Two Guys and a Girl

Season 1 Episode 3

Two Guys, a Girl and a Guy

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 24, 1998 on ABC
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Two Guys, a Girl and a Guy
When Sharon starts a new relationship, Pete and Berg realise how much they rely on her. They notice a change in her behaviour and become jealous when she starts spending more time with her boyfriend than with them. Wanting to go back to how things used to be, they invite Ted on a guys' night out, hoping to find something out about him that they could use to sabotage the relationship.

Berg becomes very attatced to the latest product he is testing for money; a pair of talking sneakers that help train people for marathons by calling out encouraging comments.

Meanwhile, at the pizza place, Mr. Bauer is convinced that Bill is a 'pod person'.moreless

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      • Bill: Who cares about you? Is he good for Sharon?
        Pete: I don't know, she's been acting really weird.
        Berg: Yeah, she's not our Sharon anymore. She looks different, she acts different, she's...
        Mr. Bauer: Happy. Why are you all looking at me? Oh, no. Pods got you too? I'm the only one left! (Runs out)
        Pete: You know Berg let's face it. I never thought I'd say this, but Mr. Bauer makes sense. (Berg starts to speak) Not that we're pods!

      • Sharon: Just behave.
        Pete: Relax, we'll be ourselves.
        Sharon: Please don't. I really like this guy.

      • Pete: Berg, do you notice anything different about our Sharon today?
        Berg: No...except for that someone gift-wrapped her neck!

      • Sharon: Did your shoes just talk?
        Berg: Oh, you noticed! (into his recorder) 10:38, chicks dig 'em!

      • Berg's shoes: Ten miles! Keep it up, champ!
        Bill: You keep those shoes quiet or I'm gonna tear their tongues out!
        Berg: Okay, I'll just lower the volume. (into his recorder) 4:47, shoes are happy, Bill's ticked!

      • Sharon: I have plans.
        Pete: It's Thursday. You can't have plans.
        Berg: Yeah, it's your night to come down to the pizza place and watch us work.
        Sharon: I can't.
        Berg: But it's unlimited toppings night!
        Sharon: I'm sorry guys, but if it's alright with you, I'm trying to have a life!
        (Sharon leaves)
        Pete: "Me, me, me!"
        Berg: I know. Did you slip my shirt back in the bag?
        Pete: And my boxers.
        Berg: Excellent!

      • Berg: You know, Turner and Hooch were talking earlier and they said something very intriguing.
        Pete: Don't quote your shoes.
        Berg: "Stay close to the leader, or the race is lost."
        Pete: What you think they meant by that?
        Berg: No idea. I think I'll go for a walk in the park and get it out of them.

      • Sharon: Stop putting your shirts in my laundry.
        Berg: It's one shirt.
        Sharon: With the stink of six!

      • Pete: Guys' night out.
        Sharon: I'm a guy!
        Berg: You lost your guy rights when you put on the scarf.

      • Melissa: No, no, no Rachel! We bite our food, not our friends.

      • Berg: You had it in for my shoes the moment you met them. You never even gave them a chance! You just assumed because they're shoes, you can't be friends with them.
        Pete: I'd rather be friends with them than with you!
        Berg: That wasn't nice!

      • Berg: We sit on the upper deck and when the guy says, "This is where Paul Revere took his midnight ride," we both yell, "Yeah! On your Mom!"
        Bill: Exercising the First Amendment.
        Berg: When I do that bit with Sharon, people laugh. When I did it alone, they said, "Honey, move away from that man."

      • Pete: I love Melissa, just not at a Celtic game, you know? I mean every time they miss a shot, she says, "It's gonna be okay sweetie."
        Bill: What does Sharon do?
        Pete: Ah well, Sharon screams, "Hey! You make 7 million a year. Make the (Berg slams the pizza paddle on the counter drowning out the next word)-ing shot!"

      • Pete: Oh Berg, no more medical experiments.
        Berg: Just remember my eyedrop experiment paid for that couch.
        Pete: Hey, Berg? What colour would you say that couch is?
        Berg: (squinting at the grey couch). I don't!

      • Pete: (to Sharon about Ted) My God! See, first he's got you wearing scarves, then he's got you eating vegetables, next thing you know it's "Come on Sharon, let's smoke some crack".

      • Pete: (To Berg) Don't quote your shoes.

      • Berg: We're gonna have to be...
        Pete: No, no! Don't say it...
        Berg: ...Mature.

      • Melissa: (to Sharon)I remember the first night Pete and I made love. You screamed, "Knock it off down there Pete or I'll shoot your whore!" It made me curious about you.

      • Berg:(referring to the talking sneakers.)Aww Pete, can I keep them? I swear I'll take care of them.
        Pete: Lord, give me strength.

      • Berg: Sharon hasn't been around all week, so I couldn't score stamps.
        Pete: Oh. Oh well, listen...I'll give you the name of her connection. The post office!

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    • ALLUSIONS (4)

      • Mr Bauer: Have you noticed people have been acting... strangely of late, almost as if they're not really themselves. Oh, sure, they look the same but inside... pod people.

        This is an allusion to the science fiction film Invasion of the Body Snatchers from 1956. The film is based on the book The Body Snatchers by Jack Finney, and has been remade three times, Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978, Body Snatchers 1993 and The Invasion 2007.
        In the movie a small town doctor discovers that the townspeople are being replaced by alien duplicates, who are grown from plantlike pods. These Pod People, who look human but lack any kind of emotions, tries to spread more pods to replace the entire humanity.

      • The music that is playing at the start of the show while they are watching TV is the X-Files theme music.

      • Turner and Hooch

        Berg names his talking shoes Turner and Hooch after the characters in the comedy movie with the same name from 1989. Tom Hanks plays police detective Turner, who has to take care of a murder witness, a dog named Hooch.

      • Berg: What's wrong? Where's Ted?
        Sharon: At home, thanks to the Fathers of the Bride.

        Father of the Bride is a comedy movie from 1950, starring Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor. A remake was done in 1991, starring Steve Martin and Diane Keaton. In the movie a father deals with his daughter getting married, and all the things that are happening from the engagement announcement to the wedding ceremony.