

While working their way through grad-school, Berg and Pete work in Beacon Street Pizza for their witty boss Bill and serve customers like the eccentric Mr. Bauer who tells everyone about great moments in his life, which are actually famous scenes from movies.

The show also follows their love lives, Pete's girlfriend Melissa, a cast regular for the first season, and he later on develops feelings for Sharon.

Sharon seems to have no luck with guys until she meets repair man Johnny, who despite their many fights and up and down relationship end up married.

Berg flits from girl to girl until he meets Ashley, a fellow med-student and notorious ice queen who he dates for about a season. When they break up, he seeks solace in Irene, who lives across the hall, a petite, perky woman obssessed with cats and who stalks Pete.

By the last season, Johnny, Ashley and Irene were as integral to the show as the original two guys and girl, with the final episode, The Internet Show, being about which of the girls was pregnant, a decision that was left up to the viewers vote. They decided that Ashley was pregnant (by Pete), but we never got to see the consequences of this, as the show was cancelled after its fourth season.

Although it never got a chance to wrap things up, it remains a genuinely funny programme, with characters that we care about and whom can make us laugh.moreless
Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

Michael Leslie "Berg" Bergen

Richard Ruccolo

Richard Ruccolo

Peter "Pete" Dunville

Traylor Howard

Traylor Howard

Sharon Carter Donnelly

Suzanne Cryer

Suzanne Cryer

Ashley Walker (season 3-4, recurring season 2)

Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion

Johnny Donnelly (season 3-4, recurring season 2)

Jennifer Westfeldt

Jennifer Westfeldt

Melissa (season 1)

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  • 2 Guys, A Girl and a laughing-out-loud viewer.

    Sharp writing, great characters, superb delivery. Not a single episode failed to make me laugh, and the Halloween specials were brilliant.

    It's shame it got cancelled due to a ratings drop brought about only by the network shifting its airday, or we could have seen this going a long, long making us laugh throughout the journey. I could see a whole new series with Pete and Ashley just interacting with each other, it was solid gold. Alas.

    This show shall be missed.

  • Pretty good.

    Used to love this show.
  • Kind of pointless.

    I never liked this show. In fact, it was kind of boring and pointless. I never understood what the point was and I didn't think it was very funny at all. The characters were boring, the comedy was bland, the storylines were also bland, and I don't know how many times I wanted to change the channel. One thing I did like was the setting. It was actually quite nice and also kind of different from other show's settings. Overall, this was just not my kind of show and I have never watched more than two episodes full through. Just not good. Thank you.moreless
  • Cliched and predictable plotlines? Yes. Hilarious jokes and one-liners delivered by lovable characters played by talented actors & actresses? Also yes.

    This is not a show you watch for plot, relationships, or even real situational comedy in the classical sense. It is more equivocal to watching a stand-up comedian: it's all about the jokes and one-liners. But what it does, it does extremely well.

    The comedic delivery of Ryan Reynolds, Nathan Fillion and the other primary cast members are what really make the show. Despite getting into cliched and predictable situations, the characters are lovable and the quotes are very memorable. It's too bad the writers didn't do better in the original storyline department, but in the end it doesn't even seem to matter so much because the comedy makes up for it.

    As a side note, I would like to mention that, other than the Simpsons, this show has the most creative and hilarious Halloween specials I have ever seen. Really great stuff.moreless
  • While full of laughs and great characters the show became directionless and ultimately led to loss of viewership.

    It almost gave this show a 9 or 9.5. Then I remembered the first season and the end of season 4. They had one thing very much in common: a lack of direction. Season 1 introduced us to Sharon, Berg, and Pete--the show's core characters--but also had a slew of lesser (read: not funny or likable) supporting characters. Namely, Mr. Bauer, Pete's girlfriend, and the owner of the pizza place, Bill. Mr. Bauer in particular was not right for the show. His interjection in most episodes was very forced and rarely funny (even though it was supposed to be). Bill and the girlfriend seemed like more of a distraction than anything else. By season 2 most of this was corrected and the show entered it's better years. "Years" being plural, but unfortunately only meaning two. Seasons 2 and 3 were great. The main characters came into their own. We were introduced to some future regulars in Johnny and Ashley--both of which really helped make the show quantum leaps better. Then came season 4. While the pieces were in place from a casting perspective the show itself lost it's direction. Berg became much less charming and amusing--almost a jerk really. Pete was all over the map as far his his career and love life. Sharon became very one-dimensional. Nathan Fillion's portrayal of Johnny was the best half of that marriage. Ultimately the show puttered out with the Internet Episode where a not-so-thrilling cliffhanger (at the time) took place, then the show went away.

    Overall the show had great promise, but I suspect a lack of a regular home (it moved around the schedule), as well as characters not sticking to their already strong roots ultimately killed the show.moreless

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