Two Guys and a Girl

Season 2 Episode 5

Two Guys, a Girl and an Elective

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 21, 1998 on ABC
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Two Guys, a Girl and an Elective
Pete chooses metallurgy as his elective but foolishly trusts Berg to submit his course choice card. Berg being Berg, decides that Pete needs to loosen up and so changes Pete's elective to Sports Broadcasting. At first Pete is angry but slowly comes around and even begins to think that he could have a career as a sports broadcaster. Meanwhile, Sharon goes to great lengths to prove her love interest is not dumb.moreless

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    Traylor Howard

    Traylor Howard

    Sharon Carter Donnelly

    Ryan Reynolds

    Ryan Reynolds

    Michael Leslie "Berg" Bergen

    Richard Ruccolo

    Richard Ruccolo

    Peter "Pete" Dunville

    Eliott Goretsky

    Eliott Goretsky

    Yuri Kirov

    Guest Star

    Ryan Drummond

    Ryan Drummond

    Issac Glickstein

    Guest Star

    Brian Dunkleman

    Brian Dunkleman


    Guest Star

    Nathan Fillion

    Nathan Fillion


    Recurring Role

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      • Pete: So basically the thing I love I suck at.
        Berg: Boy, do you ever.
        Sharon: I'll say.
        Pete: Rhetorical. Didn't need a response.

      • Berg: Your parents are going to blame me for this. Your mom still hasn't forgiven me for setting the pool on fire.
        Sharon: You did set the pool on fire.
        Berg: And I'm tired of hearing about it!

      • Berg: You like a guy who's not an investment banker. And now you're rationalizing by thinking he's some big genius.
        Sharon: Go play with Pete's brain. Leave mine alone!

      • Pete: Have I told you I love architecture lately?
        Berg: When you've been together as long as we have, you don't have to say it.

      • Pete: Fine. I'm going now, I'll meet you at the game. And if I don't have any fun, I'll have to kill you afterwards.
        Berg: Fair enough.

      • Pete: This game sucks. Where's the remote?
        Berg: I don't know. Where did you put it?
        Pete: I think Sharon's sitting on it.
        Sharon: No I'm not.
        Berg: Are you sure?
        Sharon: Yeah, I think I'd feel it.
        Pete: I left it right where you're sitting, come on, get up.
        Sharon: (stands up) Alright, see?
        Berg: Listen, while you're up, could you get us a couple more beers?

      • Sharon: Pete, can I get a lemonade please?
        Pete: Sharon, I'm working here.
        Sharon: Hence my crazy idea to order from you.

      • Berg: You know sports better than anyone.
        Pete: True.
        Berg: How many times watching football at O'Malley's have people thrown peanuts at your head and told you to sit down and shut up?
        Pete: A lot.

      • Sharon: (to Berg) Go play with Pete's brain, leave mine alone.

      • Berg: You have another interview on Tuesday. I wrote them a note as your doctor saying you were ill.
        Pete: Really?
        Berg: Yeah, and if anybody asks you had electroshock therapy... so twitch a little.

      • Pete: Wow, these are the blueprints to the original Fenway Park!
        Berg: You know in real life it's much bigger.

      • Berg: So tell me, how are we going to work through these negative emotions?
        Pete: Well I'm going to lunge at you and beat you to death with my sports broadcasting book.

      • Berg: If he's so smart, why does it take him four days to fix a jukebox?
        Sharon: Cause every night when he goes home I break a different part.

      • Pete: And Lasasso dunks it! Just like a man!... (becomes uncomfortable) Of course, I don't mean to imply that women aren't as good as men, they're just slower!... (digging deeper) It's like a handicap, but not a bad one! (deeper still) Hey, one day maybe we'll even have a woman president! We almost had a black president! (by this point Sharon is screaming at the radio for him to shut up while Berg is plastered right up against a window trying to get Pete to stop.)

      • Sharon: It's not funny! You broke our Pete now go fix him!

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    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Berg: Sharon, I'm so sorry I got you 'Good Will Hunting' for your birthday.

        This is one of several references in this episode to Good Will Hunting, a film from 1997 written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. It's about a troubled mathematics prodigy played by Matt Damon.