Two Guys and a Girl

Season 2 Episode 22

Two Guys, a Girl and an Engagement (1)

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 26, 1999 on ABC



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    • (Pete and Sharon are at a fountain)
      Pete: Let's make a wish.
      Sharon: Okay, got some change?
      Pete: No.
      Sharon: Okay. I'll get some.
      (Sharon reaches down into the fountain to get some change)

    • (Pete and Sharon are looking at people rollerblading)
      Pete:Look at this guy. Showoff. Spinning and twirling, hope he twirls into a bus.
      Sharon:God, Pete, that's so mean... I was thinking an open trench.

    • Ashley: The nicest thing Pete ever said to me was "Oh wow that car almost hit you."

    • Berg: It's ludicrous because Sharon only loves Pete as a friend.
      Ashley: And what's a better basis for a marriage than love and friendship?
      Berg: Sex! Money! An alliance between kingdoms!

    • (After finding out that Pete and Sharon kissed.)
      Berg: How could you two do this to someone so wonderful?!
      Pete: I know, I feel terrible about Johnny…
      Berg: I'm not talking about Johnny I'm talking about me!

    • Ashley: We were in a restaurant, he got down on one knee and said "Ashley will you marry me?" And I said yes.
      Berg: So what, you changed your mind before the wedding?
      Ashley: No.
      Berg: Um Ashley, if this story doesn't end tragically I'm going to be very upset.

    • Ashley: Guys, Sharon and Johnny are on their way in.
      Berg: Stall!
      Ashley: Great idea cause I was just going to warn you and then hurry them in.

    • Berg: You're going to propose?
      Johnny: Yeah.
      Berg: Do you know all her family lost their money?
      Johnny: I don't care.
      Berg: Is she pregnant? Are you an illegal alien? Do you need a kidney?
      Johnny: I love her.
      Berg: Congratulations! Her family is loaded!

    • (Seeing Pete holding a slice of bread over the toaster.)
      Berg: Are you just threatening the bread or are you waiting from a call from the governor?

    • Ashley: The guy I was married to was my brother.
      Berg: What?!
      Ashley: It's not as bad as it sounds, we weren't related by blood. He was my step-brother on account, as you know, that I was grown in a laboratory.
      Berg: You really had me going for a while.

    • Pete: She's just like a little ray of sunshine. Strike that, she's more like a death ray.

    • Pete: You know given enough time and opportunity you're a really good friend.

    • Pete: She's in love with Johnny.
      Berg: Who says she can't be in love with you too?
      Pete: You!

    • Ashley: I'm sorry I never told you I was married. If it makes you feel any better I was with Justin for four years and I never told him.
      Berg: Oh so I win.

    • Sharon: Ooh what a beautiful ring, I think it's real plastic.
      Pete: Meh, it looks plastic plated.

    • Berg: Don't screw it up for them, and by them I mean me.

    • Johnny: I still have to get a white tux, pick the ring up from the jewellers and throw up everything I've ate in the last three days.

    • Berg: Sharon is our best friend, if we find out your cheating on her we'll kick your ass!
      Johnny: You two are going to kick my ass?
      Pete: We have friends.

    • Priest: Hello my son.
      Pete: Hello my father.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Pete: She's just like a little ray of sunshine. No strike that, she's more like a death ray.

      This is a reference to the film Star Wars. In which the Death Ray is a powerful laser weapon with the power to destroy an entire planet.

    • Berg: Of all the pizza joints, in all the college towns…

      This is a play on a famous line from the film Casablanca which Berg says after Ashley enters. "Of all the gin joints in all the world, she had to walk into mine."

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