Two Guys and a Girl

ABC (ended 2001)


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Episode Guide

    • Halloween 2: Mind Over Body
      Halloween 2: Mind Over Body
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      A mad scientist switches Pete's brain with Ashley's brain and Berg's brain with Sharon's brain and the only who can help them is Johnny.
    • Two Guys, a Girl and Graduation
      Two Guys, a Girl and Graduation
      Season 2 - Episode 15
      Sharon is offered a new job but is shocked when she cannot take it because it turns out she never graduated from college. Assuming it is some sort of mistake, she tries to get to the bottom of it and learns that she never received her diploma because of outstanding parking fines. As requirements have changed, she must retake freshman English in order to graduate. She is furious as she gave Berg and Pete the money to pay off her parking tickets and vows never to forgive them. Was this a case of Pete and Berg being selfish as usual or did they have a better reason? This episode takes us back to the day of their graduation and we find out what they used the money for.moreless
    • The Satanic Curses
      The Satanic Curses
      Season 4 - Episode 4
      When Pete, Berg and Sharon won't let Irene watch scary movies with them she puts a curse on them. The next day Pete has Ashley's head grow out of his shoulder, Berg becomes ugly and Sharon wakes up with up with a penis.
    • Drip
      Season 4 - Episode 9
      When water starts dripping into Pete and Berg's apartment in the middle of the night, they both have to find somewhere to sleep.

      Berg tries Irene's and Ashley's but ends up crashing on Sharon and Johnny's couch. They use Berg, who is acting like a child, to prove what types of parents they would be.

      Pete ends up at Irene's door a few times, leading her to think he is obssessed with her. This idea drives him crazy but the more he tries to prove he is not, the more she is convinced he wants her.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Christmas Story
      Pete embarks on a new relationship with an older woman who has a 10-year old son. Sharon is having trouble organizing an office Christmas party and it's only 4 days till Christmas. Berg is having trouble with one of his older patients who doesn't seem to like him.
    • Burning Down the House
      Burning Down the House
      Season 4 - Episode 11
      Berg's mom comes to stay when she and Berg's dad split up. Berg becomes annoyed when she is staying out late every night at bars and clubs.

      Johnny and Sharon's new house burns down. When talking to the fire inspector, Pete realises he caused the fire, ironically from not disposing properly of the smoke detector box.moreless
    • Sunday in the Apartment
      Sunday in the Apartment
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      What should be a quiet Sunday afternoon turns sour when Sharon and Johnny begin fighting over wedding plans. Ashley and Berg also fight, while Pete runs into Irene.
    • Meat
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      Berg feels like he's treating Irene like a piece of meat as they continue seceretly sleeping together, no strings attatched. Pete gets his fireman's badge for good deeds. Johnny plans to christen the new house but Sharon keeps finding an excuse to stop him from doing it. Nomar wants to get back together with Ashley but she doesn't want to for other reasons.moreless
    • Once Again From the Beginning
      Once Again From the Beginning
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      Pete and Ashley get mugged while waiting for the subway, Sharon and Johnny have trouble writing their wedding vows, Berg is afraid he might screw up at the hospital again when he's called in to replace a sick doctor and Irene's dad visits.
    • The Icewoman Cometh
      The Icewoman Cometh
      Season 4 - Episode 20
      Pete has a near death experience and he believes that he and Ashley are meant to be together. Ashley has a dream about Pete so she goes to talk to him and they end up sleeping together. Berg wants to see if there can be anything between him and Katie and he discovers that she's been stalking him for eight years. Irene won't take Berg back because now she's seeing her mailman.moreless
    • The Love Boat
      The Love Boat
      Season 4 - Episode 19
      Berg tries to woo Irene so she'll take him back, Pete agrees to be Ashley's date at a hospital mixer where she wins a residency at Stanford in California, Sharon and Johnny spend their anniversary at the fire house when Johnny has to work.
    • Adventures of Captain Karma
      Adventures of Captain Karma
      Season 4 - Episode 17
      Berg is hurt and upset when he tells Irene he loves her and she doesn't say it back. Pete convinces him to go to a comic book convention to cheer him up, where he meets a girl who he went to high school with. After running into her again later that day, Berg is convinced it was fate and takes her number.

      Pete and Ashley run into each other in the line for the cinema and end up going on a sort of date together.moreless
    • A Germ Runs Through It
      A Germ Runs Through It
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      Germ acts as a marriage counselor for Johnny and Sharon. Sharon wants Johnny to hurry up and finish the house so she hires a carpenter to help him but he wants to do it himself. Marti breaks up with Pete and leaves him for Nomar.
    • Two Guys, a Girl and an Internship
      Trying to be a good friend, Berg convinces Ashley to get her father to hire Pete as an intern. Pete has the best first day of work ever when he has sex with a girl on the photocopier but when it turns out that the girl is Ashley's sister mayhem ensues. What if Ashley, or even worse, her father finds out?moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Limo
      Two Guys, a Girl and a Limo
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      Berg comes to the conclusion that he and Ashley should not see each other any more as it is causing him too much pain. His resolve breaks when Ashley shows up at his apartment crying and admits she does not think she could bare not spending time with him. When Sharon finds out that Johnny's friend Sean not a guy as she assumed, but is in fact an attractive woman, she becomes jealous and demands he stops seeing her. Pete tries to solve his friends' romantic troubles by driving them about in his limo with his latest passenger who happens to be a 'love guru' on TV.moreless
    • Career Day
      Career Day
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      Berg is not too pleased when Ashley's ex-husband shows up. Things get worse when he is led to believe that Ashley used to beat him. Sharon is so excited by the prospect of a new job, she prematurely quits her current one before finding out if she got the position.
    • Love Shack
      Love Shack
      Season 3 - Episode 21
      The guys at the firehouse find Pete's make-up bag and the fire chief asks Pete to give his daughter a makeover. In hopes of getting off probation at the hospital Berg lends his apartment to his superior so she can take a nap but she has an affair instead. Sharon has a tea party and Pete and Berg's invites members of the hospital but the wrong ones show up first and they think that she's running a prostitution ring.moreless
    • Disco Nights
      Disco Nights
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      Pete, Berg and Johnny try to get into a club, but end up drinking beer outside a convenience store after Johnny complains about the price of the beer. When they return later to the club with Germ, none of them are allowed in except for Germ. They then go back to to the convenience store, but end up getting arrested for drinking in the street. Sharon finds out that Johnny doesn't wear his wedding ring and goes out with Ashley to the club to try and help Ashley find a man - and for Sharon to find Johnny so she can kill him. But they end up having a great time and get piles of phone numbers from single guys.moreless
    • Out With the Old
      Out With the Old
      Season 3 - Episode 12
      When singer Robert Goulet comes into the hospital with an ear infection Berg convinces him to sing at Ashley's New Year's Eve party. So he can attend the party, Berg switches shifts with another doctor, unaware that Ashley has a crush on him. Naturally, Ashley thinks Berg did this dilberately. Irene is Pete's date for the party and she surprises everyone by acting normal for once, causing Pete to see her in a new light. Johnny tries to get out of the romantic evening Sharon has planned for them so he can meet Robert Goulet.moreless
    • Talking Turkey
      Talking Turkey
      Season 3 - Episode 9
      Ashley invites a hobo over for Thanksgiving dinner and he gets the whole gang fighting with made up stories. Ashley moves in with Sharon and Johnny.
    • A Moving Script
      A Moving Script
      Season 3 - Episode 11
      Sharon and Johnny move to the basement because it's cheaper but when Sharon discovers that Johnny has over 23 thousand dollars in the bank she wants to stay. Johnny refuses to go back up because he says that that's his life savings and that he wants to buy a house. Ashley gets a new roommate but Berg scares him away to get even at her for scaring away a nurse he was trying to get a phone number from. Pete is afraid to pick up a package that came in the mail for him because Irene is holding it for him.moreless
    • The Bear
      The Bear
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      It's the morning after the wedding and Berg and Irene regret sleeping together. They desperately want to keep it a secret and are on a mission to steal the photographs from the wedding before anyone sees them.

      At fireman boot camp, Pete sneaks off in the middle of the night to meet up with Marti. She's late and he ends up being mauled by a bear. He has to go home and thinks Marti does not care for him when she doesn't follow him back to Boston.

      Sharon and Johnny are honeymooning in a hotel in Boston and Sharon becomes irritated with him when continues to be tight with money. Johnny eventually explains it is because he bought a house that needs a lot of work done to it.

      Ashley is on the warpath when Nomar breaks up with her because of something Pete told him.moreless
    • My Dinner with Irene
      My Dinner with Irene
      Season 4 - Episode 8
      Berg and Irene decide to go on a date to see if they could an actual couple and not just sex buddies but when Irene sees Pete sad she asks him out instead. They go to dinner and Berg tags along but Irene dumps Pete. Johnny doesn't like all the time that Sharon is spending with Ashley.moreless
    • I've Got a Secret
      I've Got a Secret
      Season 4 - Episode 13

      Berg and Irene decide to tell Pete about their relationship. Berg chickens out but tells Irene that he has already told Pete.
      Johnny buys Ashley an expensive scarf to thank her for her stock market tip but Sharon finds it in the apartment and thinks Johnny is going to give it to her.
      Pete is worried that Berg is going to find out about him and Susan and so avoids Berg. He also tries to grow a goatee but when he can't fill it in, Sharon draws it on for him with her eyebrow pencil.
      All the secrets come out in the open when Irene decides to throw a 'Boston Tea Party' for Susan.

    • Two Guys, a Girl and How They Met
      Two Guys, a Girl and How They Met
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      When Bill asks if Berg or Pete were ever romantically interested in Sharon, they tell the story of how they met her. Back when they were freshmen they met Sharon in O’Malley’s during ‘Bladder Bust’ when beer is free until somebody pees or flees. Both wanting to ask her out, they distract her from getting to the toilet before Bladder Burst begins and so have to find a way to get her out without Bladder Burst ending.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and Someone Better
      Berg is horrified to find out that he is no longer first in his class. Unable to accept this blow to his ego, he sets out to sabotage the new top dog in order to regain his place on top. He discovers that the person who has beaten him is a beautiful woman named Ashley and so attempts to get her drunk the night before a big test so she will not be able to study. Unfortunately, he does not realise he has met his match until it is too late.moreless
    • A New Hope (2)
      A New Hope (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Sharon can't seem to give Johnny an answer at first but eventually comes out with "Yes, in theory" as it's obvious she's not sure about marrying him but doesn't want to hurt his feelings. Pete flies to Paris to get away from everything and gets hit by a car driven by a beautiful French woman that he later starts dating, even though she can't speak a word of English.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and Ashley's Return (2)
      Torn between Ashley and Vanita, Berg needs some time to think. He realises that a relationship with Vanita has more chance of success but Ashley has no intention of giving up and refuses to accept that he does not want to be with her. Sharon and Johnny start talking again and get back together.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Tattoo
      Two Guys, a Girl and a Tattoo
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Pete has a new girlfriend but does not want to let Sharon and Berg meet her because they always point out the one thing that is wrong with the girls he dates. Determined to see what she is like, Sharon and Berg crash Pete's date, causing Berg to realise that he had a one night stand with her a few years earlier. To make matters worse, Berg recalls that she had his name tatooed on her butt while they were drunk. Berg then sets out on a mission to find out if the tatoo is still there, and tries to hide this information from Pete.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Fighter
      Two Guys, a Girl and a Fighter
      Season 2 - Episode 19
      The gang become caught up in a number of petty fights when Berg gives Ashley a key to his apartment. Pete is angry because Berg did not consult him about this and he hates Ashley and does not want her in the apartment. Sharon tells Ashley than Pete hates her and Ashley tells Sharon she has a big mouth causing further tension in the group. The three of them decide that all this fighting is somehow Johnny's fault and things come to a head at a boxing game that Berg is the ringside doctor at.moreless
    • Teacher's Pet Peeve
      Teacher's Pet Peeve
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      After a conversation with Ashley, Pete becomes paranoid and thinks that Johnny is trying to kill him because he had feelings for Sharon. When Johnny finds out that Pete is afraid of him, he decides to have a little fun.

      Berg and Ashley start their medical residency, but when Berg switches rotations, his new supervisor rides him hard, making him help nurses do the filing and candy-striper work because she does not think he is taking the programme seriously and will not make a good doctor.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Bachelorette
      It's nearing the wedding and Johnny is having his bachelor party so Berg arranges for him, Pete and Sharon to hang out at O'Malley's, their favourite bar from college. However Berg is upset when Johnny leaves his bachelor party early and crashes their night.

      Also, the guys at the firehouse convince Pete that Marti is interested in him, causing him to begin to realise his own feelings for her.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Gamble
      Two Guys, a Girl and a Gamble
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      Pete is put in charge of watching Michael after school which is fine, until he asks Berg to do it for a day. Berg brings Michael to the dog track to help him learn his fractions. Sharon asks Johnny to move in with her.
    • Feast or Fireman
      Feast or Fireman
      Season 3 - Episode 17
      Everyone at the hospital is making fun of Berg for his actions at the bachelor auction so he tries to regain their respect by working non-stop. People are particularly impressed when there is a situation in the hospital and Berg remains on top of it. However, he makes a serious mistake in his over-tired state and almost kills a patient.

      In an effort to do more rewarding activities, Sharon volunteers to read to children at the hospital but ends up becoming a patient herself.

      Pete becomes a volunteer fireman but is subject to the pranks the other firemen play on him.moreless
    • Another Moving Script
      Another Moving Script
      Season 3 - Episode 22
      Johnny's friend Shawn shows up pregnant and Sharon cannot hide her jealousy when Johnny offers to be her Lamaze partner. They get into a fight were Johnny admits he feels neglected by Sharon while she does her charity work.

      Berg meets Marti at the hospital and unaware she is Pete's co-worker asks her out. This causes Pete to realise his feelings for Marti and despite telling Berg to go out with her, becomes jealous and ruins their date.

      Meanwhile Germ is trying to track down who has been stealing hospital supplies.moreless
    • Give Mommy a Kiss
      Give Mommy a Kiss
      Season 4 - Episode 12
      Pete and Berg's mother Susan grow closer, leading to a kiss that they both are embarrassed about but feel something there.

      Berg sets his mom up with Felix Shaw, the Fire Chief.

      Ashley gives Johnny a stock market tip that earns him a lot of money but he decides not to tell Sharon about it.

      Berg and Irene make up and decide to offically become girlfriend and boyfriend. However they get in a fight when Berg won't introduce her to his mother so Irene thinks she is ashamed of him.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and Oxford
      Two Guys, a Girl and Oxford
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      Afer admitting her feelings for Berg, Ashley is avoiding him in an attempt to figure out what to do. Berg cannot bare to be apart from her so tracks her down and they kiss for the first time. Sharon sees the entire situation as romantic to encourages Berg to declare how he feels about her to help sway her decision. This results in a trip to Oxford as Berg is told Ashley has went to visit her boyfriend. Pete and Johnny become limo drivers but Pete begins to earn more money when he spends some extra time with his elderly customers.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Party
      Two Guys, a Girl and a Party
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Looking for an excuse to spend more time with a girl he has had a crush on for years, Berg invites her to a party for Pete's 30th birthday, ignoring the fact that Pete is 24 and his birthday is months away.

      Sharon cleans the boys' apartment to vent her frustration at a guy she really likes not calling her back. When he does call, Berg and Pete decide not to tell her until after she has finished cleaning their apartment. Naturally they forget to...moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and an Elective
      Two Guys, a Girl and an Elective
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Pete chooses metallurgy as his elective but foolishly trusts Berg to submit his course choice card. Berg being Berg, decides that Pete needs to loosen up and so changes Pete's elective to Sports Broadcasting. At first Pete is angry but slowly comes around and even begins to think that he could have a career as a sports broadcaster. Meanwhile, Sharon goes to great lengths to prove her love interest is not dumb.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Proposal
      Two Guys, a Girl and a Proposal
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      Sharon devises a contest in the pizza place using an underwear advertisement that Berg modeled for a few years ago. Berg is furious and so attempts to track down an embarrassing photograph of Sharon for revenge. Pete becomes upset by the realisation that he has no parental rights with concern to Michael so he decides to make a big commitment in his relationship with Kaitlin.moreless
    • The Wedding Dress
      The Wedding Dress
      Season 3 - Episode 15
      Pete searches for a woman he slept with only to find out she's getting married and he was her last one night stand. Ashley gets her arm stuck in the garbage disposal while trying to fix it herself and has to be nice to Johnny so he will help her. Berg comes to the realisation that he will never have a successful relationship, while Sharon goes shopping for wedding dress on sale.moreless
    • Foul Play
      Foul Play
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      Berg and Ashley spend the weekend at his parents place to try and spice up their relationship. Pete introduces Sharon and Johnny to the Kama Sutra.
    • Liver and Learn
      Liver and Learn
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      Ashley moves in with Johnny and Sharon and Johnny keeps walking in on her in various stages of undress. Pete learns that his grandfather only has six months to live.
    • War Stories
      War Stories
      Season 3 - Episode 19
      Pete, Berg and Johnny share bad stories about women.
    • Make Mine Tea
      Make Mine Tea
      Season 4 - Episode 18
      Despite having made up with Irene, Berg still plans to meet up with Katie and arranges a clandestine rendezvous with her.

      Pete helps Sharon when she is sent to get incriminating photographs for a client at the law firm she works at.
    • The Aftermath
      The Aftermath
      Season 4 - Episode 14

      Pete's affair with Berg's mother affects their friendship. Pete tries to decide whether or not to follow Susan to Albany and risk his friendship with Berg.
      Irene tries to be supportive of Berg, but changes her mind when she realises that it was not just a casual fling, but that Pete is in love with Susan.

    • Two Guys, a Girl and an Apartment
      Two Guys, a Girl and an Apartment
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Berg and Sharon make it their business to interview possible future tenants when a vacancy opens up in their building. Pete tries to figure out what to get Melissa for their one-year anniversary, and Berg has a severe emotional reaction to his latest experimental product.
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Landlord
      Two Guys, a Girl and a Landlord
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      When their landlord imposes some harsh new rules, Pete and Sharon take a stand. Berg thinks they are being childish until the landlord inadvertently causes the death of Berg's beloved pet fish by removing all the windows from the apartment one freezing winter's night. Needless to say, it's war.
    • Berg's New Roommate
      Berg's New Roommate
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      Berg freaks out when he realises that Ashley has moved in with him, and in fact they have been living together for over a month. Pete uses this opportunity to convince Berg to ask Ashley to move out but regrets it when Ashley bribes him to let her stay. Sharon and Johnny must compete with another couple to secure the date and church they want for their wedding. They have to prove that they are ready to get married but only manage to do so when Sharon tells the priest a story about a time when Johnny was there for her. Problem is the story is actually about Pete.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Presentation
      When Berg is accepted to med-school, Pete becomes irritated as suddenly everyone is taking Berg's advice instead of his. His frustration grows when Bill lets Berg take the rest of the shift off over Pete, despite Pete needing to prepare for his big presentation in front of the museum board later that night. When rushing out to the presentation, he accidentally swallows an overdose of an analgesic Berg mixed in with some orange juice.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Psycho Halloween
      It's Halloween in this surreal episode and Berg is working late in the hospital when Psycho Berg appears, ties him up and goes on a murderous rampage.

      Pete and Sharon are throwing a costume party, unaware that it is Psycho Berg with them. When they find the real Berg, they try to protect themselves from the killer by locking themselves into the pizza place. After a mix up, they must decide which one is the real Berg and which one is the killer.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Chance Encounter
      When Sharon is flicking through the 'Chance Encounter' Ads, she notices one that could be Pete and so she and Berg decide to set up a meeting between them for their own entertainment. They are disappointed when she turns out to be a nice, pretty girl who Pete likes and starts to date, but she soon makes it clear she won't let anyone come between them, threatening Berg with a baseball bat in the middle of the night. When they realise how unbalanced she is, Pete wants to break up with her, but is too afraid to.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Delivery
      Berg gets suspicious of Pete when he always wants to deliver the pizza to 845 Arlington. So Berg makes the delivery for a change and discovers that it's a gorgeous artist who paints with her nude body that's been making the orders. This leads Berg and Sharon to believe that Pete is cheating on Melissa with her.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Homecoming
      Two Guys, a Girl and a Homecoming
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      Pete and Berg run into some friends from college and tell them they have seats in the luxury box for the Homecoming game in order to make themselves feel more important. Naturally they don't have these seats so must come up with a way of getting there. Sharon is looking forward to the opportunity to gloat about her new boyfriend but lies to her friends about what he does for a living. When Johnny finds out she has told her friends he is a music executive he thinks she is ashamed of him but what has he told his friends about Sharon?moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Dad
      Two Guys, a Girl and a Dad
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      Pete is trusted to keep the fact that Berg's dad has quit his law firm to become a caricaturist in the park from Berg and that Berg is no longer in law school from Berg's father. Pete is highly irritated by all this and so tries to get the two to talk to each other.

      Sharon continues to hate her job.moreless
    • Rescue Me
      Rescue Me
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      The gang go out for dinner together at a restaurant filled with old people. When a man chokes on his food, Sharon is caught on tape saving his life. A local news station broadcasts the story and points out that a doctor and fireman were there and did nothing and Pete and Berg are embarrassed. To prove themselves, they try to save someone's life and tape it.

      Ashley gets in trouble with the law, when a policeman suspects her of drink driving. Ashley is rude to him and ends up in jail. Rather than just apologise, she insists in having her day in court to stand up for herself, but soon realises this is a bad idea.moreless
    • 15 Minutes of Shame
      15 Minutes of Shame
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      Having caught them having sex in his house, Johnny confronts Berg about him and Irene. Berg convinces him to keep it a secret but when Sharon notices something is going on, she is determined to get Johnny to tell her what it is.

      Nomar does an interview saying he is thinking of leaving Boston and the Red Sox because he is heartbroken over Ashley. Much to Pete's delight, an angry mob of Red Sox fans camps outside the apartment building.moreless
    • The Undercard
      The Undercard
      Season 3 - Episode 23
      Sharon and Johnny get joint checking accounts but Johnny is annoyed when Sharon makes all the important choices.

      Pete is anxiously waiting to hear whether he has been accepted into fireman boot camp. When Marti finds out she has got in, Pete can only think about himself rather than being pleased for her.

      Berg feels like his life is going nowhere and becomes depressed. Looking to cheer himself up, he goes to visit his parents only to find out that his father no longer lives there.moreless
    • El Matrimonio Loco
      El Matrimonio Loco
      Season 3 - Episode 24
      After her huge fight with Johnny, Sharon cancels the wedding. However, they make up and realise they need to get married before they chicken out so Irene throws them a wedding on the roof of the building.

      Pete and Berg are fighting as Pete gets reading to head off to fireman boot camp and Pete and Marti decide to be together.

      At the wedding, Berg seeks comfort in the arms of someone most unexpected.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Celtic Game
      Pete, a Boston Celtics fanatic, is jealous when Berg, who would have rather been at home watching TV, is the lucky ticket holder at a Celtics game and gets to sit on the bench beside Pete's favourite player. To cheer Pete up, Berg steals the Celtics 1987 Championship Banner for their apartment, unaware of the outrage and media frenzy it will cause.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Vacation
      Two Guys, a Girl and a Vacation
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      Realising that she hates her job, Sharon decides to quit but cannot follow through when her boss offers her a free trip to Aruba with her friends. The three of them are ready to go when Pete has an unexpected job interview, Sharon has to hold a press conference and Berg is beeped by the hospital. They devise various schemes to cut their commitments short but will they make their flight in time?moreless
    • The One Without Dialogue
      The One Without Dialogue
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      Pete tries to locate a woman he saw on the subway, Johnny tries to fix Ashley's bathroom plumbing and he has to turn off the building's water supply, which leaves Berg with a head full of shampoo. A dog follows Sharon home and she has him lick the dishes clean but he accidentally eats her wedding ring. Ashley refuses to give up her seat on the subway to a pregnant woman so four pregnant women hound her.moreless
    • An Eye for a Finger
      An Eye for a Finger
      Season 4 - Episode 15
      Pete accidentally cuts the tip of his finger whilst making a salad and trying to apologise to Berg for sleeping with his mother. Berg takes him to hospital via taxi, as he says it will be quicker than ambulance or bus. But when they get out of the taxi, Berg leaves the finger behind and spends most of the day trying to find it. But it turns out that Pete is playing a trick on him, as he wants Berg to accept his apology. Berg accepts the apology thinking that Pete's finger is long gone but Pete had it the whole time. Ashley gives a reluctant Johnny a psychlogical test for a project, and ends up getting some very intresting insights. Meanwhile, Sharon gets a job as the assistant of a crooked lawyer, and only realises when they claim $30,000 for a man who "lost the use of his legs". But she keeps the job in attempt to clean his illegal waysmoreless
    • The Internet Show
      The Internet Show
      Season 4 - Episode 22
      Sharon thinks she may be pregnant and Ashley realises she could be too. She goes into denial, despite showing the symptoms but agrees to take a pregnancy test with Sharon.

      When Berg finds out from a news report that a glow in the dark condom he used was defective he thinks Irene could be pregnant. Not wanting to worry her, he tries to get a urine sample from her without telling her.

      Pete is still annoyed at Ashley for giving up on their relationship to go to Stanford.moreless
    • A Few Good Firemen
      A Few Good Firemen
      Season 4 - Episode 16
      It is Johnny's birthday and Sharon gets him a voucher to be a fireman for a day. It turns out to be day for kids but Johnny comes home wanting to become a fireman.
      When a nurse at the hospital says that chivalry is dead after Berg cuts in line in front of her, Berg becomes obssessed with proving he can be chivalrous.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and Barenaked Ladies
      Despite encouraging them to bond, Berg becomes annoyed when Sharon and Ashley grow closer and share embarrassing secrets about him. Pete is tired of working in the pizza place so quits his job and goes to see a career counsellor who unhelpfully tells him he has an apititude for a job in architecture or the food industry. The Barenaked Ladies follow Pete around, narrating his day through songs as he gets a placement as a trainee therapist, but it does not go very well.moreless
    • The Monitor Story
      The Monitor Story
      Season 3 - Episode 14
      Sharon and Johnny discover a hidden room in their apartment, which contains a TV monitor that is hooked up to every apartment in the building. They quickly become glued to the screens, enjoying watching their friends when they think no-one else is looking. Sharon sees it as an opportunity to meddle in other people's lives.

      Berg and Ashley get back in the dating swing, but only to make each other jealous.

      Irene is stealing items that belong to Pete, and Sharon fears she may be dangerous.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Guy
      Two Guys, a Girl and a Guy
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      When Sharon starts a new relationship, Pete and Berg realise how much they rely on her. They notice a change in her behaviour and become jealous when she starts spending more time with her boyfriend than with them. Wanting to go back to how things used to be, they invite Ted on a guys' night out, hoping to find something out about him that they could use to sabotage the relationship.

      Berg becomes very attatced to the latest product he is testing for money; a pair of talking sneakers that help train people for marathons by calling out encouraging comments.

      Meanwhile, at the pizza place, Mr. Bauer is convinced that Bill is a 'pod person'.moreless
    • Bridesmaid Revisited
      Bridesmaid Revisited
      Season 3 - Episode 13
      Sharon and Ashley get drunk and in her drunken stupor Sharon asks Ashley to be one of her bridesmaids, but regrets it when sober. Pete, Johnny and Berg go to a laundromat/bar. Pete tries to meet a woman but blows it. Johnny uses fake quarters and gets caught. Berg gets his clothes stolen.moreless
    • Pilot
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      In the first episode of this series we meet three best friends; Pete, Sharon and Berg. Pete decides to break up with his girlfriend Melissa because he doesn't think she's 'The One.' When Berg thinks he has already went through with it, he accidentally mentions Pete's intentions, unaware that Pete has changed his mind. Melissa becomes angry and breaks up with Pete leaving it to Berg to save their relationship. However, being Berg, he only makes things worse.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and Valentine's Day
      It's Valentine's Day and a mix up causes Irene to think that Pete, the object of her affections is in love with her. Too afraid to admit the truth, Pete plays along and ends up as Irene's Valentine. Johnny and Shaun are too close for Sharon's liking so she sets Berg up with Shaun which leads Berg to realise that Sharon has a right to be jealous. When the three couples go out together on Valentine's Day, things come to a climax, with certain revelations leaving most people hurt and the real couple's relationship in jeopardy.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and an Engagement (1)
      Johnny is planning on proposing to Sharon but his secretive behaviour leads Sharon to suspect he is cheating on her. Needing some time away from her to plan the perfect proposal, Johnny enlists the help of Pete and Berg to distract her while he makes the arrangements. Pete might not be the right man for the job as he realises he is in love with Sharon and consults a priest over whether or not she should tell her. Ashley has yet another bombshell for Berg.moreless
    • A New Hope
      A New Hope
      Season 1 - Episode 1
    • Au Revoir Pizza Place
      Au Revoir Pizza Place
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      Pete returns from France with a new girlfriend, the woman who ran him over in Paris. He thinks he's in love with her until he finds out she a racist. Berg feels old when a new employee calls him sir. He quits his job at the pizza place. Sharon realises she really wants to marry Johnny.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Thanksgiving
      Sharon and Johnny are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving alone together but plans change when Pete's grandpa shows up. Berg invites Ashley and her boyfriend Justin for dinner also to give him an opportunity to break them up, but in the process he causes trouble in Sharon and Johnny's relationship.
    • Two Guys, a Girl and the Storm of the Century (1)
      Having finally moved on from Ashley, Berg is pursuing a TV newswoman and even braves a huge storm just so he can ask her out on a date. With not so perfect timing, Ashley reappears with the news that she broke up with Justin so she can be with Berg. Looks like Berg has some decisions to make.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Wedding
      Two Guys, a Girl and a Wedding
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      When a friend from college is getting married, Berg, Pete and Sharon all have drama to deal with. Berg invites Ashley to the wedding but flirts with another girl to make her jealous while Sharon is worried that if Johnny sees her in her hideous bridesmaid dress he will no longer be attracted to her. Pete drives himself to despair by convincing himself that the bride, who he used to date, is 'The One' and he has now lost his chance. At the wedding Ashley reveals her true feelings for Berg but also drops a bombshell.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Mother's Day
      Berg becomes jealous when Ashley is hired as her professor's assisstant as the two seem to get on well. Worried that they are having an affair, Berg decides to keep tabs on them. Sharon is scared when Johnny's sisters come for a visit and she discovers how maternal they are. As she does not like kids at all and three of his sisters are pregnant, Sharon worries she will not fit in with his family.moreless
    • A Rookie Script
      A Rookie Script
      Season 3 - Episode 16
      Sharon and Johnny have a yard sale to try and get some money together. Pete gets angry with Johnny for selling him a broken toaster.

      Berg gets jealous when Ashley starts dating baseball superstar Nomar Garciaparra and Pete becomes starstruck and fawning all over Nomar.

      Sharon is organising a bachelor auction to raise money for the children's hospital and when he hears that Nomar has signed up to do it, Berg enters as a chance to compete with him. When things do not go well at the auction, Berg starts drinking and ends up making a fool out of himself.

      For more see recap.moreless
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Softball Team
      Berg and Pete start a co-ed baseball team in order to meet more women. Bill, being their sponsor is led to believe that team is actually good and challenges one of his competitors to a game.
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Recovery
      Two Guys, a Girl and a Recovery
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Berg sets Pete up with a patient at the hospital called Lauren in an effort to help Pete get over his recent breakup with Melissa. When Pete begins to develop feelings for Lauren and thinks she might be 'The One,' Berg must figure out how to break the news to Pete.moreless
    • Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
      Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
      Season 4 - Episode 21
      A jealous Berg tries to get Irene back but ends up screwing it up again, as he won't leave her alone and keeps on having conflicts with Roger, her new mailman-boyfriend. Pete tries to convince Ashley to stay by spending more time with her and making her a picnic in the park, but he gets stood up becuse Ashley doesn't want to get involved with pete as she's moving, and it will end in heartache when she does leave. Johnny wants to spend more time with Sharon, so he helps Sharon serve a subpoena to a man who has a scary dog, and they spend the day together trying to get through the garden to his letter boxmoreless
    • Pilot
      Season 4 - Episode 23
    • The Drip
      The Drip
      Season 4 - Episode 23