Two Guys and a Girl

Season 2 Episode 1

Two Guys, a Girl and Someone Better

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Sep 23, 1998 on ABC
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Two Guys, a Girl and Someone Better
Berg is horrified to find out that he is no longer first in his class. Unable to accept this blow to his ego, he sets out to sabotage the new top dog in order to regain his place on top. He discovers that the person who has beaten him is a beautiful woman named Ashley and so attempts to get her drunk the night before a big test so she will not be able to study. Unfortunately, he does not realise he has met his match until it is too late.moreless

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    Traylor Howard

    Traylor Howard

    Sharon Carter Donnelly

    Ryan Reynolds

    Ryan Reynolds

    Michael Leslie "Berg" Bergen

    Richard Ruccolo

    Richard Ruccolo

    Peter "Pete" Dunville

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      • Pete: I think you're scared, because if you try and she beats you again, you don't have an excuse.
        Berg: I think you're wrong. I always have an excuse.

      • Berg: That was so smooth! You were so confident, I almost gave you my number!
        Pete: I guess that's what happens when your building comes in second in your class!
        Berg: That's great Pete! You're really coming into your own. You're like the supermodel who was ugly in high school.

      • Berg: I'm number 2?
        Pete: Whoa whoa whoa, what just happened here? Let's see, if your number 2, if my math is correct, that means somebody else is number 1! Huh!
        Berg: Where do you hide your abacus?
        Pete: Nonono, stay with me. This means if you were in the Olympics, you'd be silver, and if you were a Brady, you'd be Jan!
        Berg: You're enjoying this, aren't you?
        Pete: Is my enormous grin showing?

      • Pete: (looking out the window) Hey Berg, there's some kids sitting on Sharon's car.
        Berg: (in a mocking voice) Okay, grampa, settle down.
        Pete: Berg, their jeans leave scratches and...(Pete opens the window) Kids! Get of Sharon's car! Kids, get of - Woah! (Pete falls out of the window)
        Berg: Hey, you kids! Get of Pete!

      • Berg: See, I realised something here tonight. Ashley is the most devious, conniving, double crossing woman I've ever met. We must have children together.

      • Pete: You know what? I bet you that Ashley's at the library right now studying and that's why she's gonna be number one and you're not.
        Berg: You're right. You're right. I've got to find a way to get Ashley to stop studying. Thanks ,Pete!

      • (Holding up a dress.)
        Sharon: What about this one?
        Pete: Hooker.
        Sharon: High class or street?
        Pete: Jerry Springer.

      • Sharon: Hey, Berg, what does this dress say to you?
        Berg: I'm not in the mood to listen to your clothes right now.

      • Berg: See something you like?
        Ashley: Wow. Where'd you get that line, because you need to give it back.

      • Berg: All they do is study, they're pathetic.
        Pete: Yeah, yeah I know. I mean that's who I want operating on me, the guy who just wings it.

      • Sharon: Berg, there's nothing wrong with being number two. I mean just as many people remember the second man on the moon, Captain, uh, what's his face.
        Berg: Yeah, well, your chemical company destroys the planet.
        Sharon: True, but we're number one at it.

      • Tim: I bartend in Mahoney's a couple nights a week.
        Sharon: Oh, what a coincidence, I tend to drink in Mahoney's a couple of nights a week.

      • Pete: Berg, all this means is you're just going to have to study a little bit more.
        Berg: Or, find out who is number one and take them down.
        Pete: Yes, you're maturing nicely.

      • Berg: No, it can't be, my number's 9201. I'm supposed to be first.
        Pete: Maybe nobody told the guy who grades the papers.

      • Pete: I think Keats said it best in his poem 'Ode to a great ass.'

      • Berg: Excuse me, I bet I can guess your phone number.
        Girl: No you can't.
        Berg: Okay, you got me, you'd better write it down.

      • Pete: Berg, two hundred architecture students submitted designs, a hundred and ninety of them hate me, why? Beause I'm in the top ten!
        Berg: Come on Pete, that's not why they hate you.

      • Pete: You're a Med student, what the hell do you know about architecture?
        Ashley: My fathers an architect.
        Pete: Well my mother's a woman, but that doesn't mean I understand them.

      • Pete: So you're second. That means you're Jan.

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    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Pete: It's definitely not a chopped salad. Definitely not a chopped salad, yeah.

        This is an allusion to the film Rain Man from 1988. Pete is impersonating Raymond an autistic savant who often uses the word definitely and also repeats himself. He is played by Dustin Hoffman in the movie.

      • Pete: So you're second. That means you're Jan.

        This is a reference to Jan, the second daughter in TV series and movies The Brady Bunch who was always looked over in favour of her older, prettier sister Martha.