Two Guys and a Girl

ABC (ended 2001)


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  • Season 4
    • The Drip
      The Drip
      Episode 23
    • Pilot
      Episode 23
    • The Internet Show
      The Internet Show
      Episode 22
      Sharon thinks she may be pregnant and Ashley realises she could be too. She goes into denial, despite showing the symptoms but agrees to take a pregnancy test with Sharon.

      When Berg finds out from a news report that a glow in the dark condom he used was defective he thinks Irene could be pregnant. Not wanting to worry her, he tries to get a urine sample from her without telling her.

      Pete is still annoyed at Ashley for giving up on their relationship to go to Stanford.moreless
    • Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
      A jealous Berg tries to get Irene back but ends up screwing it up again, as he won't leave her alone and keeps on having conflicts with Roger, her new mailman-boyfriend. Pete tries to convince Ashley to stay by spending more time with her and making her a picnic in the park, but he gets stood up becuse Ashley doesn't want to get involved with pete as she's moving, and it will end in heartache when she does leave. Johnny wants to spend more time with Sharon, so he helps Sharon serve a subpoena to a man who has a scary dog, and they spend the day together trying to get through the garden to his letter boxmoreless
    • The Icewoman Cometh
      Pete has a near death experience and he believes that he and Ashley are meant to be together. Ashley has a dream about Pete so she goes to talk to him and they end up sleeping together. Berg wants to see if there can be anything between him and Katie and he discovers that she's been stalking him for eight years. Irene won't take Berg back because now she's seeing her mailman.moreless
    • The Love Boat
      The Love Boat
      Episode 19
      Berg tries to woo Irene so she'll take him back, Pete agrees to be Ashley's date at a hospital mixer where she wins a residency at Stanford in California, Sharon and Johnny spend their anniversary at the fire house when Johnny has to work.
    • Make Mine Tea
      Make Mine Tea
      Episode 18
      Despite having made up with Irene, Berg still plans to meet up with Katie and arranges a clandestine rendezvous with her.

      Pete helps Sharon when she is sent to get incriminating photographs for a client at the law firm she works at.
    • Adventures of Captain Karma
      Berg is hurt and upset when he tells Irene he loves her and she doesn't say it back. Pete convinces him to go to a comic book convention to cheer him up, where he meets a girl who he went to high school with. After running into her again later that day, Berg is convinced it was fate and takes her number.

      Pete and Ashley run into each other in the line for the cinema and end up going on a sort of date together.moreless
    • A Few Good Firemen
      A Few Good Firemen
      Episode 16
      It is Johnny's birthday and Sharon gets him a voucher to be a fireman for a day. It turns out to be day for kids but Johnny comes home wanting to become a fireman.
      When a nurse at the hospital says that chivalry is dead after Berg cuts in line in front of her, Berg becomes obssessed with proving he can be chivalrous.moreless
    • An Eye for a Finger
      Pete accidentally cuts the tip of his finger whilst making a salad and trying to apologise to Berg for sleeping with his mother. Berg takes him to hospital via taxi, as he says it will be quicker than ambulance or bus. But when they get out of the taxi, Berg leaves the finger behind and spends most of the day trying to find it. But it turns out that Pete is playing a trick on him, as he wants Berg to accept his apology. Berg accepts the apology thinking that Pete's finger is long gone but Pete had it the whole time. Ashley gives a reluctant Johnny a psychlogical test for a project, and ends up getting some very intresting insights. Meanwhile, Sharon gets a job as the assistant of a crooked lawyer, and only realises when they claim $30,000 for a man who "lost the use of his legs". But she keeps the job in attempt to clean his illegal waysmoreless
    • The Aftermath
      The Aftermath
      Episode 14

      Pete's affair with Berg's mother affects their friendship. Pete tries to decide whether or not to follow Susan to Albany and risk his friendship with Berg.
      Irene tries to be supportive of Berg, but changes her mind when she realises that it was not just a casual fling, but that Pete is in love with Susan.

    • I've Got a Secret
      I've Got a Secret
      Episode 13

      Berg and Irene decide to tell Pete about their relationship. Berg chickens out but tells Irene that he has already told Pete.
      Johnny buys Ashley an expensive scarf to thank her for her stock market tip but Sharon finds it in the apartment and thinks Johnny is going to give it to her.
      Pete is worried that Berg is going to find out about him and Susan and so avoids Berg. He also tries to grow a goatee but when he can't fill it in, Sharon draws it on for him with her eyebrow pencil.
      All the secrets come out in the open when Irene decides to throw a 'Boston Tea Party' for Susan.

    • Give Mommy a Kiss
      Give Mommy a Kiss
      Episode 12
      Pete and Berg's mother Susan grow closer, leading to a kiss that they both are embarrassed about but feel something there.

      Berg sets his mom up with Felix Shaw, the Fire Chief.

      Ashley gives Johnny a stock market tip that earns him a lot of money but he decides not to tell Sharon about it.

      Berg and Irene make up and decide to offically become girlfriend and boyfriend. However they get in a fight when Berg won't introduce her to his mother so Irene thinks she is ashamed of him.moreless
    • Burning Down the House
      Berg's mom comes to stay when she and Berg's dad split up. Berg becomes annoyed when she is staying out late every night at bars and clubs.

      Johnny and Sharon's new house burns down. When talking to the fire inspector, Pete realises he caused the fire, ironically from not disposing properly of the smoke detector box.moreless
    • Rescue Me
      Rescue Me
      Episode 10
      The gang go out for dinner together at a restaurant filled with old people. When a man chokes on his food, Sharon is caught on tape saving his life. A local news station broadcasts the story and points out that a doctor and fireman were there and did nothing and Pete and Berg are embarrassed. To prove themselves, they try to save someone's life and tape it.

      Ashley gets in trouble with the law, when a policeman suspects her of drink driving. Ashley is rude to him and ends up in jail. Rather than just apologise, she insists in having her day in court to stand up for herself, but soon realises this is a bad idea.moreless
    • Drip
      Episode 9
      When water starts dripping into Pete and Berg's apartment in the middle of the night, they both have to find somewhere to sleep.

      Berg tries Irene's and Ashley's but ends up crashing on Sharon and Johnny's couch. They use Berg, who is acting like a child, to prove what types of parents they would be.

      Pete ends up at Irene's door a few times, leading her to think he is obssessed with her. This idea drives him crazy but the more he tries to prove he is not, the more she is convinced he wants her.moreless
    • My Dinner with Irene
      Berg and Irene decide to go on a date to see if they could an actual couple and not just sex buddies but when Irene sees Pete sad she asks him out instead. They go to dinner and Berg tags along but Irene dumps Pete. Johnny doesn't like all the time that Sharon is spending with Ashley.moreless
    • Disco Nights
      Disco Nights
      Episode 7
      Pete, Berg and Johnny try to get into a club, but end up drinking beer outside a convenience store after Johnny complains about the price of the beer. When they return later to the club with Germ, none of them are allowed in except for Germ. They then go back to to the convenience store, but end up getting arrested for drinking in the street. Sharon finds out that Johnny doesn't wear his wedding ring and goes out with Ashley to the club to try and help Ashley find a man - and for Sharon to find Johnny so she can kill him. But they end up having a great time and get piles of phone numbers from single guys.moreless
    • The One Without Dialogue
      Pete tries to locate a woman he saw on the subway, Johnny tries to fix Ashley's bathroom plumbing and he has to turn off the building's water supply, which leaves Berg with a head full of shampoo. A dog follows Sharon home and she has him lick the dishes clean but he accidentally eats her wedding ring. Ashley refuses to give up her seat on the subway to a pregnant woman so four pregnant women hound her.moreless
    • A Germ Runs Through It
      Germ acts as a marriage counselor for Johnny and Sharon. Sharon wants Johnny to hurry up and finish the house so she hires a carpenter to help him but he wants to do it himself. Marti breaks up with Pete and leaves him for Nomar.
    • The Satanic Curses
      When Pete, Berg and Sharon won't let Irene watch scary movies with them she puts a curse on them. The next day Pete has Ashley's head grow out of his shoulder, Berg becomes ugly and Sharon wakes up with up with a penis.
    • 15 Minutes of Shame
      Having caught them having sex in his house, Johnny confronts Berg about him and Irene. Berg convinces him to keep it a secret but when Sharon notices something is going on, she is determined to get Johnny to tell her what it is.

      Nomar does an interview saying he is thinking of leaving Boston and the Red Sox because he is heartbroken over Ashley. Much to Pete's delight, an angry mob of Red Sox fans camps outside the apartment building.moreless
    • Meat
      Episode 2
      Berg feels like he's treating Irene like a piece of meat as they continue seceretly sleeping together, no strings attatched. Pete gets his fireman's badge for good deeds. Johnny plans to christen the new house but Sharon keeps finding an excuse to stop him from doing it. Nomar wants to get back together with Ashley but she doesn't want to for other reasons.moreless
    • The Bear
      The Bear
      Episode 1
      It's the morning after the wedding and Berg and Irene regret sleeping together. They desperately want to keep it a secret and are on a mission to steal the photographs from the wedding before anyone sees them.

      At fireman boot camp, Pete sneaks off in the middle of the night to meet up with Marti. She's late and he ends up being mauled by a bear. He has to go home and thinks Marti does not care for him when she doesn't follow him back to Boston.

      Sharon and Johnny are honeymooning in a hotel in Boston and Sharon becomes irritated with him when continues to be tight with money. Johnny eventually explains it is because he bought a house that needs a lot of work done to it.

      Ashley is on the warpath when Nomar breaks up with her because of something Pete told him.moreless
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